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27 March 2014 Liz McClarnon vs Sophie Monk

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Posted by Knowlesey on March 27, 2014, 12:00 pm


After being thought of as a jobber, Liz suddenly returned to the ring late in 2013 to beat Una Healy and Kimberley Walsh, and now she faces the pretty Sophie, who has yet to win a BBU fight, although in fairness, she’s fought some tough girls in her career to date.

Liz has entered the ring first, and she’s in a white bikini, gloves and boots for this fight, and she looks as hot as ever as she waits for Sophie, the Australian not disappointing in a blue bikini, gloves and boots.

Round 1

The girls look a little wary of each other as the fight starts, with Liz correct to steer clear of Sophie’s right hand – and Liz moves well to keep Sophie backed off – and she’s beginning to take the younger girl on as well, now, rapping her face with a couple of nice punches. Sophie’s keeping active, though, not letting Liz get on top of her, and she whips a good left hook into the Brit’s body, only to get clipped to the jaw with a neat combination from Liz, and now she lands on Liz’s face, the Brit steps back, but retaliates, and she’s pressing Sophie back as the round draws to a close.

Round 2

Again it’s Sophie who starts to make the first moves, and she’s working Liz back and trying to put her in a good spot to let her have a right hook, but Liz isn’t having any of that, and she clinches to stop Sophie’s advance. The referee easily parts the two blondes, and it’s Sophie again on the offensive, and she smacks Liz neatly with her left jab, the Brit slipping sideways and doing what she can to avoid any rough treatment. Sophie wants to stand and fight, though, and she’s doing what she can to land her punches to Liz’s body, but Liz continues to make her chase her, never standing still, although her tactics aren’t making her popular with the fans, who expect action.

Round 3

Sophie’s after Liz again, and she’s beginning to close her down, shutting down the ring off – but she’s also being thumped a little too often by the retreating Liz, Sophie’s face an easy target as she attacks the slender Brit’s body, her skin beginning to turn a little pink as Liz’s more accurate punches lierally leave their mark. At last Sophie seems to have Liz standin still, but she hasn’t got her right up against the ropes, and Liz can escape, does so, and gives Sophie a little barrage of four punches to her face as she slides clear. Getting desperate, Sophie lunges at Liz with the round now escaping her grasp, and she takes another biff from the Brit, who gradually starts to impose her will on Sophie, the round closing with Liz wiping her gloves back and forth across a forlorn looking Australian.

Round 4

Liz isn’t running now. She’s standing her ground and fighting a careworn Sophie, rifling a couple of her stinging left jabs into Sophie’s face, and retreating again before Sophie can respond with any vigour. Again Sophie comes after Liz, and again she eats the Brit’s white leather gloves, punches now beginning to bounce off her face, and Liz clinches when Sophie tries to switch her attention to the body, not letting the potentially more powerful girl get that right hook to land in her ribs. Sophie lunges at Liz immediately after the referee resets the girls following another break, but it’s all desperate, almost obvious stuff from Sophie, and she gets caught with a really crisp uppercut from Liz which splits her left eyebrow open. Sophie has suffered a nasty cut to her eye, and she isn’t looking to mix anything up with Liz now, just waits for the bell in the remaining seconds.

Round 5

It’s looking a little one-sided now, with Sophie’s vision clearly impeded, and Liz is soon able to land enough leather on it to send the blob of protective Vaseline flying across the ring, and the eye bleeds again as she gets another good punch landing on it. Sophie really is doing what she can to fight Liz with her body turned half away, but she looks ungainly, and a snapping combination of punches from the Brit is enough to sit her down on the canvas, Sophie up again at 5, but she looks dismal now when she resumes, and Liz is beginning to really take advantage of her discomfort, landing a nice variety of punches to her face which is just a red mask as the round ends, and it’s tough for Sophie as she slumps to her stool.

Round 6

Patched up again, Sophie resumes her now defensive role in this fight, with Liz now appearing to be on the brink of a victory to give her more confidence than she’s ever displayed in the BBU ring so far. But she needs to be cautious still, because Sophie has a dangerous right hook, and she finally gets one of them home on Liz’s ribs, the Brit gasping loudly as she feels the weight of that hit. Sophie gets in closer to Liz from that chance, and she blasts the girl’s body with her left and her right, the punches crashing into Liz’s abdomen. Hurt, Liz reacts by clinching firmly, reacts quickly after the blondes are broken, and pings Sophie’s eye with a few more testing punches.

Round 7

Liz attacks Sophie at last, looking confident and willing to take her wounded opponent on – but Sophie’s a tough cookie, and she’s fighting back again as Liz over-commits, banging the slender Brit’s abdomen, and she’s got her groaning and gasping as she pushes her backwards and starts to lay into her. Liz can’t quite secure a decent clinch this time, and she has to take a few good hits before she finds herself able to fight back, and she focuses on that horridly cut eye with a speedy one-two, and that has the Australian retreating again, following her with a quickfire left, right, left to make sure there’s no comfort for her, and Sophie’s stunned in the final seconds by a good right hook to her jaw, which all but sits her down for a second time.

Round 8

Sophie lands a left on Liz’s mouth immediately, and that’s sets her on her heels, so Sophie looks encouraged, gets in closer, and right hooks the Brit to the ribs. But Liz doesn’t seem overbothered and she digs a left hook into Sophie’s flank – and there’s that right uppercut again, the same punch that cut Sophie’s eye now sending her stumbling to the ropes, her legs tangled, with Liz whipping a left hook, right hook combination to her face – and the referee’s seen enough, waving Liz away.

Result: Liz McClarnon stopped Sophie Monk in round 8

After sustaining that cut, it was really only a matter of time before the referee came to the inevitable conclusion, but does this represent real progress for Liz? She hasn’t really proved herself to be a contender tonight, looking too wary of Sophie until she caused that damage.   




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