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28 August 2007 Gena Lee Nolin vs Torrie Wilson

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Posted by simguy on 8/28/2007, 6:39 pm

(Thanks to FightFan for this repost)

(Doesn't alter Wilson/Loken or GLN/Nadine - but this was on the books for a while.)
Before: Gena reading off prepared statements in prefight - parroting all the right things (greatest shape of her life; Krushers have her better prepared than she's ever been - so on and so forth) but disturbing rumours abound that something's amiss for Nolin inside the Emerald City. "We're hearing reports that she'll show up for sparring, but instead of getting her own work done, Gena will have to wear a heavy-vest so Theron can practice body punching and weight-management all day," says one BLONDE! mag newshound. "We hear she's doing a lot of laundry for the the other girls, and even carrying Theron's gym bag and slippers around. You'd hate to think any of that's true, but if it is, you wonder what Gena can do against arguably the best legal team in sports. It's a pickle." Wilson snorting at any allegations that Gena's secretly a damsel in distress. "As far as I'm concerned," Wilson scoffs at the podium, "all that stuff about Gena is just so she'll have an excuse when I knock her out. There's only ever been room for one smoking hot big-girl blonde at 130 - and you're lookin' at her." Gena in scarlet bikini, gold connections, white gloves. Torrie in black string bikini, white gloves. Both girls - though big - have the pretty mannerisms of flyweights during ring instructions - tossing long blonde hair off their shoulders, looking around demure, touching-up almost daintily when asked.

During R1: Torrie hopping-to: she's all about Gena's midsection early. Big, ropey hooks from Wilson, banging at Gena's flank; steering right roundhouses - Torrie just strongarming Gena's pleasing paunch aside with clapping clout. Nolin grimacing, sliding back from Wilson, dragging the lead (left) foot while flicking out a limber, backhand jab. Gena not as active, but midway through she walks Torrie into a well placed right cross - really leaning into the blast, turning Wilson's head aside with a happy crack of leather on face. Torrie dazed, but resumes her offensive - steadily wading into Gena, pounding at her waistline, pushing her backward big-girl. Nolin's eye-catching accuracy gets her nod, but Wilson's getting her touches in exactly where she wants 'em.

R2: Torrie right back into Gena: thick, spanking hooks to flank; big swinging right roundhouses plowed to paunch. Nolin gurgling, shying away - she's muscled to ropes early, pinned down as Torrie splashes in with tough body-ups. Wilson breaking on Gena in waves - Torrie not shy about getting her tummy on Nolin and making her take weight - healthy shoves and bumps complimenting firm, swinging blasts amidships. Nolin grumpy from hurt - covering up face-in-gloves, stooping forward when she can: Torrie really laying down a nice blanketing bombardment, beating at Gena's rounded biceps, shiny flanks, plush interior-torso. Gena swatting back in spots - often leaning back into ropes as she's pulling a cutey-pie hook around tight, or looking to catch Torrie falling-in with the right uppercut. Wilson too busy, too strong, stays on Gena, makes her sweat through 2.

R3: Gena BOXING midring - giving Torrie a little something to think about. Nolin not on her toes exactly - but flipping out that limber left jab off her hip, slide-stepping to her right. Gena dipping to her right, then ripping up into Torrie's torso the right uppercut - finishing with clouting hooks while shifting weight to right (back) foot. G also using that left shoulder like a third glove - walking Torrie's chest onto it, giving her healthy shoves backwards - bending low and putting the shoulder into Torrie's breadbasket: lots of supple big-girl tricks. Down the stretch - Gena pushing Torrie to ropes and riding her muscular: Nolin lowers her head, laps her arms in a thick, rangy lather - splashing away at Torrie's firm thighs, black trunks with heedless lefts and rights. Wilson crying out, cringing at ropes: Gena holding the back of her head, complaining to ref that Torrie's pushing her head down (thereby causing those accidental fouls).

R4: Torrie enraged, teeth bared: Gena can't hold canvas against Wilson's fury. Torrie driving in, tackling up, stomping Gena to ropes: Wilson getting her elbows up, pushing Nolin over top rope, beating at her with sides or gloves or forearms as Gena wails for the ref. Torrie pushed back, but her blood is up: Wilson simply wading back in, bodying up, crowding Gena to ropes and beating at her. Nolin crying out behind her mitts as Torrie hammers away big-girl at the biceps - Wilson turning the flat of her mitts into the muscle of Gena. Wilson leaning in, digging her fists palm-up into Nolin's guts and ribs - forcing ragged Gena clinches. GLN blinking back tears in final minute: she's hurt, simpering, unable to get butt off ropes or do much more than bog a seething Torrie Wilson down. Bell, Torrie chesting up, bellowing in Gena's face as Nolin reels.

R5: More Torrie - big and brawny. Wilson brazenly closing, bodying up, walking Gena to ropes: Nolin groaning with effort as she wrestles up top, trying to turn Wilson into ropes without success. Torrie getting position on Nolin, then pushing and bumping her into compliance: thick, splashy punches follow as Wilson's getting off free swinging clout. Nolin just moping behind her guard, butt in ropes: Torrie's treating herself to Gena's flanks and arms - writhing up under Gena's limbs to free up the torso and tummy to clean punches. Torrie patient here - hard work to manage Gena and push at her chest to chest - big-girl curvy legs stamping, black-clad buttocks jiggling with the effort of keeping Nolin pinned. Dreadful shelling shakes Gena - but she's covered up well, chin never tested: Nolin trusting her stout body to take some of the early vigour out of enraged wrestler through 5.

R6: Torrie's fury abating: Gena able to hold canvas at last, stamping around in a sweaty/brawny embrace with Torrie midring. Both girls jamming away in the clinch - each freeing up the right hand to plow at paunch while the left hand secures some sort of grip. Nolin getting into Torrie's rack with swiping right hands close: Wilson gasping, starting to give ground as her meanspirited foe jug-mugs her way into the lead. Ropes: Torrie finally pressed against 'em: Nolin with a healthy left-shoulder push, then SPANKING away lusty right/left/right against the crotch front. These are nice, loose, free swings - Gena's arms lathering at Torrie's tenderest portions: poor Wilson groaning, tilting forward hurt and badly loosened up. G curls a nice, thick left uppercut to chin - so tight that her bicep and shoulder also scrape against Torrie's face: Wilson's stunned. Curling right uppercut - also nice n' snug inside - clips Torries chin - Gena just twisting into these clouts, all hips, backs and legs on the shots. Big body up takes Wilson into ropes again - Nolin squriming Torrie's guard apart, slamming a thick right forearm into Wilson's breadbasket. Another curling left uppercut from in close - Gena writhing to get these shots, so supple and big: Wilson's mouthpiece dribbles off her teeth, head lolling. Poor Torrie! She groggily reaches to clinch, ringing her arms out wide, but it's a mistake. Gena takes a little half-step back, clips tilting-Torrie a tidy left uppercut, then clouts a sharp left hook, batting Wilson's sleepy face around. Right uppercut catches Torrie as she continues to slump forward, face available; left uppercut shaves past as Gena's stepping back and TORRIE'S GOING DOWN! Wilson swooning to her face, sprawling sensuous on her belly - it's OVER! KO6 Gena Lee Nolin.

After: Nolin bellowing down, chewing through wrist tape to get out of her gloves - she shoves the referee away as he's trying to coax her back. Gena dropping to her knees, reaching in and under the glorious deadweight of Torrie to puuuush big blonde to her back: Nolin wants to pin Wilson!

G quick as a snake - she's working off Torrie's right side: Nolin's beefy legs scissor up Wilson's KO'd right leg; Nolin lying on her left side snuggling close, pulls Torrie's left leg up while wrapping up her head to secure cradle on Torrie Wilson. Boos cascading down - Gena's stretching poor Torrie's groin out while cruelly cradle-pinning her. Officials tugging at Gena's shoulders, trying to get her to release slumbering Torrie: Nolin just clenching her teeth and giving the wrestler a little of her own medicine as chaos reigns.



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