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26 June 2014 Danielle Lineker vs Nikki Sanderson

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Posted by Vassago on June 26, 2014, 1:16 pm


Danielle Lineker just witnessed fellow lingerie model nemesis Sylvie van der Vaart being escorted from the ring in a terrible KO daze which only fuelled her desire to wipe the sand with Nikki Sanderson next! However the Hollyoaks redhead is equally determined to make her mark tonight as she still believes the whole BBU owns her an apology for making Samia Ghadie the most obnoxious TV actress in the country while it was Nikki who deserved to be the girl in the spotlight! "I can live with Michelle Keegan soaking up all the awards but I can't live with that talentless hack Ghadie being the flyweight's money girl alongside her at all! But here's where I make the difference, I'm gonna make Lineker eat all the sand she can take before taking away her bikini top with me! Just watch me do some serious damage now!"


Nikki's tried to upstage her peers ever since the rise of BBU and she's still one of the most experienced girls around but the death stare Danielle gave her during the introductions leaves no room for any mercy in the ring whatsoever.

Danielle Lineker wearing a navy blue bikini set and white gloves. Nikki Sanderson wearing a black bikini with white stripes and red gloves. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
No mercy indeed from the opening bell as another flyweight bash gets the Cannes crowd on their feet from moment Nikki just nails Danielle on the temple with a thumping hook to establish early command. Death stare or not, Lineker's dark hair flies repeatedly inside the opening minute as Nikki rips into her face with incredible venom and bashes the gloves aside to have a clean shot on target. All Sanderson thereafter; she thumps Danielle against the ropes and works clubbing jabs against the cheeks leaving pink patches on the tanned skin of her opponent and Lineker's clearly been surprised by this ferocious onslaught and covers up in desperate fashon just trying to avoid Nikki's plan to bash her into a swollen pulp so early. Redhead screams out in support of her effort and has the lingerie model trapped and unable to respond until the bell but she fails to produce some versality along the way and Danielle's guard finally appears in the last minute to prevent the Hollyoaks actress from powering home with all that intended damage.

Round 2:
Lineker looks on in disbelief during the interval and she really didn't expect such a ferocious start from the redhead. She repays the favor in the second though as she slips by overhand attack and throws a flurry of leather on the ribcage to stagger Nikki and turn her to the side. Impressive pace ratio from the brunette who takes advantage of Nikki getting stuck in the sand for a moment and she clubs the temple to make the red hair fly instead, closes right up and punishes the rack too as Sanderson must clinch her to avoid more trouble. Ref shoves her back against the ropes and as she jumps at Danielle with a piercing jab on the mouth, Lineker loops a hook on the temple again and wobbles her back, a savage right hook follows on the nose and throws the redhead back onto the ropes where she gets trapped with a flurry of leather on the chest and just covers up in survival mode unable to live with the intensity of the brunette's attacks. Lineker refuses to let go of her even after the bell and both girls abuse each other verbally before being escorted back to their corners.

Round 3:
Nikki's all over Danielle's rack to start the third round and she thumps the navy blue top against the chin with another high-tempo assault to make the older girl squeal. The war of attrition continues as Lineker tries to use her footwork to go around the redhead's attacks but gets stuck in the sand and has her chest mauled over by the minute mark and just falls onto the ropes with Nikki pounding away in sheer rage. Danielle moans in discomfort and tries to fight from behind the guard, skims off the redhead's temples and eats a massive hook on the nose which bellows her out onto the ropes for good as Nikki keeps romping away at the stranded opponent and turns some JMD skills to thump the breath out of the brunette. Lineker manages to clinch her in the final minute to somehow survive the onslaught but Denise van Outen wonders if the age difference will eventually give the actress the all-important advantage even though Danielle doesn't look so worn out yet.

Round 4:
Sanderson maintains the high-tempo jabbing and overwhelmes the brunette by the numbers, keeps working around her face but can't slice the mitts so effectively and falls into a spiking barrage on the midsection in the centre of the ring as Danielle's regains the spark in her eye and decides to settle for the attrition exchange herself. She thumps Nikki's ribs and withstands a clubbing hook on the nose; Sanderson thought she will rattle her with that and paused for a moment looking to see where Lineker goes but a swift hook on the nose blasts her back into reality as Danielle pours with facial leather and snaps the head back sending Sanderson back into the ropes breathing heavily. Nikki tries to respond with an overhand to the face but misses the target and a rushing model pounds away at the cleavage instead, buries a moaning redhead on the ropes and snaps her head back repeated stikes on the cheeks, avoids a clinch by drilling the ribcage and signs off the round with a clean uppercut on the chin to wobble Nikki slumping onto her stool.

Round 5:
The see-saw nature of this bout continues as Danielle rushes forward again but gets staggered with a quick hook on the temple and a follow up on the brow ridge. Nikki leans on the older girl and throws another flurry on the chest and digs left left hand on the liver area to make the model moan, a brief wrestling struggle occurs before Nikki shoves her foe away and jumps with a piercing hook on the mouth; Lineker loops a response and nails the redhead on the ear wobbling her to the side on the spot. Nikki drops her arms and almost goes down on her face as Lineker kicks sand in her face and causes for a rapid attempt to lift the redhead's torso. Instead of clinching around the model's waist, Sanderson decides to lift her head and retain the perfect upright position only to experience Lineker drilling a cross hook against the nose with incredible power.... Nikki's head snaps with a thump and SENDS HER SPINNING FACT FIRST INTO THE SAND... Lineker screams out again and kicks more sand over Sanderson's bums sticking up in the air... she needs to be calmed down by the ref but there's more trouble to the redhead who lifts herself on the knees only to notice spots of blood on the sand. When she turns back to the ref she can no longer hide the squashed nostrils and it's obvious Danielle busted up her nose badly. It's a terrible blood flow during the count and Nikki's eyes begin to flood with tears as she smears the blood all over her cheeks in a frantic attempt to make it stop. The command is given with looking back at the doctors and Nikki jumps forward against the odds but Lineker's completely insanse over the wound she's inflicted on the actress and bashes away at her and makes the connection first, she clubs Nikki's nose with a fierce left/right combo and staggers her on the spot, finds the jaw with a drilling uppercut before a swift left hook on the temple DROPS SANDERSON DOWN ON HER SIDE AGAIN... still over thirty seconds left on the clock and Nikki's face is suddenly in a terrible shape, Ref finally realizes he's got blood on his own shirt and gives the fallen redhead a five count but orders for the doctor to come forward in wake of Nikki getting up but still trying to wipe all the blood from her face. Who can stop the bleeding? There's a frantic work around the redhead's nose for best part of a minute but Nikki squeals terribly when doctor squeezes her nostrils and indicates she can't breathe properly. Meanwhile Lineker is just happy to kick more sand around the ring and investigate the blood stains clearly visible on her white gloves.

The last twenty seconds are still on the clock when the fight resumes with Nikki's nose filled with tampons and she tries to hang on until the bell but Lineker jumps at her and finds the piercing jab to undo all the patch-up work. Another left hand finds the jaw and Nikki gets thrown onto the ropes with hands dropped low; before she can resume her stance Danielle just drills the stuffing out of her nose with a left/right combo and SENDS TUMBLING TO HER KNEES sobbing her heart out! Bell sounds before ref can start the count but Nikki is left down on her knees and wiping blood off her face again. Coach Gail Kim approaches her and it's a really messy sight there with seemingly only couple of punches separating the redhead from a broken nose and perhaps she's already been given a crack by the vicious lingerie model. GAIL KIM THROWS IN THE TOWEL and embraces the sobbing redhead; it's a bloody stoppage in Cannes! TKO5 Danielle Lineker!!!

AFTER: Danielle tries to approach the bloodied up redhead and rip the bikini top off her but coach Gail Kim stands in the way: "You got what you wanted, now beat it, cunt!". Danielle spits out her mouthpiece across Gail's rack but is aware she's ain't gonna make it past the heavier and wrestling-skilled Asian woman and backs away to celebrate with the crowd instead. Denise van Outen indicates that BBU will have to pay a compensation fee even if like half of the executives wanted Nikki to win rather then be reduced into a bloody mess.

Gail Kim eventually escorts the Hollyoaks starlet out of the ring while the technical crew have an additional job of cleaning out all the blood from the sand so there's a longer break ahead of the next bout between Georgia Salpa and Sarah Harding. But the Cannes crowd is still having great fun as they await the entrance of Malika Menard and even the lack of Nikki's ripped bikini top doesn't diminish the holiday atmosphere on the Riviera. Two down, three still to go.

Final result: Danielle Lineker def. Nikki Sanderson TKO5.


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