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17 July 2014 Boxing World Magazine August 2014 Issue

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Posted by Boxing World Magazine on July 17, 2014, 3:48 pm


COVER: Bar Refaeli sits in the sand as Brooklyn Decker turns toward a neutral corner. HEADLINE IN WHITE: BATTLE ON THE BEACH!

COVER STORY: Brooklyn Decker and Bar Refaeli create an instant classic with an eight-knockdown overtime epic that gives Decker the upper hand in their rivalry!

TANK RULES OVER ZOE! (Picture: Saldana ragdolled on her back.) Hall of Famer Danielle Fishel is still plenty dangerous, as she demonstrated with a third-round KO of Zoe Saldana!

THE THREAT GROWS! (Picture: Wilkinson on her side as Lowndes prances away.) Uneasy lies the head that wears the flyweight crown as the danger posed by Jessica Lowndes increases by the day, a danger Kendra Wilkinson learned about first hand, via a sixth round KO.

DON'T FORGET ABOUT ME! (Picture: Lotz on her knees, holding her midsection, face in the sand.) Ashley Greene bursts back onto the scene in a big way with a second-round KO of Caity Lotz!

PIPER POUNDS OUT WIN OVER TROI (Picture: Perabo and Bellisario exchange in the center of the ring.) Troi Bellisario gave her fits, but Piper Perabo came out on top with an impressive decision over PLP's most promising fighter!

THE RETURN OF JEN G! (Picture: A smiling Garner in a red bikini.) Jennifer Garner returns to the ring this month, an our panel says it would be a mistake to underestimate what the Hall of Famer can still do in the ring!

BIEL VS. CUOCO! (Picture: Biel in Blue, Cuoco in red, face-to-face in the middle of a ring.) The fans asked, and Medallion is about to deliver! Biel and Cuoco will have at it again in Kaley's hundredth bout with the Hall of Fame on the line for the latter...and all-important bragging rights at stake for both!

NATALIE SAYS EMILY MUST GO! (Picture: Dormer smiling in a white bikini.) The always-controversial Natalie Dormer didn't mince words in her exclusive "Boxing World" interview, the gist of which is, "This Stable Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us!"

WHITHER THE JMD TITLE? (Picture: Lacey smiles sweetly wearing the trappings of JMD Queen.) The FCBA's new management wants to see all the titles defended more regularly, including the JMD title, and our panel couldn't agree more!

HALE HAMMERS MICHELE! (Picture: Lea staring blankly at the referee as he waives it off.) Lucy Hale follows up her breakthrough performance with a fourth-round TKO of Lea Michele!

SONG SMACKS SARA JEAN! (Picture: Brenda blasts Underwood along the ropes.) Brenda Song batters Sara Jean Underwood to a TKO6 on the beach!

WILL O' THE WILLA! (Picture: Morgan on her side parallel to the ropes.) Willa Holland stops lovely Lindsey Morgan in six!

SASHA KNOCKS OUT ANNA! (Picture: Paquin sits in a corner, chin on her chest.) Sasah Pieterse batters Anna Paquin helpless in five!

THE MARK OF KANE! (Picture: Adelaide tees off on Jessica along the ropes as the referee prepares to step in.) Adelaide Kane wins via TKO& over Jessica Parker Kennedy!

I WANT YOU, BROOKLYN! (Picture: Swanepoel in a red, white, and blue bikini, pointing at the camera.) Candice Swanepoel wants the title of "Queen of the Beach", and she wants to get it by beating Brookie D. in the sand!

IS JENNETTE MCCURDY THE NEXT BIG THING AT FLYWEIGHT? (Picture: McCurdy in a lime yellow bikini smiling sweetly.) Our panel thinks the athletic, 5'2" blonde might be just that, and they explain why!

ARIANA GRANDE: MCCURDY WEAK, SOFT, UGLY! (Picture: Grande smiling in a red two-piece.) The sultry singer and former McCurdy bestie says the blonde doesn't have what it takes to make it in the FCBA...and she isn't pretty enough, either!

PUNCHAHOLICS IN THE HOUSE! (Picture: Amy Acker smiles and shrugs in a blue bikini.) The FCBA's newest stable is already making noise with a line up that promises to make its presence felt sooner rather than later!

KHLOE K: WELTER ON HER MIND? (Picture: Khloe works a heavy in a black t-shirt and black boy shorts.) Many pundits think the welterweight division could use some fresh blood, and our panel says they need look no further than Khloe Kardashian!

THE SECRET SOURCE: HUDGENS/TISDALE COLD WAR! (Picture: The familiar black question mark on a green background.) The biggest internal feud at Lookout! has long been Minka Kelly and Elisha Cuthbert, but, while things aren't cooling off there, our source says they most certainly HAVE heated up between flyweights Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens. "It's no surprise," says the source. "Either of these girls would be Alphas at almost any stable not named after a cracker, but, at Lookout!, they not only have one another to compete with, but other talented girls like Dobrev. The source says, unlike the battle between Cuthbert and Kelly, though, most of THIS feud is taking place behind the scenes. "There's not much open hostility. On the surface, things are mostly professional. But, there's a lot of subtle undermining going on, and both girls are seeing the results. And they both know who's responsible."

POINTY'S CORNER! Labor Day is coming, and the Big Man is here with advice about how to throw the perfect final blow out of the summer!

ALSO: BEAU GARRETT! The blonde beauty is heading back to TV and she says she'd also like to be back in a ring near you! BLAST FROM THE PAST: BRIGITTE NIELSEN! The blonde beauty talks her ring, carpet, and mat career and that brutal, knockdown, drag out beach brawl with Sandahl Bergman! And: EMILY BROWNING! The Aussie flyweight champion is coming back to America and says you might be seeing a lot more of her in FCBA rings in the future!  



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