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17 March 2001 Thandie Newton vs Mish Williams

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Posted by Simguy on 3/17.2001, 2:26 pm.


Before: Good physical contrast and style matchup--Thandie a praying mantis fighter, good jab, good reach, hard edges making up for a lack of power—Mish a compact, flapjack punching, body beating grinder who gets girls hurt, keeps them hurt late into fights. Williams with the rep coming in, but Newton can make this interesting if she can keep her distance. Mish in red push-up, white bikini bottoms. Thandie in black bikini, gold armband.


During R1-4: Mirror image rounds—Newton using the stick, lateral movement to grab the first minute—Mish cutting off the ring, getting her head on Thandie’s chest to pound gut in the middle minute, then Newton re-establishing distance, putting punches together outside with speedbag delivery, dragging her knuckles across Williams’ face to set up hard hooks ior sneaky right hands, Also significant: Thandie warned repeatedly for elbowing, especially with Mish in close. Newton cracking back the blonde’s head with hard smashes to the forehead and opening a gash in the third that has Williams blinking badly. Newton apologetic, has Williams fooled for a few rounds, but by the fourth, these hard fouls are clearly intentional—trouble is Mish is woozy, cut and getting tagged en route to dropping all four rounds.


R5: Mish breaks the cycle, getting on Thandie early and scrubbing the nubile Asian against the ropes in a busy first minute, but Newton able to spin out, use the ring—she has Mish chasing her, walking into the jab, taking the right hand, only to be clinched for the referee’s break as Newton stays a step ahead. Round to Thandie.


R6: Mish sputtering, still moving her head, chugging forward, but she’s getting nickeled and dimed effectively—Thandie stepping back, weight forward, hands low as she reaches long armed pokes into Williams’ face, then slides away from harm. Occasionally, Newton will set down and look to drill the straight right, hard left hook on the jaw—Williams staggered early by this combination busts up fresh and is leaking at the bell.


R7: Shutout Thandie Newton as systems are beginning to break down on the Good Ship Mish. Williams with her hands crossed at her body, moving her head, but not enough to evade the poking, prodding jab, Newton just putting the jab out, keeping Mish occupied, but any time she can touch the blonde, the right hand licks out hard and finds the eye with heartless accuracy, Midway through, Mish goes wobbly butt from the accumulation and Thandie takes advantage stepping in with vicious right/left elbows, crack-crack across Mish’s face as the ref steps in. Williams badly messed up, swooning as ref reads Newton the riot act.


R8: Shutout Thandie Newton, Newton sometimes awkward on the move, but she’s effective enough—a hurt and broken down Mish Williams can’t cut the ring off or exert any pressure—Thandie able to just ram her jab, step in, step out, put one-twos together with impunity. Williams hurt AGAIN at the end of the round, bending forward and reeling backward into the ropes in a haze at the bell.


R9: Mish grimly walks Thandie down and gets back inside, but it’s a mixed blessing, Williams cudgeling the slender Asian to the midriff very effectively, but Newton coming back with those savage elbow-smashes—crushing Mish’s bra, cracking her mouth—many of the blows are well disguised as “short” punches, but Newton’s getting away with tragic fouls in this fight.


R10: Fight ends as it began—Thandie out boxing behind her jab early, Mish taking over with two fisted slugging in close, then running out of gas as Newton gets back outside, steering her blonde to the final bell, Decision comes back a hard to believe 10n rounds to zip for Thandie Newton.


After: Mish understandably bitter in the aftermath of this fight, but all credit to Thandie—she controlled Mish over the first half, broke her down to some extent, then really battered the blonde over a gruesome back 5 that would out Williams in an emergency ward courtesy those dreadful elbows. Newton can’t be ignored after this win—Mish a deserving favourite coming in—Thandie just flat outboxed and out brawled Williams en route to a very one-sided decision.


Reposted by Archer 7/27/14

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