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4 May 2014 Lea Michele vs Kat Graham

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"I'd Like to Thank The Academy at the Asylum" PPV


(Site: Asylum Arena; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)


Posted by Results By Sim/Words By Wiz on May 4, 2014, 8:36 pm, in reply to "I'd Like To Thank The Academy At The Asylum"


"You know," says a smiling Lea, "I wasn't surprised when Front Street was talking about getting rid of its flyweights. I mean, this might be the least talented collection of girls this side of the CW. None of them can fight. Meester and Stewart can't act, either, but Graham does them one better. She can't act OR sing. Which kind of makes her PERFECT for the CW."

"Know what I like about being in the FCBA," asks Kat with a smile of her own. "You can beat down a big-headed diva like Lea Michele and not end up with your mugshot all over TMZ. See you in the ring, Lea."


O'Dell: "That's 'Gives You Hell' you hear booming through the Asylum, but those aren't The All-American Rejects you hear singing, it's the lovely lady coming down to ringside right now, Lea Michele!"

McCarthy: "I STILL say 'The All-American Rejects' would be a good name for Weirdo's stable..."

Tess: "And, once again, I point out that many members of Front Street aren't AMERICAN..."

McCarthy: "Well, in that case, 'Anna Torv, Leelee Sobieski, and Random Bunch of Rejects' would work..."

O'Dell(sighing): "Lea into the ring, helped off with the robe to reveal that pink number she likes, and that's 'Wanna Say' you hear in the background, and wasting no time getting to the ring is 'The Liberian Lynx', Kat Graham!"

McCarthy: "Now that the Original Dancing Hooker, Scherzinger, is gone and Campbell's retired, Graham's in the running for 'The J-Mac's Least Favorite Dancing Hooker Award'. Right now, she and Decker are neck and neck..."

Cassie: "I hear that award is made out of SILICONE..."

McCarthy: "Shut it, Scabbo!"

O'Dell: "Five fights to go. Just five fights to go. Graham into the ring, helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve to reveal the familiar yellow two-piece. And, the ladies are about ready. Let's get some picks. Tess favors Kat. Mac?"

McCarthy: "I'm kind of surprised Michele got a booking here. She's not the normal Dancing Hooker opponent. Not only has she WON a fight, she's won her last two in a row. Graham is insufferable and overrated. I think Lea will knock her out and get Weirdo thinking about dumping this division again, or maybe bringing the Spears kid back."

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I agree with Tess."

O'Dell: "And, here we go. Graham on her horse immediately, bouncing, circling and sticking, all movement with those dancer's legs. Michelle's style much quieter. Hands high, feet moving methodically, smoothly, looking to work behind the jab."

Cassie: "Kat's very athletic, and you can see that in the way she moves. She's also plenty strong, especially for a flyweight."

O'Dell: "Michelle locating with the left, can't get the right home. Too much movement from Graham...WHO LANDS A RIGHT HAND COUNTER AND DROPS LEA TO HER BACK!"

Tess: "Lightning fast right. Timed it over Lea's left jab!"

O'Dell: "Graham to a neutral corner. Count at three. Four. Five. Six. Lea to a sitting position. Seven. Eight. And she's up at nine. Referee gives her the mandatory and will let it continue. Graham after Michele, bouncing and sticking, landing a good right to the head, digging a nasty left to the body. Lea in a high guard, trying to stay off the ropes, responding with the odd counter punch, but Kat landing with both hands in short flurries, forcing the coverup, then bouncing to a new spot to fire away again. Michele under seige as we enter the final seconds. Graham bobbing and weaving, landing one more hard right to the head at the bell. Big first round for Graham."

McCarthy: "And this is one of the things I hate about this kid. Should have tried to finish. Instead she danced around and put on a show. She won the round 10-8, but not going all in for the stoppage might come back to haunt her."


O'Dell: "We're into the second now, and Graham back on the bicycle. She's circling and snapping lefts at Lea, who's turning with her, trying to square up. Kat elusive and slick, reverses, reverses again, all bouncy movement. Stopping, popping, then right back to bouncing."

McCarthy: "Lea trying to match footwork here. She wants to get Kat lined up so she can get off in combination. Right now, she's being held to a punch at a time in counter."

O'Dell: "Graham fighting off the back foot, then quickly to the front foot. Shifts weight like a wrestler and moves like what she is, a dancer. Lea not getting mesmerized by all the movement. Staying solid, working her own gameplan."

Cassie: "Here's something that has to be troubling to Lea's corner, though. You can see this in the tie ups. Graham is visibly stronger than Michele. Add in the fact that Kat's quicker, and that's a real problem. It's not impossible to win a fight when you're giving up both strength AND quickness, but it sure isn't easy."

O'Dell: "Lea certainly not backing down, though. She's fighting back hard in counter, scoring in the exchanges, just not as much as Kat is. Graham mostly keeping those short and quick, doing damage, then slipping away. Last 30 seconds of the round ticking down. Kat using a jab step with the left foot. Michele misses with a right. Graham BANGS a combination to the body in response and there's the bell. Second in the books, and it goes to Kat Graham."

Tess: "20-17, through two. Good start for Kat, but I'm betting she remembers Chriqui."


O'Dell: "Third round begins with Graham a bit more aggressive. She's coming forward instead of circling now, banging away at Michele. Lea countering, able to square some this round and get off in combination..."

Cassie: "Kat fighting almost flat-footed after two rounds on her toes, Jenny."

O'Dell: "And it's changed the look of the fight, as both girls are landing more clean stuff. Kat using that quickness to dodge and pick off some of Lea's offense. Landing more as a result...AND THERE'S A RIGHT HAND FROM KAT AND LEA'S ROCKED! Michele staggered backward from a short right to the chin..."

Tess: "She's in deep trouble..."

O'Dell: "Graham a buzz saw, blitzing Michele. Lea wobbled AGAIN by a left hook. Michele clinching. Kat shoves her off and staggers her with a right! Michele stumbling backward...STRAIGHT RIGHT AND LEA RAGDOLLS TO THE MAT AT KAT'S FEET!"

McCarthy: "The party's over, because Kat just turned out the lights and they are NOT coming back on anytime soon."

O'Dell: "Count at four. Five. Six. Seven. Michele not moving at all. Eight. Nine. TEN! It's over! Your winner by KO3 is 'The Liberian Lynx', Kat Graham!"

Cassie: "Check the replay on this, Jenny. Here's the initial right from Graham at the end of an exchange. She staggers Lea with it, and Michele is on borrowed time right there. Now, watch Graham moving in for the kill, throwing a load of punches here as Lea covers up, there's the left hook. Michele almost goes down, she grabs Kat. Graham shoves her off and here comes a right. Knocks Lea a step back. Now, watch Graham bounce forward and almost leap into this straight right. BAM! Hits Lea right on the chin and the power is out instantly. Lea goes down in a heap, and she's still being brought around. Statement made by Kat Graham."

Tess: "No question who Front Street's top fly is now. Until Meester fights later tonight, anyway."


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I have our winner, Kat Graham, and, Kat, it looked like you were on a bit of a mission tonight..."

Kat: "I guess some people thought I had something to prove, so I decided to go out and prove it."

Tess: "Looks like you're back on track..."

Kat: "I was never OFF track. Chriqui got lucky, and everyone knows it. And let me tell you something else everyone knows, even if some people won't admit it. I'M the best flyweight at Front Street. But, I'm not only THAT, Tess. I'm the girl who's going to redeem this division. I'm the girl who's going to take us from AAA to the Majors. I'm the flyweight Joe Namath. And I'm on my way to the championship. I GUARANTEE IT."


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