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18 April 2014 Rachel McAdams vs Jennifer Morrison

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Posted by simguy on April 18, 2014, 1:30 pm


BEFORE: "We're very similar in approach," Jennifer analyzes in prefight. "We like to set the pace on girls - make the fight be about conditioning. We're not flashy, and I think we tend to be under-estimated as a result, but you look at our records and you can tell we're good pros. We just look after all the little details - we train right, we eat right, we've got skill...the biggest difference that I can see is the punishment Rachel's taken over the years. She's obviously slowing down, and she did lose that best of 7 against Neve...everyone knows that takes years off a girl's career. I know she'll be tough, but fighting the way we fight, I have to feel like I've got the advantage. Over the long haul, I think I'll impose will...maybe even stop her late!"

Rachel hard-eyed at podium, frosting over at the mention of Neve and the best of seven. "We ARE similar," McAdams allows in rebuttal, "but I think it's pretty bold of Jen to portray my decisive advantage in experience and quality of competition as a weakness. The BIG difference - as I'm sure she knows deep down - is that I'm elite, while Jen's second-tier (pause for crowd gasp). She's beaten good women in the ring, but let's not get carried away. I'm one of the best fighting champions this division's ever seen, and if Jen's plan is to beat me by fighting a high-output, smart-pressure 10-rounder? She's looking at the beating of her career at my hands."

Jen in black velvet bra and hipster-fit panties; small black gloves; long blonde hair straight, tucked behind ears. Rachel in black lace bra; hipster-fit panties in neon baby-blue; small black gloves; coppery curls up in back, ringlets framing face.

During R1: Morrison with the early jump, touching Rachel a brace of left jabs to take initiative midring. Jen being rangy - leaning forward with weight on front (left) leg; hands up/palms out...she's disguising her delivery, sometimes poking a lead right to Rachel's face, sometimes jabbing her. Morrison pivoting confidently clockwise, turning McAdams...Rachel befuddled - right hand open/palm out near her face, left hand trying to jab a path through Jennifer's parrying defences. Constant pecking blows to face have Rachel pre-occupied upstairs: Jen tossing hot to body down the stretch - leaning in off the jab; belting waistline robust right/left/rights, then easing weight to back (right) leg while hooking Rachel's chin a tasty clout. MCADAMS GOES WOBBLY BUTT! Rachel staring, sputtering to her right in alarm: Jen with just enough time on the clock to hop-close, drive in-and-down with a straight right to Rachel's midsection.

R2: More Jen-picking-on-Rachel type offence...Morrison patiently stepping in her left jab, working on MacAdams's eyes as Rachel shies away. Midway through, Rachel walks Jennifer into a torrid right hand to body: leads to hot-tossing two-way flurries as both girls belt away to body in close. Morrison eventually the girl who backs away from the inferno: it's Rachel stepping forward, hunting her blonde with a questing jab to pate, then driving in-and-down with straight right hands to midsection.

R3: Determined negotiations midring - Jen reaching in straight-poke from either hand from her unorthodox stance; Rachel working hard to jab her way through, get to ribcage. MacAdams paying a steep price: Jen patient, heartless, picking redhead apart outside, but as Rache works in close, fight takes on a pate-to-pate digging aspect. Fighters clipping away short-n'-sharp to offending ribcages - Rachel not above grabbing Jen's wrists, pushing them down into Jen's tummy while leaning in cheek to cheek to walk Morrison around. McAdams gradually being the boss with such tactics.

R4: Same again. Morrison problematizing things early with that forward lean and rangy, unpredictable pokes from either hand: Rachel paying face-price to get herself close, then working hard to subdue her blonde toe to toe. Once they're in and grinding, it's just non-stop, methodical punching - Jen giving ground, but scouring her opponent's ribs; digging left uppercuts to Rachel's sternum; picking up chin via right uppercuts off the right foot...but Rachel's walking through it. Ref shouting warnings to Rachel: She's grabbing Jen's wrists, holding the hands down while leaning in cheek-to-cheek to walk Morrison back...redhead being a little bully in there, getting what she wants, however she needs to. Bell: Rachel pushes off with a tuff left shoulder bumped hard against Jen's breasts. Morrison takes exception; ref steps in; tempers flare through 4.

R5: Same again - Jen punishing Rachel outside - both hands landing with stiff, PIK! PAK! impacts on McAdams' pretty face. Redhead undaunted - pawing her left hand, or counter-jabbing; bobbing her head, weaving her way close - eventually digging home the right uppercut to ribcage to signify new terms. Jennifer loathe to withdraw...she's fighting tooth and claw inside, trading uppercut for uppercut, hook for hook, but it's Rachel coming forward. MacAdams with that questionable wrist-control, taking Jen to ropes and bodying her; getting the left forearm up across throat and face; being rough with her head. Rachel working out of the wrap at times, threading her left arm under Jen's right, slumping blonde girl forward for pumping rights amidships. Both girls sweaty and flushed through a hard-working fifth.

R6: Jen managing Rachel - poking lead rights/turning over hooks, when a crashing overhand right swivels blonde chin! Morrison sputters out of orbit, staggering to her right in shock: Rachel takes over with a lean and greedy look. Mac whacking breadbasket right/left/right - redhead really getting into tummy with thumbside-up cuts, beating Jen ropeside. Morrison covers up earmuff, getting a rope beneath her buns for support: Rachel squares away, bumping her head into Jen's guard while staying on the body. Muscular stuff - Rache bumpin' and sluggin' - chopping up the tummy; working round behind either elbow; scraping hard-working right uppercuts in tight to test Jen's chin. Bell: blonde blinking, tremble-bodied; redhead stomping back to her corner all angry-butt/blazing eyes through 6.

R7,8: Jennifer busting up, executing a series of fighting retreats...there's just too much confident pressure coming up the middle at her. Blonde trying to execute stick-and-pivot routines, hoping to sidestep Rachel and touch her up from angles, but redhead stubby-jabbing on approach; shooting in to body-up and walk Jen to ropes...RMac denying Jen the opportunity to box when Morrison most desperately wants to. Long, grinding exchanges along the ropes - Jen competing hard, bumping pates with Rachel, but McAdams just scouring Morrison corner to corner along ring aprons, staying on her and working. After 8, blonde girl all puffy-eyed, open-mouthed, looking disheveled and shopworn: Rachel busted up around the eyes and piglet-pink about the ribs, but her body language is down right perky in comparison.

R9: Hard beating - all one-way traffic - Rachel McAdams to Jennifer Morrison. Jenny on the ropes, trying to keep hands up and roll-torso in the pocket. Rachel patient, methodical, breaking her girl down systematico. Rachel using the open palm of her left hand to push Jen's forehead or face, straightening her up. Rachel leaning in on front (left) leg, working the midsection right/left/right - chopping away thumbside-up wallop. Rache straightens up from crouch, hooks Jen's jugs a thumbside-up clout, then pushes blonde girl off with the extended left elbow. Morrison shabby, growing sluggish in her reactions...Rachel sustains a murderous pace, beating Jenny wobbly-butt by the bell.

R10: War. Rachel quickly establishing atop Jen at ropes, further reducing blonde-girl with a chugging bump-and-slug offence for the ages. Blonde visibly wilting, slumping in ropes, taking it tuff to ribcage, getting her face picked up as her guard loosens...BUT JENNY M RALLIES LATE! Trade in rising hooks to chins hurts both girls, but Jenny's got her back at the ropes, while Rachel's knees fold and straighten, leaving her hurt on the spot. Morrison desperately hurt herself, but focussing...right hand pushes Rachel's left hand down; left hand clubs at Rachel's tits; short right drifts to chin. Rachel mumbling "No..." as she stumbles forward into Jen's arms: muscular effort allows blonde girl to twiiiist Rachel into ropes, push-to-stack, then JENNY'S POURING ON THE HURT! Morrison's face in Rachel's chest - blonde girl just pitching blindly at belly - both hands lapping palms-up to Rachel's core - occasionally palming at Rachel's hips to reset balance. AND THE REF STEPS IN as the bell sounds - both girls weeping from punishment in groggy aftermath. Comes back UD10 wide Rachel McAdams.

After: Hard feelings after the fight...redhead sees blonde shaking her head defiantly "no" as Rachel's hand is raised...McAdams rounds on Jen for explanation. They're not throwing down like a couple of petulant flyweights, but cheeks get hot as fighters bicker...a new rivalry clearly emerging from Jen's ferocious 10th round rally, defying Rachel's will despite a thorough beating from the former champ. "I think she needs to watch tape of this fight," Rachel says in postfight, still clearly agitated. "She thinks she was coming on strong to win - like I was just about to go out when she ran out of time - but one good minute at the end doesn't erase the beating I gave that girl all night long. When I treat someone like the way I treated Jen tonight, I don't expect them to bow at my feet or anything, but you need to acknowledge supremacy. She's good, but I expected her to shake my hand and give me credit for whipping her butt tonight. Instead, she acted like a woman who needs another ass-kicking, and that surprises me, given her reputation as a class-act. Frankly, I'm not seeing the class, and if it takes a knockout to get what I need and deserve from her, then so be it."


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