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5 May 2000 Title Ch Catherine Zeta Jones vs Tanya Merryman

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Posted by Simguy on Friday, 05-May 2000. 12:50:31


Before: Publicly CZJ as confident as ever, privately there’s a lot of concern facing her first fitness athlete. Catherine’s camp features a lot of B-List fitness types--many of whom knock Jones down in sparring—she’ll need every bit of technical advantage to offet’s Tanya’s power. Green and black sports bra, green aerobics briefs CZJ—pink sports bra and stretch shorts Merryman.


R1: Fight as whole occurs in microcosm—CZJ unable to back Tanya up, snaps off counters and keeps circling away. Merryman walking her girl down, picking up sharp lefts and rights on her cheekbones, but midway through the round she harms Catherine with a single raking left across the ribs. Jones swoons, crazily holding on to Tanya’s neck as the fitness athlete turns, belts away to the stomach to provide the fight’s first knockdown, Jones on her bicycle the rest of the way, dances around Tanya, fighting safety first to get out of the round—Merryman takes it.


R2: Good tactical round for Catherine while Tanya looks for the one big shot to end it. Jones spiking back Tanya’s head with the jab, continues to flit left and right, leaving a calling card counter on Tanya’s lips whenever the young brunette heaves in a power shot. Merryman not discouraged from coming forward, but not setting up the points costs her.


R3: Better round for Tanya as she cuts off the ring and goes to the actress’ ribs with big booming lefts and rights, Zeta Jones to the ropes with a grimace—looks the clutch and grab, holding Tanya for breaks, it’s effective insofar as tieing Tanya up goes, but Merryman doing all the scoring is the clear aggressor.


R4: Catherine getting the rhythm of her girl, launching straight right hand counters over top Tanya’s left, beating Merryman’s lips bloody this round with dead on accuracy, Again, Tanya very conscious of her strength edge, taking more punches than necessary, and letting Jones get off.


R5: Crunching Tanya Merryman round as she hammers at the actress’ solid torso to once again put Jones ropeside. Jones’ legs shot—she sits on the ropes, desperately bobbing up and down, covering up and taking every shot she can on tightly drawn in elbows. Tanya tireless, swinging with wide lefts and rights to the body, missing uppercuts to the head as Jones slips. Merryman pushed back occasionally as Jones bobs down, puts a shoulder into Tanya’s hips—but Merryman relentless, has her girl in one corner for most of the round, just pounding away.


R6: There it is. Jones fading immediately to the ropes, covering up And bobbing, luring Tanya into a predictable straight up swinging posture perfect for countering. Jones victimizes Tanya with a series of potshotting strokes to the jaw, striking short between Tanya’s big swings, then dipping down to avoid Tanya’s receipt. Masterful sequences see Tanya soak up several teeth rattling single jolts, and she finally wobbles back to center ring. Jones taking over—makes Merryman fight outside where she has a tendency to wait her turn. All Jones to the bell behind a slicing left jab to the teeth.


R7: Merryman lured in again as Jones sinks immediately to the ropes, bends at the waist and answers every looping Merryman haymaker with something shirt and hard on the lips. After a minute of ducking and spanking—Tanya’s looking glassy eyed, and her punches are starting to slap meaninglessly. Jones turns it up, hooking the mouthpiece off Tanya’s teeth and Merryman begins to wander. Jones stepping to the right, repeatedly bounces one-two clubbing hooks off Tanya’s head, then ducks under the flailing response. With Tanya coming apart, Jones keeps the angle, slugging and bobbing, working Tanya over in a tight circle, A left counter inside Tanya’s slapping left rocks the fitness girl’s head back, leaving her helpless—the right crashes against her jaw and stricken brunette tumbles to the canvas. Wide eyed, able only to left her head while her body goes numb—a shocked Tanya Merryman is counted out—KO7 CZJ.


After: A relieved CZJ is hoisted into the air while medics attend to the woozy challenger. Catherine wary indeed if Tanya’s power, but exposing many flaws in the course of this patient, professional beating. Tanya too predictable, early success may have made her too KO conscious as she spent the rest of the fight looking for one big punch., Good veteran performance CZJ.


Reposted by Archer 5/6/14

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