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18 April 2014 Chloe Bennet vs Caity Lotz

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Posted by simguy on April 18, 2014, 1:29 pm


BEFORE: "I know there was a lot of talk about Chloe when she turned pro," Caity relates in prefight, "but I feel like I've taken the spotlight away from her. I've taken the better scalps, I've looked better in the ring...I just think I'm farther along in my development than she is, and I'm anxious to prove it!"

Chloe welcoming the challenge from arguably her closest rival at the moment. "Caity's been amazing out of the gate," Bennet allows, "and nobody really saw her coming. But we see her now, and she's not untouchable. Maybe she's farther along, but I'll catch up in a hurry once we're in the ring, and a lot of the things she's been doing just won't effect me the way they do other girls. She gets away with a lot of amateur crap, and I won't let her showcase like that. This fight is where I cool Caity's jets, and pull back into the lead again!"

Bennet in lavender bra and bottoms (panties trimmed in white lace) black gloves; long brown hair in gentle curls. Caity in baby blue lace push up; navy panties with baby-blue pin-dots, trimmed in white lace; white gloves; long blonde hair in messy tangly-curls.

During R1: Little slide-step back from Caity draws Chloe out of position: quick-strike one-two counter from blonde-girl puts brunette wobbly butt at the open! Chloe hurt, wide eyed, and OH, how Caity tears at her. Blonde girl hops close; bats the straight-arm hook to firm Chloe-paunch; swipes the right hand to left ear; pivots-right while jabbing Chloe's guard; slots the right cross in around Bennet's left wrist; shoves the left uppercut through to face. Chloe sputters out of orbit, thighs a-quaking: Caity hard-eyed, stalking, jumping in the lead right hand to head, driving Chloe to ropes. Bennet forms earmuff, sitting on cables: Caity pushes head-and-knuckles against Chloe's guard, then rips the waist a thumping right/left. Blonde girl carving at brunette tummy with thumbside-up beats, then muscling in the right uppercut between mitts, brushing Chloe back. Bennet awe-struck, trying to keep herself together: Caity in and out on springy legs, batting at hips/flanks; whacking thick to tummy; clipping uppercuts tits and chin. Bennet spills along ropes, hits corners in disarray - trying to keep dukes up, then tying up when there's too much punishment. Caity relentless, cold-eyed - pushing her way out of clinches, sorting Chloe out, then beating her. All one-way traffic - Bennet battered without mercy, only her curvy legs holding her up as Lotz empties both barrels. Bell: Caity disheveled, mouth-breathing, back shiny with sweat...she leaves Chloe a sniveling, throbbing ruin in a GLORIOUS blonde first!

R2: Caity a little gassed: Chloe able to take initiative! Lots of bendy-torso stuff from Lotz - she's weaving shots with her hands low, then folding Chloe into clinches. Brunette keeping right taped to cheek while she pops a constant jab...Bennet driving Lotz to ring perimeters, giving up on headshots to invest heavily in body. Chloe landing tangy to waist with either hand - beating an unhappy pout onto Caity's face with thudding authority.

R3: Cute lead right hands doubled up by Chloe confuse Caity's slipping-defence...blonde girl punched hard to face, driven to ropes in disarray early. Chloe hopping-to, showing her own springy stance and clever hands - she'll bat away at tummy/hips; slide-step back while jabbing Caity's guard, then ease back in with wide, heavy right hands thick to lats. Caity pushing Chloe off by shoulders; flashing swipe-hooks across Chloe's tits, then covering up to absorb Bennet's shelling receipts. Hard-working brunette shoves-and-slugs her blonde for points, pushing up off Caity at bell to make her take weight.

R4: Savagely hard two-way punching - both women getting after it. Caity fighting with hands down around her thighs, weight forward on left leg...she's spanking the up-jab off Chloe's guard; dropping in sudden right hands; swiping hooks across jug. Chloe weaving the work in earmuff, then banging back, catching Caity either side of the jaw in between Chloe's punches. Wicked licks back and forth - crowd roaring - girls rotating counter-clockwise as they spank it up. Down the stretch, Caity slips a Chloe right hand, answers back a shaving right to chin...Bennet stumbles forward/right, legs all a-tremble! Chloe desperately hurt, eyes pleading: Caity turns as Chloe's passing blonde left flank...wide, batting hook takes Chloe to face from oblique angle, shunting her off balance and DOWN SHE GOES! Chloe fighting off tears of shame and shock: Caity shouting down "YES!" all furious eyes, snarling mouth. Chloe beats the count at bell, but she's badly shaken: nobody on team Bennet thought Caity could hit hard enough to take Chloe off her feet!

R5: Chloe stooping forward in earmuff, hurt, a little confused, looking to rally. It's the Caity show - Lotz with hands around her thighs, feet wide apart, legs springy as she works her magic. Blonde girl lifting the up-jab to Chloe's guard, marking distance; issuing cuffing hooks to ear; bending in and down with chopping rights. Caity pivoting to her right, treating herself to Chloe's paunch with the hook; beating buggywhip right hands wide to flank. Caity puncturing Chloe's guard with straight left/right/lefts while pivoting left - Bennet bravely fielding on her face, getting sleepy from the touch. Side to side, in and out - classy bouncing shutout pitched by Lotz, really testing Chloe's self-esteem in the fifth!

R6: Bennet renegotiating terms - jabbing out of a bobbing crouch, weaving her way close in earmuff, then beating Caity to body. Lotz driven backwards by thumping waist-work...she tries to sidestep round Chloe's left flank at apron, but Bennet's left arm wraps around blonde gut, tackling Lotz into ropes! Bennet getting big - pushing on Lotz' face in the clinch, working the ribcage right/left...Chloe making it a brawl, forcing Caity to dig in. Lotz hunkering down, bumping guards with Chloe, bumping pate and shoulders...girls rubbing in the pocket and slugging it out. Ruff and tuff - Chloe reaching under Caity's arms and ragdoll-chesting her into ropes; palming-face at times; mauling her. Caity grimacing with effort, but she can't get out from under...constant weight and punching from Chloe putting Lotz wobbly butt at times. Bell: Chloe bodying up to breathe hot in Caity's face - girls tight together, hair across their eyes, tummies trembling until ref gets in there.

R7: Ingenue Armageddon erupts as girls take turns beating each other raw. Caity with teeth bared, hair in her eyes as she's slicing stiff, sudden punches from thigh-height, kissing Chloe across the face, smiting at her tummy. Bennet reeling under the ferocity, but rallying off the ropes, catching Caity looping rights upside the head and tidy lefts, driving blonde girl back the way she came. Caity beating Chloe to punches at times, shocking the brunette out of her stance...crowd squealing as it looks like Bennet might stumble-bum into canvas, then brunette rallies, hits Caity a titanic body shot and puts blonde girl in trouble. It's chaos - both girls wretched - MISERABLE with punishment as action grows sloppy-desparate. Down the stretch, they're just trading exhausted face-punches, each too hurt now to get out of the way. Bell: ref pulls battered beauties apart...each girl out on her feet through 7.

R8: Caity mouth-breathing, hands at thighs as she leans in to work: Chloe dukes-at-cheeks, bobbing in her crouch. Caity batting the up-jab off Chloe's guard; quick-timing the choppy right hand in behind it. Chloe timing cute blonde one-twos, hooking for chin off the block; looking for body via carving wide rights. Blistering back and forth, but Chloe's weight of shot prevails...she's catching Caity clean off the block, sending tremors down sporty blonde legs. Ropes: Lotz forms earmuff, gets a cable under her buns for support...Chloe squares up to work. Bennet pushes her head into Caity's guard; hooks Caity's body a wide thumbside-up stroke; knuckles-up on Caity's tummy to push her hips back; grinds the right uppercut against Caity's guard. Lotz: grunting, paralyzed, just riding it out. Chloe: punchin' and pushin', settling into rhythm, just wearing her blonde out. Bennet beatin' body, then working up top - carving uppercuts to break Caity's guard apart. Blonde girl loosening, lashes fluttering...she's hurting, looking to cuddle, draping her arms around Chloe's shoulders in clinch. Bennet denies clinch with a brawny shove - crossing her arms to brace blonde ribcage and driving forward into ropes. Chloe on Caity, body/jugs/head...brunette just working, getting it done and BLONDE GIRL DOWN! Lotz just sloughing off ropes under the constant beat...she's on hands and knees, head bowed, blonde hair dangling to canvas, tummy panting in and out. Chloe dazed, hands on hips to neutral corner...she watches as Caity picks her agonized face up, eyes shut tight in pain as she tries to rally up off the deck but IT'S NO GO! KO8 Bennet as Caity just can't get off her knees!

After: Chloe crying pretty tears of victory - crossing the ring to hug battered Caity as blonde rises up on her knees to receive the gesture. Highly touted ingenues don't disappoint in a see-saw battle for supremacy. "Touch and go there for a while," a battered Chloe B admits in postfight, face shiny and sore from Caity's insistent mitts. "We knew she was quick and shifty, but that girl hits HARD! When she put me down, I was like 'what happened?' My legs don't usually get threatened by bantamweight power, I mean - I spar with Torv and other big girls, and I push 'em around regular - I've got Britney-strong legs and Caity still got into them a bit. After the knockdown, not gonna kid you...I didn't think we would go the distance. I was too hurt to make it, and I knew that if I was going to win, it would mean stopping her. Hats off to Caity for making me dig as deep as I did...my heart grew three sizes tonight, turning her back."


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