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2 March 2001 Carey Lowell vs Traci Bingham

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Posted by Simguy on 3/2/2001, 8:42 am.


Before: Bingham once a Can’t-Miss prospect, came up through the Playboy mills, had her stint on “Baywatch”, but never really fulfilled her promise. Always holding her own in the gym, Traci rarely showed the same form in front of the buying public, Lowell the opposite side of the equation—no management, overachiever, has always given her all, Traci showing her true colours, calling Carey to battle only after seeing Krista Allen dress Lowell up—important fight for Carey if she wants ti avoid being picked over—she needs to be competitive tonight. Lowell in grey halter high neck singlet top, bikini bottoms. Traci going the jungle queen route, leopard print bikini top and loin cloth over black spandex midthigh shirts.


During R1: Traci out aggressively, but she’s wide wit punches, walking straight in—Lowell able to walk Bingham into harm, blocking Traci’s right, countering with a clapping right on the cheek, finishing with a little left uppercut under the chin—end of the first minute sees Bingham start to stagger from punishment. Midway though, Lowell getting the stick into Traci’s chest, helping to push the brunette down hill, but suddenly, Bingham with a dip to her right and DOWN GOES LOWELL! Bingham maybe cists herself the KO by standing over and taunting a stunned Carey Lowell, forcing the ref to body her into a neutral corner, delaying the count. Lowell up at 8, immediately sags to the ropes on wide spread legs—Bingham charging in recklessly and crowd leaps to its feet as vicious punching splatters back and forth at the ropes, AND BINGHAM GOES DOWN! Savage trade sees Lowell stroke Bingham a perfect wide right hand from the hip—brunette crumples to all fours for an 8 count, Now Bingham swooning, trying to regroup—Lowell pinning TRACI to the ropes and MORE bludgeoning heroics from both women as the crowd goes insane. BLISTERING, almost suicidal punching from both ewomen—both getting nailed flush, legs going stiff, taking turns hurting one another and TRACI GOES DOWN  AGAIN! Right at the bell, Lowell slaps the left, clouts the right along the jawline to turn Traci’s legs off. Round of the Year ends with Bingham out on her feet, carried back to her corner as Lowell wanders back ti hers in a daze.


R2: Lowell out fresh, calm—she doesn’t rush—sees that Bingham is tumbling, shaky-legged, Carey putting the jab into Traci’s bulbous breasts, sliding back, luring the black girl on, Bingham glassy eyed, slinging desperate, windmilling punches over the top cooperates over the top cooperates beautifully—Lowell suddenly leaning in, beating Traci’s right hand to the punch, kissing her own short, straight right off the chin, then bending over to put her shoulder into Bingham’s gut on follow through—Traci blasted out on her feet, leans in on Lowell for a moment, then peels back to stretch magnificiently at Carey’s feet. Wild KO2 Carey Lowell.


After: Wild, crowd pleasing slugfest puts both girls in serious jeopardy—Bingham never long on heart succumbing to the heat of the moment as Lowell keeps her composure. Good comeback for Lowell, obviously more comfortable with the straight ahead challenge of Bingham, but this wasn’t a boxing showcase for Carey. Last woman standing stiff—Carey decided to gamble and winning big, Bingham continuing her hapless PPV record.


Reposted by Archer 5/13/14,

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