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18 April 2014 Jennifer Love Hewitt vs Summer Glau

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Posted by simguy on April 18, 2014, 1:24 pm


BEFORE: Cranky pre-fight - Hewitt pushing off after pics are taken, giving Summer angry glares...Jen just not a fan of Glau. "I hate looking at her," Hewitt says in prefight, frowning at the very thought of Summer. "I can't believe anybody finds her attractive - she's like a snake with tits. She's way too flimsy to be in with me - she can't hurt me! I'll walk her down and smash her to pieces in that ring. I'm going to give Summer Glau the mother of all bad beats, and I can't wait!"

Glau cool, unflappable, maybe even being provocatively bendy just to irritate her curvy little rival. "It's totally understandable why Jen would hate me," Summer says all reasonable-girl in rebuttal. "I'm tall and lithe - graceful...these are things she can never be, and it makes her feel pudgy and inadequate. What I can't understand is how she could believe that I can't hurt her. She needs to do some film-study ASAP, because I hurt girls plenty. Britney Spears. Serinda Swan. Piper Perabo. All girls who thought they would just punch right through me. If anything, it's girls like Jen who can't hurt me, while me? I'll be getting to her all night long. I can't wait either. This is gonna be fun!"

Jen in crimson bra-style bikini; long brown hair in tangly-curls; black gloves. Summer in dark green bikini; pink gloves; long brown hair in loose curls.

During R1: Summer with a glorious, lariat right hand slap-chop against Jennifer's breasts to open...Hewitt reeling from the blow, all face-pinched and traumatized as Glau takes initiative. Summer eyes-intense, hopping in all leggy with hands down around hips and thighs...she's whip-snapping that left hand up in jabs or cuffing hooks, spanking away to face. She's bending into sweeping sidearm rights, clouting Jen upside the head or fat against the lats, sending Hewitt stumble-bumming in receipt. Jen ashen-faced, wobbly-butt at times, really catching a licking through 2 minutes, but down the stretch she firms. Summer the recipient of a blunt right hand to breadbasket/crisp left hook to chin that backs her off with a grump look: Hewitt able to come forward, salvage pride by the bell.

R2: Summer's got the lash working early...hopping in with lariat right hands swept wide to head or lats; hopping to her right while dragging supple hooks across Jen's jugs; diving in straight right hands over Jen's left shoulder as Hewitt's trying to turn-with. Jen all rung up and hurting, stepping in fence-post holes in first minute, but curvy legs holding her up: Summer landing with every ounce of bendy leverage, but so far unable to get Hewitt off her feet. Still, it's a pasting...Jen crouching in earmuff, catching hellish right hands in her flank; absorbing supple left uppercuts to breadbasket, and when she lunges forward to answer, Summer's loped out of range like a willowy mirage. Glau waxing Jen for a sharp-punching shutout, treating herself to jug at the bell with a series of hot rights and lefts snapping up from the thighs...Hewitt just gobsmacked by the lissome shellack through 2.

R3: Jen stubby-jabbing to help close distance, locating Summer's chest and creating better trading conditions. Glau leaning to her right as she slides to that side, hands down low: she'll whirl the trailing hook up and around, cuffing thumbside-up at Jen's ear; she'll flash the sudden right cross, clipping Jen across the face. Hewitt walking through it, punching straight right hands into Glau's body Minka-Kelly style, then rising up into hooks...SUMMER GETS HURT! Midway through, Hewitt's hooks bashes across Glau's forward, unhinging those limber legs...Summer sputtering out of orbit, finally bringing her mitts up in earmuff. Jen enjoying moments of supremacy - stepping into Summer with crunching rights and lefts to either flank, but just as it looks like Glau might break down, she walks Jen into a lanky right uppercut off the back (right) foot! Jen's hurt, wobbly-butt; Summer's hurt, wobbly-butt...girls each giving the other wounded looks of resentment as they try to rally. Groggy-punching exchanges at the bell see both girls land cleanly to chin, but it's Summer who staggers away to ropes for support: Jen grimly marching forward at the break.

R4: Summer slams the door on Jen's rally - opening with another sweeping right hand lariat-punch that claps down and across Jen's breasts: Hewitt crying out, crossing wrists at jugs as she takes a moment to deal with the sting. Glau leans forward on left leg, lifting the left off her thigh to cuff tummy, cuff hip; lifting the right off her thigh to punch Jen across the mouth; pivoting counter-clockwise while dragging the left across Jen's protected breasts. Hewitt grimacing, bobbing on approach with right inside left shoulder/left under right elbow while Summer has her way outside. Glau legging about, in and out...she's peppering Jen's face lithe one-twos; cuffing her hooks; slashing in and down with right hands. Jen protecting her chest and midsection well, but face, flanks pay the price...Summer just lashing Jen, sampling the bits that are available. Bell: Glau forces meanspirited eye-contact, then chirps, "Am I hurting you? 'Cause you look hurt."

R5: SUMMER GOES DOWN! Jen bobbing under a Glau one-two, lunges up into hook: crashing chin-connect puts bendy brunette on her back and changes the fight. Hewitt stomping angry-butt to neutral corner, eyes a-blaze...Glau beats the count shabby, blinking, sagging into ropes when Jen comes for her. SUMMER STRIKES BACK! Emmy-winning performance of vulnerable lures Jen in all strutting-bully: Summer comes off the ropes with slinging power, whipping the mitts to Jen from both sides. Hewitt driven backwards, buns a-shuddering, OH she's getting pasted! Hewitt with back of right hand at left cheek, left tucked up into right armpit...she's just trying to turn-with and weather the storm as Summer's POURING on the lash. Vicious, withering, long-armed beat-down issued - all one-way traffic...Glau going all-in not just to answer the knockdown, but end the fight! Lariat right hands whip-thump into Jen's lats. Thumbside-up hooks bite at Jen's paunch, then cuff her ear/temple. Raking right/left two-ones bounce off Jen's pate and face. Hewitt spellbound, often simply tilting forward into the storm and taking punches in crossed-arm, just trying to fall-in with Summer. Glau's legs still springy despite her early setback...she's lithe on her toes, lifting mitts from her thighs in a bewildering array of patterns, spanking the crap out of Jennifer Love Hewitt. JLH stumbling about in stunned confusion, but curvy legs answer all challenges: Hewitt absorbs the beating of a life time, but denies Summer the satisfaction of seeing Jen on bended knee. Jen with a 10-8 for the knockdown, but Sum awarded 10-8 without the knockdown creates a draw unique in FCBA history.

R6: SUMMER GOES DOWN! Jen getting the same bob-and-counter hook onto Glau's chin that rocked Summer last round: Glau blown to her back in instant-replay fashion. Summer much less resilient this time - genuinely hurt...she lopes the ring upon resumption, trading canvas for time. Jen in grim pursuit, but having trouble cutting off the ring, and when she does, she's having trouble finding chin as Summer bobs forward/leans back in dramatic fashion. When Jen jabs Summer to ropes, Glau able to tie up head-and-left-arm fairly well, standing stoically while Jen pats right hands to flank until ref's breaks.

R7: Summer slowing down, becoming more available as Jen's pressure starts to pay off. Glau just tilting forward hands-in-gloves, absorbing Jen's punishing bombardments of both flanks, then Summer will fall off to either side, issuing a flicking little check-jab in retreat, looking to walk Jen into counters. Hewitt's been repeatedly hurt tonight, but her confidence is growing: it's obvious she feels she can take whatever Summer can dish. Jen walking Summer down, beating her to body and slender arms until Glau can sidestep: intermittent combinations from Summer keep Jen from going all-in.

R8: Same again...Summer face-in-gloves when Jen's getting off, trying to take the punches on arms or flanks, then sliding around Hewitt's sides to regroup. Hewitt busy, methodical in pursuit...she can't cut Summer off and really pour on, but she's thumping away to torso, systematically reducing the defences. Glau taking deep breaths, offering moist-eyed looks at times...Jen's persistent touches taking effect through 8.

R9: Summer rejuvenates - exchanging choppy shots out of her high-guard look, then sidestepping with hands-low, looking to walk Jen into snappy up-shots. Hewitt pasted to face in the exchanges, then when she's turning-with, she's catching stiff left hands tummy/tits. Glau repeatedly featuring the so-called "Summer Slap" - that flaring, lariat-action right hand - taking Jen hard across the jugs, or thick against the lats. Hewitt grumpy, cringing in receipt...by the final minute she's still coming forward, but she's no longer getting off as Summer has her way.

R10: Summer POURS the hurt to Jennifer Love Hewitt. Every bit as bad as the beating Glau issued in the fifth, only this time it's all one-way traffic. Hewitt a stumbling, wobbly-butt wreck just trying to ride it out: right hand at left cheek, left tucked into right armpit. Glau fighting in breezy retreating circles, luring stumble-bum Jen into a constant lashing stream of punches. Jen's flanks glowing nuclear-pink; Jen's tummy all torn up. Glau blazing away hot left/rights at the crossed-arm, trying to punch-through to jug; Glau cuffing either ear/cheek while sidestepping, really busting Jen up this round. Give Hewitt credit: curvy legs never let her down as she blunders into torment...Jen sponges it up bell to bell, yielding a 10-8 without the knockdown. Plenty of emotion at the break as Summer chests up on swaying JLH to let her know all about it...comes back UD10 by a single point - Summer Glau!

AFter: Glau shouting "YAH!" when her hand is raised; poor punished Jen devastated, staring stoically at canvas. Summer adds Hewitt to the list of curvy-bodied hard-sluggers she's managed to bamboozle...Glau's built a career out of taking down the stocky. "She didn't think I could hurt her, and when I proved otherwise, I really don't think she had a plan B," Summer analyzes in postfight. "Girls always think that I just run, but that's not right: I run AND hit. I give Jen credit for not going down, but I was murdering her to the body tonight. Had the 'Summer Slap' goin' - you could just tell how heartbroken she was when she felt the sting and knew what it meant. I'm happy that I got to her - she showed me no respect coming into this fight, and things were really meanspirited between us. That's fine with me...girl wants to be a bytch, I'll treat her like one in the ring!"


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