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7 October 2006 Title Ch Taylor Cole vs Jenny O'Dell

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Reebok Lightweight Title

(Thanks to FightFan for this repost)

Posted by simguy on 10/7/2006, 12:05 pm.

Before: "If Jenny tries to blitz me at the start?" Taylor warns, eyebrows high, dark eyes challenging. "She's gonna be one sorry little blonde sitting in a puddle of her own tears. I'll knock Jenny into next week if she tries to go with me. I know her only hope to compete is to box me and string me out, but it won't work. Wherever she is, whatever's she's up to - I'll force the fight on her and show her strength. Jenny O'Dell's not taking my title - period, full stop, end of discussion." O'Dell amused at the dais - her own little psychodrama with Cat Bell coming full circle as JENNY now plays the role of hardnosed veteran facing down hot young prospect-come-champion. "Well, she doesn't lack for confidence, I'll give her that," O'Dell smirks. "She's so full of bull, I don't even know where to begin. First, IF I decide to come out strong and test Taylor? There's not going to be a damn thing she can do about it. Second, she has to get off this notion that she's stronger than me - she's isn't, never has been, never will be. I'm obviously going to have to wrestle this chick a few times to get that point across, but in the meantime - knocking her out sounds like a good overall strategy. The way she's talking, Taylor Cole needs to get stopped in the worst way. (Jenny cuts her eyes across to Taylor seated just to blonde's right) I'm through babying you kid: prepare to hurt." Taylor in red bikini, white gloves: Jenny in baby blue bikini, white gloves. Nose-to-nose staredown - both girls trying to impose will early, nervous ref gently coaxing 'em apart to get this thing started.

During R1: Jenny spritzing jabs - body, head, body, head - stepping briskly left and touching Taylor up. Cole frowning, stepping out perplexed, moving dukes fidgetty from chest to eyebrows and back, then stepping back in to bang. Minute mark, girls trade vicious right hands (just missing), comeback hooks and TAYLOR'S CLIPPED CLEAN! Jenny oily-smooth: shifting weight to right (rear) foot as she bites her hook across and down, left hand ending up at her belly on follow through as she tugs Taylor's chin HARD. Cole stamping in fence post holes, dukes up at her temples - she's SO disappointed - tears glistening in ingenue eyes, legs all shabby-hurt. Jenny GRINNING - loving the sight of ramshackle Taylor after all the tuff-talk - she greedily bangs in a bossy right hand up top between the mitts - steps and gets it again to drive Cole wonky to ropes. LUSTY body work, JOD: big, beefy, batting lefts and rights SHAKE the Cole torso - poor Taylor hunching forward, eyes clamped shut, teeth bared in grimace. Jenny weight on left foot, dips over to her left and CRANKS hooks up underneath: fat, juicy, hoisting licks, taking Taylor in her ribs and tender underbelly and COLE GOES DOWN! Taylor on hands and knees - eyelashes fluttering in astonishment. Jenny tossing out her hair, beaming face tilted up all fresh and tanned as she STRUTS to neutral corner. Cole beats the count ragged - swaying at the ropes, but nodding 'Yes' firmly to the ref: on comes Jenny. Thumping mop up at the ropes - Taylor just earmuffing up and gutting it out - she takes a dreadful pummelling as Jenny sets feet wide, starts shelling the Cole torso with a thudding assortment of wallop. Bell: Jenny forces bright eye contact with swooning Taylor, taunting, "How you doin', champ?"

R2: Taylor walking on her heels, still shook up - ON COMES JENNY! Blonde express piles into brunette, tackling up and leg-driving Taylor to ropes: Cole's head whiplashing as she's bundled hard to cables. Jenny up pumping - head down, arms thrashing, fists taking Taylor in her sturdy waistline left, right, left, right. Cole's mouthpiece tumbles off her teeth from the bodyshock - she stoops forward, brows frowning, mouth open: Jenny straightens into a glorious left uppercut, back all arched, chest up proud as she picks Taylor up under chin and COLE GOES DOWN! All fours and breathless again - Cole mindlessly trying to pick up her mouthpiece with her glove, then struggling up ropes to beat the count. Jenny waving to the audience, smiling sunny, being pretty - then face hardens into that finisher's-pout when ref waves her forward. JENNY UNLEASHED! Jenny snarling as she lays the strap to Taylor - lashing lefts, stroking rights - Jenny dipping side to side to coax leverage onto every shellacking shot. Cole getting absolutely BATTERED - shocked to her jaw, blasted to her ribs beneath the breastline, all torn up to her belly - she's limp, trying to stay covered up but the punches are smashing past her defences and TAYLOR'S DOWN AGAIN! Cole jacknifed forward as she droops face/shoulder first to canvas and rolls to her back: knees up, hands up (supported on her elbows), eyes shut as head lolls side to side, trying to shake off the KO. TAYLOR BEATS THE COUNT! Cole hearing thunderous applause as she wills herself off her back: deep breath Jenny as her eyes narrow, heart hardens in order to apply extra hurt. HAMMER AND TONGS! Jenny wades in to finish, but Taylor's slugging back - crazy side-to-side slogging as girls clang away dangerous wide lefts and rights. O'Dell catching blasts upside her head, loosening badly as Taylor slams home beefy and JENNY GOES DOWN! O'Dell face-pasted, staggers, then rolls stunned to her buttocks and back, lying there all blinking and open-mouthed. Ref has to body Cole back: Taylor's still badly buzzed, but roaring with battlelust, screaming incoherently at Jenny - Cole fends off O'Dell in a furious round-of-the-year type second!


R3: Taylor mouthbreathing, lumping up - walking hurt to midring with hands at her sides. Jenny similarly broken down, right hand cocked at her chest, left at her side as she trudges to midring, eyes hollow: they get down to it. Cole looking to step-to Jenny and lash her wide punches from the hips, heedless of defence as she brings her mitts back low. Jenny slightly more professional, looking to time her right hand and chop it straight to chin as she's ducking down - she finds Taylor on a couple of early passes, putting brunette wobbly-butt. Jenny encroaching at the minute mark - walks into a clouting left hook as Cole gets it hefty off the right foot: delayed effect as O'Dell staggers to her left, blinking - she takes another fat hook upside the head as Taylor shifts her hips through the punch. Cole slowly taking over: girls trade right hands and Jenny's back (right) leg buckles, Cole stepping in straight-backed, pulls a tidy short-arm hook in, getting her shoulder behind it and sending Jenny dreamy to ropes. Cole marching in, crouching, hands together at her chest - she bends in low to her left, hauling a bashing right hand into Jenny's ribcage just below the left breast, drawing a gasping sob from O'Dell, slumping her into the ropes. Now it's sloppy, sloshing work - Taylor grimly going at Jenny with ponderous, muscular right uppercuts, sloshing left hooks, clouting overhand rights; Jenny dipping side to side in woozy parody of defence, answering back with similar loose-limbed, rangy punching - going for uppercuts and hooks herself. JENNY GOES DOWN! Jenny's head on a swivel as Taylor finds chin on a succession of clanging blows - blonde droops breathless to all fours: brunette staggers away, hands on hips, chest heaving with hurt and exertion. Ragged 8 O'Dell, she digs in at the apron: Taylor walks the length of the ring with hands at her side, only bringing them to her chest as she nears the target, then bends in close to sweep that savage right to Jenny's aching ribcage again. Fat, lashing work - Taylor cleaning up on Jenny - Cole just muscling home thick, strapping punches - more bashing than boxing at this point. O'Dell leaning forward and back, eyes glassy, she's reacting slowly, getting rocked, just trying to ride it out. TAYLOR WANTS JUG! Cole helping herself to blonde rack, crowding in on Jen, slumping her forward with a riding left hand across the shoulders, pumping up and in, up and in with a shrugging right. Exhausted bleat of outrage, JOD - mouthpiece spills off teeth from the mindless jug-bludgeoning. Taylor keeps at it, shifting her weight to get Jenny snug against the ropes, riding that left across Jenny's upperback - Taylor fitting workmanlike rights to the pit of Jenny's tummy, then back to those bulging wonders as O'Dell swoons out on her feet. Jenny pathetic as she tries to lift her left arm up to clinch - Taylor just shoving it out the way with her right hand, then getting back to the business of slugging Jenny to the body. AND THE REF STEPS IN! That's it - too much one-way Cole-on-Jenny action for his liking: O'Dell melting into exhausted tears, stamping her foot in protest as she's hugged to safety, swaying hurt in the man's protective arms. TKO3 for the winner and STILL lightweight champ, Taylor Cole!

After: Cole stops Jenny, staggers away, raises her arms and breaks down into jubilant tears, wandering the canvas until she's mobbed by her corner. Brutal, brutal punching - both girls essentially ruined after 2 - Taylor digs down and gets it done, proving herself a nasty thorn in Jenny's side indeed. AND COLE WANTS MORE! Taylor ignores her trainer (trying to hold her back) - very stern-faced as she pushes her way to Jenny and helps woozy blonde to her feet with a hug-up off her stool. O'Dell's head lolling, brows knitting in groggy protest but it's happening: Taylor Cole takes Jenny O'Dell for a walk of shame. TC with a right arm strong about Jenny's waist, brunette waving with her left hand, or adjusting that heavy gold strap across her left shoulder. Jenny stoic, head nodding like she's drifting off at times - she's shown all four corners at a liesurely pace. Final gesture: grinning Cole blows moist air onto her title belt like she's cleaning a pair of glasses, then buffs the belt against Jenny's breasts to polish! Dazed O'Dell biting back tears as jugs are smudged gently this way and that - Taylor treating Jenny like a big blonde chamois rag to take this rivalry to the next level. (ed. note: BLONDE! Magazine immediately adding Taylor's name to the "Top 10 Brunettes Who Must Be Beaten" list on the strength of this unspeakable belt-buffing, in addition to the fact that she's just tallied back-to-back whacks over the best blondes in the business).


sim guy


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