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4 May 2014 Lyndsy Fonseca vs Naomi Watts

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Celebrity Boxing After Dark: "Better Late Than Never"


Posted by simguy & Vassago on May 4, 2014, 9:01 am


BEFORE: Originally a bantam, Lyndsy Fonseca tries to revive her career after ten months of absence. Lack of management hurts her schedule a lot despite high-profile wins over Dianna Agron and especially the allegedly prettiest girl in FCBA, Nina Dobrev. She faces veteran Aussie blonde Naomi Watts for whom this is perhaps the last chance to feature in the spotlight. A defeat here and we might not see Watts in FCBA again; she's got local ACB bouts run the clock down on her long and impressive career instead.

Watts is back in the States after six years absence, excluding a cameo at the Asylum last summer, a real blast from the past and Fonseca, nineteen years her junior openly vows to send her into retirement. Lyndsy obviously worked on the sweet girl next door image during her extended inactivity period; she viciously abused Nina Dobrev's mounds before leaping away in upset KO glory. Talk about a proper reality check, but Watts is no Dobrev and we might see even worse things for the veteran blonde since Fonseca's allegedly jealous of Selena Gomez's recent time in the spotlight on top of all things.

Lyndsy Fonseca wearing a black bikini with silver stripes and red gloves. Long, dark hair loose. Naomi Watts wearing white bikini with golden stripes and blue gloves, Shoulder-lenght blonde hair loose.

Round 1:
Watts comes out swinging! Early knockout almost the only way she can come on top of the brunette and she's cashing in with some jabs to the midsection straight away. Fonseca started with a bang against Minka Kelly once, seemingly hoped to repeat that charge against the senior, but Watts rolls back the years and gives her some serious leather instead. Fonseca clearly surprised, drops her guard low, but Watts finds her range with the ribcage pummelling, Lyndsy leaps around but can't escape the trouble. She counters with some hooks to the head, but misses and Naomi closes on her even more; flicks some jabs to the chest and pushes her against the ropes where Fonseca clinches to finally stop the blonde rout. Ref shoves the Aussie away, but she quickly picks the brunette with single jabbing to the head, forces her to cover up and drops low for more success, another series to the ribs leave Fonseca stranded and perhaps the upset is on the cards after all. Wide slaps to the midsection from Watts, Fonseca begins to moan, feeling the unexpected heat, but forces another clinch late in the round as the blonde couldn't keep the high tempo all through out, yet was in total command anyway. Lyndsy looks upset as she walks back to her stool, older woman just schooled her in the ring but failed to inflict significant damage.

Round 2:
Naomi goes for more but crashes off the low guard early and Lyndsy is fast to counter, left hook on the nose catches the blonde's attention and a right to the breasts tames her aggression for a moment. Fonseca opens up against the stranded foe, bangs a low series to the guts herself, breaks through Naomi's arms and wobbles her back and Watts thinks better off it; circles around and refuses to close the distance, but the younger girl uses her reach to smack couple of hooks around the gloves and snaps the blonde's head to the side. Watts tries to jump to the side, but isn't quick enough and Lyndsy nails her again, this time to the chest. She leaps after the retrieving blonde and the speed is on her side, forces Watts back against the ropes with high-tempo jabbing as the Aussie misses her response, fails to connect with the flesh; Fonseca finds the comfort zone with some agile footwork and Watts tries to clinch in order to tame her aggression. Lyndsy fakes some low jabs, throws couple of hooks up high, but Naomi ducks under her swing and clinches. Ref steps in, but the blonde leans on the younger girl, refuses to let go, before finally doing so after a brief struggle. She lands an immediate hook to the chest, leaps with some jabs to the head and Lyndsy steps back, but nails the Aussie with a single right to the cheek and both women circle back to see out the round. Better showing from the brunette; she perhaps just nicked this one as the blonde veteran looked sluggish for most of the time.

Round 3:
Watts still keen to get that early KO and save her career. Fonseca saw another charge coming and didn't hesitate to answer the challenge. Both women tangle in the middle of the ring with a spirited effort and it's Naomi who gets the better of the two, lands more precise shots to the ribcage; whacks the brunette in the chest and flicks some around the chin, but fails to get that one haymaker and Lyndsy leans on her, jabs all over her flesh, nothing too fancy, but the high-tempo is too much for the blonde to handle, veteran's punch-resistance under question and Fonseca forces her back, threatens to shut her out with high hooks as Naomi leaps back and forth in avoidance. Lyndsy keeps going forward, Naomi seeks a counter and lands some jabs to the stomach, yet it hardly impresses the brunette who targets her head instead, skims off the cheeks couple of times before unloading a big overhand to the nose and Watts' head snaps back and she's really felt that one. Fonseca has no sympathy, retirement calls-like execution as she ups the tempo with low jabs to the ribcage, Watts just covers up, unable to handle the youngster's work rate. Single shots to the head split her mitts and a left hook on the nose throws her back to the ropes and it's getting worse by the second; Lyndsy in red-mist mode, cleans out Naomi's guts, bends her in half, uppercuts between the gloves and the blonde moans in visible pain now. The brunette's barrage continues and she unloads that bantam-based power, rocks her opponent back and forth, Naomi loses her footing, stumbles to the side, but the flyweight prey is there to be dispatched. No mercy from Lyndsy! She pierces through the gloves again, double jabbing combo to the nose snaps Naomi's head and the Aussie closes her eyes now, drops her arms and sinks on the ropes as another straight jab nails her on the cheek... REF CHARGES IN... Watts can't take the punishment anymore and slides to his arms; saved just in time from a brutal knockout and a free trip on a stretcher to the locker room. Makes no difference to the brunette though, it's TKO R3 Lyndsy Fonseca!!!

AFTER: Watts is unresponsive and needs to be escorted back to her stool. Almost a full minute of unanswered pounding at her expense makes up for a lethal recipe especially given her age. Lyndsy Fonseca might have just send her into permanent FCBA retirement with that showing but more importantly kick-started her own career at the same time. Several pundits claimed Lyndsy is the real hidden treasure and a vicious pounding of Naomi Watts surely didn't hurt her image.

"Jennifer Love Hewitt barely beat that old hack Salma Hayek and got rewarded with a title shot, who says beating 40+ opposition is irrelevant these days?", Lyndsy asks a good question as she leaves the ring banging her glove across the chest. The statement was made, regardless of the quality of Naomi's performance. Bet Nina Dobrev and Selena Gomez think otherwise. However Fonseca isn't going away anytime soon and one may expect her getting some proper challenges really soon.

Final result: Lyndsy Fonseca def. Naomi Watts TKO3.


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