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11 July 2014 Anna Paquin vs Sasha Pieterse

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Posted by Archer on July 11, 2014, 8:44 am


Results: Lookout; Writing: Archer

Both fighters frank about what they are doing here. “This is the final season of ‘True Blood’. I need to make a statement for the future,” Anna Paquin tells the press, “I think boxing is the perfect way to get the attention I deserve. Maybe I should have pushed it harder earlier, but this is now and I am pushing HARD. That kid over there ((she gestures towards a scowling Sasha)) has a lot of nerve thinking she can beat me. She needs to spend more time fighting obscure starlets and never-were girls—you know like her.”

Sasha looks ready to jump up and tackle Anna right there at the podium, but instead she pastes on an insincere smile and waits her turn with the reporters. “I have to thank Ms. Paquin for her advice. I have no intention of remaining obscure or turning into one of those ‘never-were’ girls—you know like Anna is going to be after that show of hers goes off the air.” ((Anna’s turn to give her young opponent a withering glare)). “I just want to say, I hope to speed that process along by beating her down as quickly as I can.”

Fight night finds Ms. Paquin in a blue chequered bikini (light and darker blue squares mixed with white). Blue gloves. Hair in a tight battle braid. Ms. Pieterse in multi-colored striped bikini with red gloves, hair in a braid but red ribbon woven through it. Fighters tense during ring instructions, make only a token effort to comply when told to touch gloves.

R1: Sasha comes out looking determined to show the older Anna just how much boxing she knows. She tries to force her way in and gets herself banged up by Anna’s jabbing. Then as Sasha falls back to regroup, Anna crisply follows and slips an overhand right in over Sasha’s high guard to catch the youngster square in the left eye. Sasha recoiling from that covers up and Anna works over the exposed midsection until Sasha is hunched forward protectively. Anna turns to one side and tries to uppercut under Sasha’s gloves, trying to reach her chin. Sasha’s defenses hold, but Anna clearly takes the round on points.

R2: Corner works on Sasha’s swelling left eye while trainer Nia Peeples tries to keep her young charge calm. Meanwhile Anna is looking very serious and determined. She knows she hurt Sasha and is ready to follow up. Bell sounds and both fighters move out quickly. Sasha showing more head and upper body movement to dodge Anna’s incoming. She gets her own jab going when Anna tries to pressure her. The punch count rises rapidly as the two stand toe to toe banging away. Head and body of both come into their share of fire, but neither backing down. Then Sasha dips down comes up hooking into Paquin tummy. Anna shaken by the impacts, falls back under cover of her jab, Sasha resists temptation to recklessly pursue, but does tries to circle around Anna and work her ribs over. Round to the Pretty Little Puncher.

R3: Anna not about to back down and comes back strongly. She is aiming a lot of shots at that reddened area around Sasha’s left. Manages at least one glancing pass, but pays for it with Pieterse counter to the older woman’s tummy. Still, Anna is the aggressive one throughout the round and has Sasha on the defensive. Anna piles up the points, but Sasha is able to avoid being seriously hurt in a losing round for her.

R4: Anna starts out on the offensive once again, but Sasha is waiting for her. She’s picked up the older woman’s timing and when she tries to come in, she lights up Anna’s chin with hard swinging right and a follow up left that has Paquin wobbly butt early. Sasha on presses her advantage with furious barrage of punching first to the belly to draw Anna’sd guard down and bouncing shots off Anna’s chin. Anna forced to cover up and retreat to the ropes seeking to recover as Sasha dances around her. Anna finally obliged to clinch to get herself off the ropes, but Sasha looking very eager to get back at her. Anna again covers up and rides it out to the bell. Sasha takes a shutout round and wears a big smile on her face as she returns to her corner. Anna looking dismayed and troubled by this turn of events.
R5: Comeback Anna P! Ms. Paquin charges out of her corner and tries to catch Sasha as she comes out. Sasha plainly surprised by this and then takes a hard one to that left eye! Sasha stumbles back, throwing up a jabbing screen to try to hold Anna off. Anna tries to ignore the jabbing and get to the hurt younger fighter. That turns out to be a mistake. Anna tries to throw a roundhouse right that would have taken Sasha’s head off if it had landed, but instead the PLP fighter ducks under the sweeping punch and goes up from the ankles with an uppercut to Anna’s wide open chin. The moist impact is heard in the back row of the arena as Anna’s head snaps back and she lands on her butt with a soft THUD. Sasha glares vengefully at Anna until referee has to order her to neutral corner. Rookie mistake allows Anna extra time to get back on her feet and persuade the referee to let this continue. That is probably Anna’s mistake as she is plainly dazed and slow to react as Sasha comes roaring back in. She getting pretty wild with her punches now, but Anna can’t think fast enough to take advantage. Instead, all Anna can do is allow herself to be driven into a corner where Sasha has her trapped and is just working her over from waistline to head. As Sasha starts throwing rights and lefts to Anna’s head, then steps back and Anna just slides down into a seated position, bruised chin resting on her collarbone. Ref sees no need to count waves it off as Sasha raises both gloves over head in triumph. Winner: KO5 Sasha Pieterse!

After: Sasha sporting what will be a beaut of black eye tomorrow, but she has her revenge by soon taking the groggy Anna on a walk of shame. Sasha has one arm holding the rubbery legged Anna up, while waving regally with the other. Fans like what they’ve seen and cheer her loudly. Sasha smiles big as they go.

“That was a really great win,” Sasha tells scribes later. “My setback against Gomez is history. This was my very first knockout, but the first of many more to come. The black eye? Paquin got lucky. Didn’t matter in the end. I won. That is what matters!”


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