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5 April 2014 Eva Mendes vs Nicole Scherzinger

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Posted by simguy & Vassago on April 5, 2014, 3:13 am


"Personally I've been lining Eva Mendes up for a while", Nicole tells the press before her Lioness Club of America debut, "Those rumours at Front Street were all there but the boss just couldn't get anything going since Eva didn't have the guts to visit the Asylum again. But she's got nowhere to hide now; I know what my prospects are, first I take Eva's scalp and move into the stable leadership then I challenge some of the old friends who were secretly partying when I got axed. The journey starts right here in Florida!" 


Fans and pundits alike gathered in Palm Beach Gardens somewhat surprised at Nicole's bragging, her Front Street trials and missed chances have grown almost legendary and if there was any ill temper expected in the ring tonight, Jessica Lowndes and Selena Gomez would be the two prime candidates. Nonetherless Eva keeps it strictly business, ignores Nicole's comments and promises to repeat the Poppy Mo destruction to remain the Lioness bantam leader: "I know my boss wanted to get me in the ring with Nicole for a while. I was ready for her long time ago and she's lying when she tells you I was afraid of the Asylum after that Grace Park disaster. I don't plan to retire anytime soon and Poppy can tell you all about it however it's statement making time and I kinda feel sorry for Nicole already. So much wasted chances in Philly and it won't get any better in Florida either."

Eva Mendes wearing her trademark leopard bikini top, black boy-leg trunks and red gloves. Brown hair tied in a couple of braids on each side of the neck. Nicole Scherzinger wearing a black bikini top, yellow boy-leg trunks and yellow gloves. Raven-black hair tied in a high ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the bantamweight division.

Round 1:
Nicole pierces her rival with a classic death stare during the introductions and STORMS from the bell, uses those dancer legs to expose Eva as early as possible and hammers away at the body, making quick & easy connections with the leopard top; Mendes stumbles already after a heavy combo lifts her breasts up but just can't stay away from the striking zone as Scherzinger gushes in delight, pounds the Latin warrior with precise jabbing and barks with every shot landed to indicate the statement making will have a different enforcer. Eva forced to cover up by the minute mark and just unable to show any reponse as Nicole switches high and splits the mitts regardless, snaps the head back to dominate the action. Mendes closes her eyes and starts to gasp already as she gets her mitts shoved against the cheeks and gets pummelled back to the ropes with Nicole POURING with more leather. She traps the actress on the ropes and reverts into body assault, now almost screaming in anger as she tries to chop Mendes down; head leaning forward and the jabbing series bounces off the tummy repeatedly but Eva refuses to buckle and finally swings out from the shell, cracks a right hook on the temple and slows Scherzinger down as she raises her head to adjust her position despite all the midriff dominance; Eva fires away over the top, smacks Nicole's cheeks and forces the cover herself, still the single hand approach enables Scherzinger to maintain the pressure briefly before another loaded hook snaps her ponytail aside and half-turns her away from Mendes who slips by and escapes the ropes... IMMEDIATE RESPONSE from Eva as Nicole's ponytail hasn't stopped swinging for a second as both women engage in a furious leather barrage in the middle of the ring with Nicole lifting her opponent's breasts again but getting nailed on both temples over the top; Mendes with great accuracy and the heavier punch which starts sinking Nicole down... but the dancer legs won't yield an inch... all-in attempt by Scherzinger fails miserably as she misses a hook to the sky and eats another one on the nose which half turns her and wobbles forward all in one go... MENDES WITH A LEFT HAND ON THE CHIN... Big time baby!!!! Nicole squeals in a sudden moment of disarray, her eyes open up really wide for a second but SHE GOES CRASHING DOWN ON HER BACK and that was a hammer from Mendes that made the all important statement... Nicole on her back, tries to raise her head and lift herself on the elbows... all too dizzy though... the count is merciless and couldn't come any sooner for your winner... Shocking KO1 Eva Mendes!!!

AFTER: "How about that statement!", Eva shakes her glove right in front of Nicole's gloomy eyes and jogs around the ring thereafter with the fallen singer taking a TON of time to lift herself to all fours. "Still got THE punch, baby!", the enforced pause last year seems to have done wonders for the Latin warrior touted as has-been by most of her peers. "Told ya, I'm NOT ready to quit!", she gushes to the cameras and based on tonight's performance perhaps she really isn't, shades of Lowndes teaching Mishy a hard lesson but all the evil talk blew right into Scherzinger's face as she refused to see out the round in a clinch once Mendes rocked her with some heavy leather.

Nicole still can't regain her whereabouts, is forced to CRAWL into her corner and help herself by the ropes. Oh, Lord, just wait for the comments from the Asylum... The Mad Hatter was all for Mendes tonight - unlike Tractorpull's finest - and who knows, perhaps Mendes riding the bus to Philly again is a matter of time... No comments from the proud dancer after that fight, it's Dan Jansen-like failure tonight and will take something extra to recover from.

Final result: Eva Mendes def. Nicole Scherzinger KO1.  



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