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7 June 2014 Elena Santarelli vs Peta Todd

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Posted by Luca on June 7, 2014, 10:07 am


Elena Santarelli totally in white; Peta Todd, gorgeous, in a red bikini with black gloves!!!


On the bell both girls moved to the center of the ring and danced around a bit before Santarelli threw her first punch at Todd. It was a right hand towards Peta's forehead but the British model dodged it and Elena hit air. Peta was able to tag her with a left to the side but Elena danced away before Todd made any more contact. Peta Todd weaved away from two more hard shots but then caught a right body blow that hit her just above the line of the panties. Elena wasn't able to capitalize on that shot but Peta then managed to hit the Italian solidly with a left to the head before retiring to neutral ground. Twice more they each made moves but with the exception of a real soft shot to their guts, neither of them made contact and the bell rang.


This time Peta moved into the center of the ring faster and made the first move on Elena, a roundhouse right that caught the end of the Italian's chin. However, when Todd tried to add a left to Elena's face, Santarelli countered with a right to Peta's midsection. Then, Elena threw a right hook followed by a left that Peta ducked and then Todd hit the Italian with a right punch to her belly. Todd followed with a left upper cut that caught Elena's mid chest as the bell sounded.


Todd started out the action with a right to the face and then followed that up with a left to her belly. Peta tried to take further action but Santarelli ducked away before the British model found a good opening for her next shot. As the Italian got close again Peta once again targeted her and swayed with a left hook to the jaw. Elena tried to react and connected with a right left uppercut combo to Todd's chest . Elena landed a hard left hook to Peta nose which spun her around and into the ropes. The ref moved in and sent Elena to her cornerand gave Todd a 4 count to get off the ropes as the bell sounded ending round three.


As round four began Elena rushed at her opponent and connected with a hard right to the side of her head. As Peta started to fade to the left, Santarelli caught Todd with a hard left to her side. One more right caught the British girl squarely in her left eye and then a right followed up and knocked Peta on the ropes. This time, Todd was in trouble as the ref counted her. At 8 count, Peta Todd was ready to fight and Elena Santarelli was right in front of her continuing the assault. A hard right left combo to Todd's mid section then Elena send a round house right that found it's mark on the brunette's jaw again. Todd went down another time. Dazed and hurting, she took until almost a 9 count to get back to her feet. Once the fighting resumed, Peta Todd sustained another hard right to her mid section when the bell rang.


In spite of the beating in the previous round, Peta moved out smartly for the fifth and hit Elena with a hard right left combo to her belly and then a right to the side of her head. Elena tried to connect with a right that Peta dodged and then Todd was able to bury a left into her stomach and follow that up with a right that went straight into the jaw. Todd had obviously done some damage as Elena was a bit slow to react and Peta was able to hit her with a right to the belly and a devastating left to her face that spun her into the canvas and for the first time in the fight, Elena was on the receiving end of a ref count! She was on her feet again at five though and the bell saved her from more trouble soon afterwards.


Both girls moved to the center of the ring as soon as the bell sounded anxious to continue their battle. Elena hit Todd with a right hook directly in her belly button and then a left in the exact same place. Santarelli followed that up with a right/left combo to the brunette's face and then threw a punch that Todd never saw coming. Brunette ends flat on her back on the canvas and the ref counted 9 and then 10 declaring the blonde the winner by a knock out!

The winner by KO in round 6, Elena Santarelli!!!!




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