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23 March 2014 Sonia Kruger vs Sophie Monk

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Sonia Kruger.jpgSophie Monk 03.jpg


Australian Celebrity Boxing "Out of Nowhere" PPV


(BronzedOxz Boxingh vs BronzedOz Boxing)


Posted by Foxsports Australia on March 23, 2014, 10:15 am,


Sonia, like Elle, will join the 50 club next year. Perhaps this is why she can’t get a look in. I don’t really know why the ACB thought this was a fair match up but in her debut fight at 48, she takes on someone 14 years her junior. Don’t get me wrong, Sonia is an ACB legend, just somewhat overlooked.

Sophie Monk is having a torrid time in the BBU. She recently lost to McLarnon and now has to back up for this. The only concillation is she is fighting a maiden.

Round 1

The muscular Sonia Kruger, tall, lean, relaxed guard in a kickboxing like stance. The big and busty Sophie Monk comes in, guard at her chest. 15 secs in, Kruger puts a left jab on her mouth followed by a CRUCHCING RIGHT HOOK to the jaw and DOWN GOES MONK! Sophie just blasted sideways, lands awkwardly on her side, head snapping to the canvas. The ref starts the count but IT’S OVER! My oh my, the quickest knockdown in ACB history KO1 SONIA KRUGER!

WOW! I do not know what else to say. In all seriousness, Sophie Monk is not looking very well and people are making every effort to make sure no one can see what is going on in the ring. The stretcher is on it’s way. That was the ugliest thing I have ever seen. Ladies and gentlemen this Kruger woman has one hell of a powerful punch.


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