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8 August 2008 Lindsay Lohan vs Megan Fox

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Posted by simguy on 8/8/2008, 6:27 pm.

(Thanks to FightFan for this repost)

Before: "Am I the only one who thinks it's gross that Lindsay's going to be getting turned on by me beating the slut out of her?" Fox jokes, raising her eyebrows and grinning as Lohan fumes. "NOW I know why she hates me so much. It's not because I'm hotter and more talented - it's because I'm so not into her! How was I supposed to know she felt jilted by me? Huh?" Lohan restrained - fiery temper still obviously a feature of wiry young blonde's game, despite recent signs of maturity. "Megan is out of line," Lindsay seethes at the podium, "and she'll pay for it. I understand she's trying to rattle me - I get that - I've done that myself to girls on occasion. But when you cross the line, you get your ass beat - no exceptions. I'm going to take pleasure in Megan's suffering - and I'll see to it that there's plenty of suffering before she goes out. Cheap, one-movie, tramp." Bantamweight Fox forced to make flyweight limit of 110 for this contest: Lindsay refusing to move up despite walking around at bantam. Megs in bright green bikini top, sturdy orange bottoms snug about slim hips; white gloves; dark hair drawn back in slick, long ponytail. Linday in jaunty nautical fighting bikini - navy top with brass ring connection; snug white bottoms with baby-blue diagonal stripes and little anchors; white gloves; long blonde hair tied back off her face in celtic braid.

During R1: Fox' face in that perpetual bytchy snarl, baring her teeth; right hand at her chest, left hand just in front of it. Lilo carrying her right hand next to her jaw, left at her shoulder. Lilo wheeling to her left - nice leggy pivots - she's pumping out the jab, knocking at her rival's exotic face early. Both girls lean into sinewy rights on occasion: Lindsay more accurate, pounding her glove off Fox' mouth as Megan misses over Lilo's right shoulder. Final minute, Lindsay works Megan's lithe torso with sidearm rights swept hard to ribcage. Bell: small smile Lilo - she's touched Megan for a classy blonde shutout.

R2: Megan unpacks the jab, outdueling Lilo in early midring action. Clockwise rotation as girls poke away up top: Fox breaks the rhythm by bending in and down, pounding a right hand off Lindsay's flat breadbasket. Linds frowns, shies away: Fox hops forward, now clearly the aggressor. Middle minute, Megan's twisting and leaning into vicious, lissome lefts and rights - Lilo wide-eyed, backing away as lean power rakes her front. HARD RIGHT CROSS, MEGAN FOX! Megs just stepping in and getting off - she finally finds Lohan's chin, swivelling Lilo's head, dropping her to her backside at the ropes! Fox jogging to neutral corner, long ponytail swishing: Lilo astonished, looking like she's been blown down by a gigantic headwind. Resume - Fox attacking a dug-in Lohan at the apron: Megs leans forward, arms thrashing underneath to beat out a leathery rhythm of rights and lefts against Lindsay's flat tummy. Lohan groaning, face pinched: she offers fights first clinch, knees knocking as Fox chests her into ropes for ref's break.

R3: Lilo showing maturity: hurt last round, she goes back to boxing fundamentals to regroup. Clockwise rotation around a stiff, knocking jab: Fox' pretty face punched back at intervals as she turns-with to receive. Foxie's mitts always around chest height: Lilo able to jab face with impunity, really getting her left shoulder into it, pushing off with that back (right) big toe. Megs just watching the boxing show - facing into punches: Lindsay has her girl mesmerized, shutting Fox out in the third.

R4: Megan aggressively - sweeping down-shafting rights and lefts at Lohan's midsection while stepping in: Lilo forced into early retreat by Megan's sinewy power. Lohan jabbing her way back into control, then retaking the initiative with spearing overhand rights down into Foxie's trim midsection: brunette grimacing, giving ground as Lindsay bangs body. Midway through - Lohan stalking behind her jab: Linds pours a lanky right hand over Megan's left shoulder, turning Foxie's head and SCATTERING HER TO ALL FOURS! Megan punched a quarter turn to her right and dropped - she's a startled beauty helping herself to her feet via the ropes. Resume: hardhearted Lilo marches on shaken Fox, spanking brunette waist a gorgeous sidearm right. Fox crying out - face buried in her gloves as she sits into ropes: she's a helpless beauty, giving up her back to Lohan's tender mercies. Lindsay swabbing the tanned flat plain of Fox' lumbar with sweeping lefts and rights: seething blonde pushed back and read the riot act by an angry ref. Fox arching her back in pain, grimacing and pouting: Lohan glaring at Megan unapologetically, as if to say "there so much more of that coming!"

R5: Lohan continues to pump stick, circle left, then drive in chin-seeking right crosses. Fox giving ground, but fighting back in spots: Megan able to fetch Lilo the odd underslung body shot, really bending down and hoisting leather up into Lindsay. Lilo unappreciative of attention paid to her tummy: SHE lashes wide, right roundhouses at Fox' tummy and ribs in tit for tat fashion. Pleasing slender-limbed wallop being applied - blows shivering off willowy torsos. Lilo driving Fox before her, outworking Megan for points.


R6: Megan stops the slide, finally engaging Lohan in a series of spirited exchanges which tend to go Foxie's way. Lohan neglecting her jab - she's flat footed, trading rangy with Megan: both girls risking slinging power shots from medium distance, bending sinuously into the blows. Hard punches landing with some frequency - heads and bodies standing up well as gloves bounce off stubborn targets. Fox breaks through to Lohan's rack late with uppercuts: brunette able to back blonde up, taking the round from Lindsay by slender margin.

R7: Megan hurts Lohan early, turning blonde head with the hardest right hand Megs has landed since the second round. Fox eagerly hopping forward, eyes bright: she reaches down, hooks Lohan's waist, hooks it again as Lilo's trying to withdraw in orderly fashion. Brunette stalks blonde at ropes - leaning in to rake long rights and lefts across Lohan's embattled front: Lindsay getting face-pasted, teeth bared as her heart is tested. By the final minute, Fox is able to drive in with the one-two up top, hang around on her front (left) foot and lift the hook into Lohan's breadbasket. Lindsay shuddering, offering only token resistance as she's momentarily broken down. Bell: Fox turns with a sinuous warping of her torso, drawing her ponytail across Lohan's eyes like a whisper of hate. Lindsay blushing crimson at first the lash, then the sight of her lissome foe strutting away all cocky-butt.

R8: Fox looking VERY confident - stomp feinting Lohan midring, menacing her. Lohan stepping and back and to her left, dukes up: she's organized, but busting up some, and her body's hurting. Fox penetrating with darting tummy-jabs, then jumping out of range - long dark ponytail dancing. Foxie darting in to stitch left jabs to Lohan's breasts: Lindsay swiping at the offending poke too late to parry it. Fox loading up, bending into vicious overhand rights: Lohan partially blocking, then pulling away spooked by brunette clout. Top it all off, Fox deploys her first buggywhip right hands to Lohan's left hip, smiting wiry blonde with a loud, rich clap. Megan grinning malevolently when these strikes land: Lohan cringing, mincing away with pain-wincing eyes, not enjoying the b-whip one bit.

R9: Lohan deploying heavy sidearm rights to Fox's ribcage and waist in retaliation for the 8th round buggywhips: Megan unrepentant, soon lands 9th round buggywhip right hands in above Lilo's left hip. Girls opening up, getting rangy/reckless. Lilo gutting Fox with a lanky right uppercut to sternum. Fox drifting Lilo a right to the mouth, twisting supple with the punch at close range. Girls snatching limber hooks off one another's tight tummies, then smiting each other righty across the breasts. Lean, lithe whaling blows - neither girl particularly responsible, frequently catching flush receipts after depositing her own sinewy licks. Heavy, lashing back and forth favouring Fox: Lilo looking a little groggier after a slam-fisted 9th.

R10: Lohan gets back to jabbing: fight gets easier. Fox staring into poke, catching on her brows and mouth; Lohan just circling, knocking at her foe's face - Lindsay's eyes cold and hard as she concentrates. Lohan able to dive in with much straighter, more effective right crosses - head and body both: Fox taking stern chin-checks, shuddering from plowing body blows as a result. Linds able to step in, get off - Megan fighting in haphazard retreat, feet rarely set to deliver with authority. Lindsay's round comfy - she's getting off rangy, spooking Fox into retreat by the bell. Comes back ud10 DRAW - the Tractorpull Special.

After: Battered, bruised beauties won't have it; bitter recriminations immediately follow as Lohan gets into Fox' face (and vice versa). Shrieking back and forth leads to pushing: officials jump in as sinewy wildcats are about to get full-body. "Bought and paid for!" Lohan bleats in postfight. "The ref, the judges - Megan's people obviously backed up the truck to insure her tonight. This never would have happened with BSE - no way. I beat this girl's britches all night long! I know I was getting tremendous leather on her - I can feel it in my back and shoulders. The people know what they saw tonight: Lindsay Lohan whipping up on some poor piece of wannabe trash. Megan Fox embarrassed herself tonight, and I hope she takes this beating to heart!" Fox with a slightly different take on events. "She bought this fight out from under me!" Megan echoes Lilo's lament. "I dropped her; I hurt her; I backed her up; I made the fight. I did everything I was supposed to do, but Lindsay got the ol' 'Lohan Benefit of the Doubt'. Fine - I have to knock her out - I get it. I won't make that mistake ever again!"




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