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19 May 2000 Christina Aguilera vs Shannen Doherty

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Posted by Simguy on Friday, 19-May-2000 19:26:19


Before; Fought on undercard Theron/Ryan—Aguilera getting a bit of a push against well-traveled Doherty. “Nobody does anything on this division without beating up Shannen,” says a confident Christina in pre-fight,, “and I’m ready ti take that step,” Light blue bikini top, satin genie pants for Christina. Red bikini top red satin genie pants Doherty, ponytail.


During R1: No nonsense from Doherty who stomps across the ring, right hand at her cheek, left low across her belly and she starts banging Christina from the opening bell. Especially effective is a lashing left across Aguilera’s taut gut, putting a grimace on the singer’s face and midway through the round Doherty lands that Junior Jones right hand on the side of Christina’s jaw to bust the blonde up. All Doherty to the bell as she jabs Aguilera to the ropes, works the body and head with fully extended lefts and rights as the blonde covers up.


R2,3: Aguilera learns and adjusts, getting those young legs in gear and circling around the stalking Doherty. Christina with those slender arms and long wrists a very elegant boxer when she wants to be, painting Doherty with a slapping left hand, sand putting the right on Shannen’s mouth whole moving clockwise around the brunette. Doherty still loading up, lunging in with right hands, but her singe shots don’t erase good solid work from the young blonde in these rounds.


R4: Doherty rediscovers the left hand, jabbing and hooking to Christina’s belly, forcing Aguilera to move straight back, Doherty able to line her blonde up this round, much more effective moving forward than trying to cut off the ring. Christina slapping her punches when pressured, polishes up Doherty’s ribcage but gets lumpy from Shannen’s hard right hands this round.


R5: Two way slugging action at mid ring as the girls have tested each other and neither is impressed. Brisk one-twos slap back and firth. Christina throwing straighter, moving her head more, Shannen whipping her shots and landing heavier, Final minute: Aguilera with a nice sequence puts wobble in Shannen’s pants, ducking under the brunette’s offerings and landing short lefts and rights ti back Shannen up at the bell, Woozy Doherty looking stunned as Christina gives her a showy glare after the bell.


R6: Kid gloves off and Shannen takes it to Christina’s skimpy body, raking the ribs and tummy with slashing lefts and rights, Aguilera punched up against the ropes, right hand at her cheek, left across her gut, grits her  teeth and tries to turn her shoulders to deflect shots, but Doherty on wide pins, pours it in, Lashing wide lefts and rights snap hard against Aguilera’s breasts, belly and chin, and midway through the round. Christina stumbles to all fours under the avalanche of leather. Doherty swatting Chris across the lower back is hustled off by the ref as Aguilera howls in outrage, All D to the bell as Christina can’t get off the tropes, just rolling her body and covering up as Shannen gets off with authority.


R7: Too much Shannen as her heavy hands play across Aguilera’s flat tummy and wide open chin. Chris getting shutout, fighting on shaky legs as Shannen pounds away, laying on with snapping power shots—all wide hooks and lancing right hands from D. Another right hand blast at the halfway mark nearly puts Aguilera down, and fighting backward, slapping her punches she just isn’t getting Shannen’s respect. At the bell, Aguilera looking shopworn, lumping up under those striking blue eyes—Doherty all business as she struts back to her corner.


R8: Aguilera showing guts, standing and slugging with Shannen, but the head movement and precocious skill; is gone from the blonde. It’s Doherty’s kind of fight as the girls work at medium distance, getting off, rotating in a tight circle, just trading and punch for punch. Shannen’s the harder hitter. Rounds ends with Christina Aguilera sagging into the ropes, covering her face and giving Shannen that tummy—Doherty obliging with beefy left and right uppercuts at the bell.


R9: Christina with a second wind, shows good overall fitness in outworking Shannen much ofg this round. Aguilera di[ping and hooking with Shannen, routinely beats Doherty to the punch, and Doherty begins to wilt. Wheels fall off late in the round as the girls slug, each missing left hooks, coming back with rights and Shannen’s connects first, snapping Aguilera’s head and leaving her helpless. Good banging finishing flurry beats Chris to the ropes as Shannen works with wide lefts and rights to steal the round.


R10: Aguilera won’t be denied and she’s too young to know when she’s been beaten. She comes right at Shannen, teeth bared, and starts fighting, lighting Doherty up with brawling lefts and rights to the face as the veteran staggers to the ropes. D hunched over, trying to time Aguilera for the stunning right uppercut, but instead—Christina’s chopping right puts a jolt down Shannen’s pants—she’s hurt! Aguilera digging, getting on top of Shannen and nudging her back with a bony shoulder in the chest, outing her punches together—many slapping, but the occasional swat jerks Doherty’s head around. Seconds remaining and Aguilkera finds a left hook, banging it against Doherty’s jaw and the brunette’s hands drop! Christina hooking away, twisting her lithe body into the punching and Shannen slumos sideways to the ropes, out on her feet as the ref stops the fight! KO10 Christina Aguiklera as she leaos away from a stunned Shannen Doherty.


After: Shannen looked like she was too strong and savvy for the upstart blonde until the tenth—one of the most dramatic late KO’s in a long time, Aguilera with a huge come from behind performance hands Shannen a particularly devastating defeat, pounding Doherty out and making the brunette mumble about retirement fir the first time in her storied career.


Reposted by Archer 5/11/14.

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