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11 July 2014 Dani Fishel vs Zoe Saldana

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Posted by Archer on July 11, 2014, 9:05 am,


Results: Lookout. Writing: Archer

Zoe S. hasn’t seen FCBA action since 2011 (when she got a TKO7 on Kate Bosworth), but compiled a respectable 7-5-0 record from 2009-2011). Now she has returned to the Big Show and explains: “I was doing this string of action movies leading up to ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, but nobody came calling. I kept busy with private bouts, but I wanted to fight where more people could see him. So here I am and ready to show what I can do. I know about Fishel—she used to be Somebody, but now she’s just a part-timer and since the fans remember her from her glory days, my knocking her off will give me instant cred in the Bantam Division.”

“Of course if you beat ‘The Tank’, you get ‘instant cred’,” Dani days with a tight smile. “Trouble is—I’m not all that easy to beat. With my new show on the Disney Channel, people are remembering who I was and, thanks to that Maxim spread, they can see what great shape I’m in. I agree Zoe should have been back here a lot sooner, but she’s making a big mistake returning against me. I think she believes her being 5’7 to my 5’1 will give her an advantage. Sorry, honey, but the Tank’s been chopping down ‘tall timber’ for a long time now. You’ll just be the next to hit the canvas.”

Zoe appears in the ring with a nice halter top white bikini that provides a nice contrast to her dusky skin. White boots and gloves add to the contrast. She’s piled her black hair up in a top knot. Zoe air boxes when she first enters the ring and shows off her strong, willowy body.

Dani makes her entrance in a dark blue halter (that strains to hold in that fabled rack) and red short shorts with “The Tank” across the buns in white lettering. Red boots and gloves with hair in a non-nonsense battle braid complete her attire She eaves to the fans and shows that famous smile. Joining Zoe for the ring instructions, the six inch height difference obvious, but Dani makes a joke of, looking the taller woman up and down silently, then giving a shrug. Crowd laughs. Zoe looks annoyed, but otherwise ignores Dani’s antics.

Bell rings for R1. Dani not clowning around now, she frowns with concentration as Zoe is over briskly to start punching., That longer reach seems to be helping Zoe as she strikes mainly at Dani’s head and shoulders. Dani roughed up, but seeming to shake it off as she jabs at Zoe’s midsection and ribs. Still, Zoe showing decent footwork, is moving around Dani and striking where she chooses, dictating the pace. Zoe smiling after the bell, Dani frowning but more in thought than concern.

R2: Dani reacts to Zoe’s winning round by up the pace and the pressure of her punching. Zoe finds herself blocked from circling and obliged to fight at close range where, Dani proves very good at moving her head and upper body so that Zoe can’t land her leather with much power. Dani’s pressure mounts, she drives Zoe back to the ropes, but Dominican-Puerto Rican beauty demonstrates ability to fight off the ropes. Dani won’t be forced back however and she is really thundering her punches into Zoe’s belly, breasts and ribs. Zoe hooks into Dani’s breasts but this does little to discourage Dani’s attack. Bell leaves Zoe looking rung up by the body attack and Dani is showing a grim smile of satisfaction.

R3: Zoe comes charging out with determination at the bell, but Dani is waiting for her. The Tank ducks down to dodge Zoe’s opening swings, then strikes back with her heavy right hand on the jaw. Zoe’s really smacked by the blow, does a little stagger-step backwards and then sits down HARD. Zoe picks herself up and tries to shake off the knockdown as Dani is waved back in. Dani now unleashes the full fury of her pressure attack. She just works Zoe’s body over from the waistband of her bikini bottoms up to her breasts, then settling with determination on Zoe’s jaw. Zoe is clearly overwhelmed, she is jabbing with little effect when she does land. Dani drops down with her right at her boot tops, then she shoots a leaping uppercut that sends Zoe crashing onto her back like a felled tree! Zoe lands with a crash, arms and legs flung out like a discarded doll. The 10-count is a mere formality.

Winner: Dani Fishel KO3

After: “Well, gosh, I talked about cutting down tall timber, but I have to admit the way Zoe was a surprise!” a smiling Dani tells reporters later. “I hope Zoe doesn’t give up. I think she just chose the wrong opponent this time. She needs someone she can beat. That wasn’t me tonight.”

Sullen Zoe doesn’t disguise her disappointment with the loss: “I was expecting a much longer fight. No, I am not giving up on the comeback. I can see now that I have a lot more rust than I thought. I will deal with it and maybe I’ll come looking for that little pug again. Nobody tries to turn me into a joke and gets away with it!”

Good win for Dani Fishel after several recent loses. Zoe showed some determination and skill, but has a ways to go before she can a serious contender in the bantams.


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