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25 April 2014 Pilar Rubio vs Alesha Dixon

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(Lioness Club vs Beever's Babes)


BBU Presents: "The Spring Grudge Sessioons, Vol I"


Posted by Vassago on April 25, 2014, 11:31 am

It's two out of two for the Lioness Club girls so far but the biggest challenge lies ahead of Pilar Rubio next as the Spanish model faces one of the stable's fiercest enemies Alesha Dixon who treats tonight's bout as a mere rehearsal before resuming her rivalry with arch nemesis Jessica Schwarz. Denise van Outen believes the fact that Schwarz wasn't included on the card is no coincidence and the Lioness exeuctives tries to prevent any off the ring shenanigans that were almost ineviteable if Dixon ever crossed the German's path.
The fans will have a chance to witness the BBU's biggest rivalry some time later and for now the whole KO Club is willing Pilar Rubio to produce one of her best performances to date and make Dixon's life miserable but it's a tall order for the Spanish WAG whose boyfriend Sergio Ramos seems to be far more successful on the football pitch than Pilar is between the ropes.


Alesha Dixon wearing a black basque top, red knickers and red gloves. Pilar Rubio wearing a white basque top, red knickers and red gloves. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the bantamweight division.

Round 1:
Alesha blasts out of her stool and thumps Pilar on the chest without much trouble, starts bouncing off the older girl's boobs until Rubio has to yield ground and accept the close range dominance but her response crashes off the forearms and the long time away from the ring is clearly showing as it's all Dixon though the two minute mark, pummelling the Spanish brunette around much to the crowd's disarray. However it's only in the final minute when Rubio gets hurt after getting nailed on the chin and a swift follow up clobbers her on the nose with Dixon pressing forward and trapping her opponent on the ropes. Pilar tries the overhand counter and tags both cheeks in head-snapping manner, yet Alesha's seen in all before and just ups the tempo herself, pierces Rubio's navel and bends her forward, flicks an uppercut on the chin to whip the Spanish girl over the ropes and punishes the rack for remainder of the round with Pilar moaning in discomfort at the bell.

Round 2:
More from Dixon who's too quick for the Spanish girl and begins the round with another jug maulling, staggers Rubio in the middle of the ring before landing the uppercut on the chin and just slicing the guard apart. Pilar tries to weave her way around the singer's shots but gets hoofed on the nose instead and just wobbles forward with Alesha having her way with the rack again. More yelps from the Spanish brunette who gets thumped back to the ropes before too long and as she swings on the head in a chaotic response, Dixon finds the precision again and whacks her on the nose herself, bends the cumbersome vixen to the side and drives into her guts thereafter. Huge jabs from the English girl leave Pilar trembling and trying to clinch but another uppercut on the jaw spins her against the turnbuckle and allows Alesha to pierce her midsection for good. Nasty shoulder on the chest and a right hand pounding away at the ribcage, seemingly looking to chop Rubio in half follows and the slaughter continues well into the final minute before legs eventually give way and a shot on the solar plexus SENDS PILAR DOWN ONTO HER KNEES and struggling to breathe... That's Barnet's worst nightmare as Dixon reigns supreme and starts to mock the crowd while ref gives the fallen Spaniard a full eight count before letting her back in for more. The clock is due to expire any second but Alesha still manages to club Rubio's nose as the guard fell apart alltogether and a misty eyed brunette cuts a miserable figure at the bell with Dixon bumping into her and threatening to remove her top after the fight!

Round 3:
Pilar just doesn't have anything to bother the English singer and early in the third she gets caught with another overhand hook on the nose which bursts the nostrils and by the minute mark there's a significant blood leak from Pilar who just loses all her aggression and allows Dixon to pummel her back to the ropes where more jabs slice the mitts and batter the chest back & forth... Rubio sagging, getting mauled and just unable to soak up all the punishment... another left hook on the nose makes her scream and she half turns against the ropes with Alesha still digging into her liver before ref can save the day... DOWN GOES PILAR ON HER BACKSIDE and it's getting overwhelmingly horrible for the Lioness executives who order coach Gina Wild to throw in the tovel... But she doesn't have to as Pilar just shakes her head and allows the ref to count her out with blood leaking from her nose and needing immediate attention. And she needs a helping hand to get off the canvas since she still can't find her breath after all those punches around solar plexus and liver area... KO3 Alesha Dixon!!!

AFTER: It was even worse than the Barnet crowd feared, Alesha Dixon simply blew the doors off Pilar Rubio who was never at the races and lucky enough to avoid a real blowout. The difference in skill between these two was overwhelming and but for Jessica Schwarz's long-term rivalry, the Lioness Club had no business in accepting this fight.

Alesha is disappointed the fun ended so quickly but turns her anger against the Spanish WAG anyway, wants to claim her basque top and approaches the Lioness corner but coach Gina Wild provides cover and buries her fist into the singer's groin to cause an uproar among the audience. Dixon wobbles to the side and before she can jump all over the German flyweight there's security coming to the rescue and dragging the singer off into the locker room. "I'm gonna get ya! All of ya! Just wait and see!" Alesha screams out her departure to a heavy round of jeers but she's correct after all, the BBU all-time great rivalry against Jessica Schwarz is ready to resume for another vicious chapter and whether the North Londoners like it or not, Alesha seems to be better prepared this time than on some of the previous occassions!

Final result: Alesha Dixon def. Pilar Rubio KO3.


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