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16 March 2001 Jennie Garth vs Ashley Judd

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Posted by Simguy on 3/16/2001, 9:01 pm.


Before: Bitter rematch following a tightly contested draw, both girls exploiting one another pretty well, both convinced they came away the winner last time out. Garth relying on boxing against scrappy Ashley—look for Judd to start more aggressively and try ti get back the three rounds she gave aay in the first fight. Black buikini for Jennie, grey sports bra, purple panties for Ashley.


During R1: As promised, a hard nosed Ashley Judd lowers her head, goes right at Jennie, punching Garth into the corners—blonder clinching for breaks with a concerned expression. Ashley showing no respect for Garth’s power==brunette stalking forward in a crouch, hands low, out to ther side as she just sails into the blonde with side to side clubbing.


R2: Garth up on her toes, lifting smart jab off her hip, bouncing to her left—Ashley spends most of the round trying to cut off the ring, getting her face spanked. Judd has a good final minute as Jennie covers up on the ropes, giving away her obliques to Ashley’s heavy handed slugging.


R3: Judd pretty much committing to the boy—dipping down, pulling her right hand up into Garth’s breadbasket, then slamming away with both fists to the sides until Jen can clinch. Garth can’t get Judd off her chest till late in the round when the blonde opens up canvas, plies brunette face with a flicking, backhand stick on the move.


R4: Now Jennie gets the edge—rounds are close, girls taking turns outworking, outexecuting one another. When Garth can circle, peck the jab, she has options: picking Judd up on the way in with the little right uppercut, wide cuffing left hooks on the ear as she pivots. Garth sing tactical clinches well, but drawing cautions fir holding as she pulls Judd’s head down.


R5: Jennie standing in, slapping hooks and shooting hard straight ri8ght hands, then falling back as Judd storms through it. Ashley getting touched up, but she’s getting inside and banging back with authority, scorching blonde ribcage and forcing Garth into wincing retreat. Down the stretch, Jennie backing away, hands low, mouth open—she seems to collapse sideways into the ropes—Judd charges in recklessly and Jennie turns into a sweet sucker right hand on the mouth that has Ashley wobbly butt at the bell. Corner admonishing Judd to be a little less reckless—her facer aglow and puffy courtesy a very high connect percentage for Garth through 5.


R6: Judd getting into her blonde’s trunks and WORKING. Jennie covered up, sliding along the ropes as she is mauled, pushed and slugged hard from the hips to the ears. Garth able to blunt most of the head shots with slick little nudges, turns or blocks, but Judd’s pounding the pudding downstairs with both hands very effectively.


R7: Garth retreating to the ropes, baiting traps--Judd falls for all of them. Jennie finding a nifty little uppercut as she leans back into the ropes, clipping Ashley’s face, ruining Judd’s timing. Garth covering up, lolling ropeside, then slashing little counter shots in between Judd’s wide body blows—Ashley’s head snapping back with crowd pleasing jerks as Jennie counters beautifully his round.


R8: Jennie almost imperceptibly taking over this bout—Judd still coming forward, still heaving in heavy, busy punching, but Garth with a tight defense, accurate counters starts to pick the brunette apart. Jennie blocking with her drawn in elbows, rolling with Judd’s punches, then swatting and slicing on Ashley’s wide open face as Judd won’t back off.


R9: Judd making a slight adjustment—instead of just going to the sides hen she gets Garth laying on the ropes, brunette stubs up in the middle with a short jab, looping right hands to the head, coming back with the sinking left hook to the liver, Garth groaning as she buckles forward—new combinations and different punches mixing up her defense as she takes hard body blows for all three minutes—Judd leaving Garth woozy inb a close fight going into the 10th.


R10L Ashley charging the mound, once again setting up on Garth’s chest. Jennie laying back on the ropes, elbows in, leaning away from head shots and trying to time her counters. Midway through, Jennie’s short hook on the face beats Judd’s wide hook upstairs AND ASHLEY’S HURT! Ashley stunned, stops punching—Garth ripping the short right uppercut off the ropes claps Judd’s mouthpiece out as the brunette wobbly butts backward with a blank expression. Jennie patient, lots of time on the clock—she comes forward with the jab, banging it off Ashley’s sleepy face, then retreats as Judd groggily comes forward. Once again, Jennie sets up on the ropes, huddling up, giving away her sides to get Judd slugging mindlessly wide, then cutting the brunette to ribbons with hard, short counters thrown from the blonde’s chest. Accumulation of vicious accurate punches has Judd out on her feet—she finally wobbles to one knee as Garth lifts her mitts. Ash beats the count, slurring at the ref not to stop the fight. Final moments tragic for Judd as tears flow, she stumbles around the ring trying to catch up to Jennie who bounces away with hands high at the bell. UD10 Jennie Garth.


After: Judd’s brazen attack finally betrayed her as the punches she had taken all night left her vulnerable to Garth’s calculated power-counters in the 10th. Crafty Garth used all of her repertoire, moving and boxing early, staying stationary and setting up counters late as Judd consistently took punishment. Bitter pill for Ashley to swallow—she didn’t respect Garth before the fight, and doesn’t now, insisting in post fight that she IS the better woman.


Reposted by Archer 7/27/14

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