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26 May 2014 Gemma Merna vs Kara Tointon

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Posted by Vassago on May 26, 2014, 11:22 pm


It's a high profile rematch in Manchester tonight as both these actresses have battled into a gruesome draw back in December and vowed revenge on each other ever since. Gemma Merna postponed all her challenges but with heavy Lookout! Atlantic backing she had more than enough chances to stay in shape while Kara Tointon jumped into the ring against Lea Seydoux and Emilia Clarke only to suffer painful beatdowns both times. Charlie Webster is BBU TV's reporter on-site and thinks that Tointon's recent bout with Merna's stablemate Clarke was a perfect way to soften the brunette up and indicates how good the Lookout! management is. However Kara dismisses this theory and vows to punch Gemma's boobs off tonight to claim one of the sexiest scalps in the entire BBU. 


Gemma Merna wearing a black bikini set and red gloves. Kara Tointon wearing a silver bikini with blue trim and blue gloves. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Both girls waste no time in pumping leather into each other, Kara goes all rack and whacks the blonde in the middle of the ring but Gemma responds in uppercuting the brunette's chin and snaps the head back a couple of times which halts the cleavage assault and enables Merna to continue the onslaught. She slams a heavy left hook on the temple and opens Tointon's eyes wide before a piercing jab bounces off the nose and staggers the brunette further. On comes Merna hammering away at the breasts and pushing a cumbersome foe back to the ropes, left hook digs Kara's navel before another uppercut makes her squeal in discomfort. More from the blonde follows as she buries the brunette into the ropes for good but skims off the forearms as a desperate cover enables Tointon to survive until the bell.

Round 2:
Gemma looks annoyed she didn't hurt Kara enough in that late rally and both girls tangle in the middle of the ring again as the dark haired actess slips by the initial approach and whacks the blonde's ribcage showing the much needed committement. Gemma tries to find her footing and settle into her rhythm but Kara pierces her guts instead and pummels around the ring in a swift change of scenery; overhand hook only grazes the nose this time and Tointon powers into the blonde's rack down the stretch, reels her onto the ropes in the final minute and spikes the ribcage forcing Merna into a clinch; both girls wrestle for supremacy as the ref looks on and Kara finds the last punch of the round snapping Gemma's head with a solid uppercut on the jaw.

Round 3:
Mindless bashing from the bell; Gemma thumps Kara's ribcage but falls into a piledriver hook on the left eye and wobbles forward as Tointon screams out in delight when another hook squashes the blonde's nostrils and drops her arms; Merna's rocked on the spot and loses her footing; Kara bombs away at the mounds and nearly pushes them into the blonde's chin as the onslaught increases down the stretch and enables the brunette to pound a suddenly lacklustre opponent against the turnbuckle. Merna bellows out into a desperate earmuff but Tointon switches low and rips into her guts instead, buries the blonde butt-in-ropes but fails to land that noteworthy punch to shatter break her resilience fro good.

Round 4:
Gemma's breathing hard after that previous round but refuses to yield an inch to the brunette and squares up to her again; smacks the left eye with a powerful hook but Kara leans on her anyway and pounds the boobs herself, thumps Merna's cleavage against the chin and makes the blonde squeal, moves quicker on her feet and throws midriff leather from the side. Frantic exchange follows as Gemma tries to stay with the pace of the fight but bounces off the forearms and eats a swift left hook on the nose that wobbles her again. Tointon ups the tempo and targets the boobs again, outworks the blonde in close range and digs into her navel down the stretch, backs Gemma into the ropes but gets clinched and shoved against the turnbuckle as Merna barks into her ear and now she's really annoyed, tries to lace the brunette's kidneys but Kara remains on top of her thanks to digging her sholuder against the windpipe to call the ref into action late on.

Round 5:
These girls really want to punish each other as they square off for another bash but Kara's feet move much quicker now and she weaves around the blonde's efforts, slams her ribcage from the side before piercing the rack again. Gemma cuts the air in fruitless pursuit, gets whacked to the side in wake of another jabbing combo on the liver area and fails to spot the overhand hook that bursts her nostrils moments later... blood starts dripping onto Gemma's cleavage and she needs a couple of seconds to realize that Tointon has hurt her... HUGE LEFT HAND ON THE CHIN staggers her on the spot though and Kara jumps into a mindless frenzy bashing leather against the stunned blonde's face... Merna's head snaps around back and forth, she tries to cover up but a screaming Kara nails her on the nose again and has to close her eyes as suddenly more blood streams straight at her face... and that really hurts Gemma who closes her eyes and yelps in pain as Kara throws another hook on the ear TO SEND THE BLONDE DOWN ON HER SIDE... Manchester crowd errupts in joy as Merna stares at the canvas where the blood stains indicate her troubles... she gets up at seven but ref refuses to call the medics and Tointon can work on the wounded nose again, Merna retreats in a hurry, avoids getting trapped on the ropes but is visibly shaken after that knockdown and eats a late combo on the cheeks before a quick hook on the temple sags her for good but the clock expires just in time to save her from more misery and the ref has to grab the brunette's arm to prevent a late punch.

Round 6:
Gemma shakes her head in disgust and argues with her corner but there's little that can be done to stop the nasal bleeding on the long stretch now that Kara targets the exposed weakness. She pierces the blonde's guard from the very start and snaps the head back as Merna yelps in more anguish, tries to cover up and fails to respond the way she did before. It only fuels Tointon's will to punish her and she cross hooks the nose again to undo all the cutmen work; batters the blonde back to the ropes before slamming into her chest to change her tactics and catch Merna off guard. The proud blonde tries to clinch her regardless but the bleeding hampers her performance and Kara digs into her ribs to cause more damage, switches high again and just belts away at the face to drop Gemma's arms to the side and cover her mitts in blood again... vicious boxing in Manchester as Merna mumbles in agony with Tointon bashing her face into a pulp, one left hand too many finally SENDS THE BLONDE FACE-FIRST ON THE CANVAS and it's getting really ugly now with Gemma struggling to rise and just smearing the blood across her cheeks, eyes look very misty too while Kara urges her to get up anyway so she can really destroy her... Merna's up at eight but on verge of total disaster, the ref refuses to stop the contest and sends her back into the brunette claws again... left hook on the chin staggers Merna on the spot as she hardly raised her arms in protection and a quick right hand on the nose just shatters her one final time... GEMMA JACK-KNIFES TO THE CANVAS AGAIN and now bursts into tears as she just can't live with the punishment anymore... KO6 Kara Tointon!!!

AFTER: A mild upset in Manchester as Kara nearly rearranged Gemma's face in ultra brutal fashion and feels might good about it! "That's the way, you filthy cow!", she refuses to let the blonde weep in agony and stands over the fallen foe before planting her foot on her back. The medics finally rush in and attend Merna whose nose is bleeding extremely bad now and the poor girl just can't stop tears flowing down her cheeks. In fact her black bikini is soaked up with blood too and it only makes the matters worse for the Emmerdale blonde. She gets escorted back to her stool but by then Tointon has her gloves removed and heads straight towards her, grabs the bikini top and rips it mich to the crowd's delight, shoves the medics away and lifts a battered Gemma for a Walk of Shame around the ring. Merna just doesn't have anything in her to stop the brunette's antics and doesn't even cover up her mounds as she endures the dubious treatement for almost a full minute before Kara sends her spinning back against the ropes and leaves crashing down onto the canvas again.

"Who said Emilia Clarke softened me up?", Kara tells Charlie Webster moments later, "They have all underestimated me and Gemma paid the ultimate prize! These Lookout! chicks think they're the best in town because they get paid in dollars but that's nonsense. I should have won our first fight back on Boxing Day and it's a personal thing between us. I wanted to destroy her and that's exactly what I did. And who knows, maybe even that arrogant bimbo Jenna Louise Coleman will be upset enough to give me a fight one day? As for Gemma? If she wants another beating she knows my phone number!"

Final result: Kara Tointon def. Gemma Merna KO6.  



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