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23 June 2006 Title Ch Gena Lee Nolin vs Nikki Visser

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Gena Lee Nolin 1.jpgNikki Visser 1.jpg




Unified Welterweight Title

(Thanks to FightFan for this repost)

Posted by simguy on 6/23/2006, 7:22 am,

Before: Carey's out; Visser's in - Gena explains. "Mariah priced herself out of the fight," Nolin sneers. "She obviously wasn't serious about getting in a boxing ring with me. Somebody needs to tell that overated wailer that I'M the freakin' champ: I don't take short money in title defences. Visser's getting the shot not because I think she has a dog's chance of unseating me, but because she's reasonable. Gena Lee Nolin is fair and open for business: I'm not here to get humiliated in the purse-split." Reasonable Nikki getting short money from a 'fair' Nolin in return, but for well-travelled Aussie veteran, it's all same-same. "Ali, Theron - all of them were the same way," Visser shrugs at the dais, long blonde hair flowing down over her right breast. "They all hogged the pot when they were champs - why would Gena be any different? I'm willing to take the small slice because I'm a spoiler: I'll make the money back as champ, which is what I expect to be after I box the socks off this lumbering cow!" Gena in pale peach bikini; Nikki in royal blue bikini with white floral pattern along the cleavage.

During R1-3: Gena very crafty - she KNOWS Visser wants to play jab-and-scoot to the tummy - so Nolin playing peek-a-boo with her belly, showing it, then closing up stance to take it away. Visser circling outside, stooping down and darting in - but she's intercepted and cuffed by Gena's dangling left hand - often a very heavy clout on the ear that scatters Nikki off balance. Gena just creep-stepping to her right, right hand under her chin, pointing the left shoulder at Visser - Nolin compensating for her speed deficit with exquisite timing and generalship as she OUTBOXES Visser early, off the counter.

R4: Visser adjusting - she'd been rotating right and foiled in her attempts to poke Nolin's tummy safely - now Aussie rotates left and gambles, looking to come up the middle one-twos. Gena still looking to counter but it's a mistake - Visser with that quick first step's getting off jab/right cross, then ducking/pivoting away from receipts. Nolin doing a nice job fading backward - something she hasn't always done - dragging her front (left) foot, dangling that left hand to menace Visser with the ever-present threat of the check hook. Not a lot of firm contact, but what there is, is all Visser.

R5: Gena presses her attack to Nikki's body - looking to take those kangaroo legs away from Visser. Nolin stepping right, flapping out the backhand jab from her hip to distract, then lifting heavy rights up into the abdominal pan of her foe. Gena finishing up hooks when she can - but concentrating on getting good, clean contact to Visser's flat breadbasket: it's not about taking Nikki out just yet. Visser frowning, stepping away to regroup: Nolin more puzzling than expected, and those booming bodyshots are smarting.

R6: Gena now starting to cut off the ring - compensating for her foot-speed disadvantage with Krusher-trained feints. Visser biting on fake leads, negotiated to ropes - Nolin able to bang those flanks sweeping right/lefts as Visser draws elbows in, huddles up to receive shock. Nikki hard to trap on the apron - she'll accept a couple of wallops, then nimbly spin Gena, dancing back to midring to reset - but Nolin focused, persistent. Gena piling up the heavy right hand connects to Visser's midsection through 6, has Aussie labouring, grimacing at the bell.

R7: Visser with a drilling right hand to chin in early going: Gena visibly rung up, quickly covering up earmuff, buttocks a-quiver as Nikki sidesteps, disappears around Nolin's left flank. Second minute, same again: Visser jabbing briskly, comes in and paints chin a slashing right, momentarily staggering the big woman. Nolin covering up, blocking follow-on bursts with her broad shoulders, beefy arms: Gena doing a nice job making sure Nikki doesn't pile on TOO heavily while Nolin's getting herself together. Down the stretch, Gena times Visser coming in with one of those booming hoisted rights to the pit o' the paunch - Nikki rebuked, runs the rest of the clock hopping at the apron, wincing from throbbing gut-pain.

R8: Gena really plowing Nikki's breadbasket now - getting those swinging, loose-limbed rights up underneath - plenty of torso rotation on screened shots: Visser shuddering, gasping upon receipt, coming down off her bicycle to earmuff up in front of Nolin. Gena able to push Nikki around midring, pound away on her flanks, head and shoulders from directly in front - Gena just shortening up stroke and clubbing her girl groggy. Nikki not dancing anymore - stepping gingerly in random patterns under the constant thud of Gena's mitts - gamely answering back in spots to keep Nolin from going all in. Visser still turning Nolin at the ropes, denying Gena pile-on attempts - but Nolin's heavy hands proving decisive as Visser's legs look tired, shabby through 8.

R9: Visser with some desperation punching, trying to nail Gena some gambling lead right hands: Nolin rolling the incoming with her left shoulder, answering back with those swinging, meaty rights up underneath to bunch Nikki forward in despair. Visser really getting ragdolled and shook now - Gena's hurt her to the body and just stays on thick - clobbering the flanks and arms when tummy's not to be had. Nikki stepping flat footed, pushing don't-hurt-me punches at Gena, but Nolin steaming downhill now, picking up tremendous momentum as thudding punches, muscular pushes - start to break Nik down. Midway through, Gena exchanges that dangling hook-off-the-hip of hers for Visser's left jab and comes away the winner: Nikki sent staggering back with forlorn eyes, finally dumping to a seat at the ropes as crowd roars to it's feet. Nikki brave - beats the count - but she's hopelessly ramshackle; HERE COMES GENA! Nolin sailing in with that trademark malicious grin: right/left/right to trunks - shoulders rotating, nice short delivery PARALYZES poor Nikki hunching her forward in agony. Gena bulls her girl upright, twitches her hips to the right and digs a vicious, but legal, hook to liver - thumping gutshot draws a sympathetic groan from ringsiders as Visser pitches forward to all fours. Poor Nikki - cringing, pulsing with pain - she just trembles on hands and knees, unable to move as Gena prances away the KO9 Victrix.

After: Nolin once around the ring at a majestic pace, hands held high, face beaming - the usual mixed, but very loud reaction from the crowd as Gena stirs emotions, polarizing the audience. Nikki cramped up, sobbing on her stool - bad beating for Visser made worse by totally uncalled for trunk-punching: Gena well ahead, in command with the finest boxing exhibition of her career just couldn't help herself from dropping a few calling-cards.

Nolin pushing her way through the throng, helps battered Nikki to her feet, turns her around, jams her face-first into her own corner and props that tanned left leg up in the middle rope. Visser shaking her head "No", instinctively hugging up that turnbuckle: she knows what's coming, flesh writhing at the anticipation of Gena's hot touch. G leering, nodding devilishly: she stands just to the left of Nik; left hand braced against Visser's sweaty upperback; right hand fashioned into a hardhearted plank, ready to dish out wallop. AND GENA GETS TO CLAPPING! Great shellacking strokes - each designed to wrench a bark of pain/outrage from her defeated foe - Nolin not sparing the lash as she puts her weight into these babies. Gena burlesqueing for the crowd, reaching way back, thrusting spank onto bottom while coming in with her body - she'll be bouncing up on her left foot - right foot up off the canvas, breasts touching against Nikki's back on follow-through to emphasize the heaviness of these licks. Camera close up reveals Nikki's backside to be of the tightest quality glute, quivering upon blistering contact: HBO later criticised for not going to Swan Lake tape at the first hint of post-fight shenanigans from Nolin. Sated - Gena finally struts away hands high, leaving Visser to cry bleak tears in her corner. Welterweight Tyranny! A division groans under the iron boot of Gena Lee Nolin!

Sim Guy


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