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22 July 2014 Danielle Harold vs Alesha Dixon

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Posted by Alli Kear & Vassago on July 22, 2014, 12:39 pm


This is the last hurdle for Alesha Dixon before her much anticipated clash with Jessica Schwarz next month, that rivalry has long became BBU's trademark affair and everyone inside the O2 Arena wonder what kind of Alesha will show up tonight. The Lancashire singer has developed a habit of not putting enough effort in some of her performances even though she remains the highest paid Beever Babe and doesn't want to yield the top billing to the upcoming stars like Azealia Banks and Elizabeth Gillies.

Charlie Webster thinks that if Alesha gets dominated by Jessica Schwarz and Azealia manages to beat the German herself later tonight the Beever's pecking order will finally change at the turn of the summer and Alesha will move into more mentoring role. That's not what other BBU TV pundits think though as Alesha Dixon is truly a living legend of the organization and has earned herself more respects than fellow stalwarts like Lisa Maffia and Samia Ghadie.

Meanwhile Danielle Harold comes into this fight as unheralded youngster who's looking at the imposing presence of fellow blonde actress Sacha Parkinson who keeps showing everyone that being born in the 90s doesn't stop you from achieving great results at the early stage of career. And Harold looked really impressive in crushing Roxanne McKee back in March even though Alesha is definitely a bigger kettle of fish.

Danielle Harold wears a black basque top, matching knickers and red gloves. Alesha Dixon wears a green basque top, yellow boy-leg trunks and yellow gloves. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the bantamweight division.

Round 1:
Both girls waste no time in quick approach and the leather starts to fly immediately after the bell; Danielle outworks the singer in close range and digs her mitts against the cheeks, shows superior speed and snaps Alesha's head back forcing her to dance around in avoidance but to no real avail. Harold just leans on the BBU poster girl and whips her face with more hard slaps, some early moans from Alesha only fuel the blonde's work rate but she fails to reel the singer onto the ropes and gets countered on the body in the final minute; Dixon bounces off the ribcage to salvage late pride, smacks Danielle across the mouth to escape into mid distance and the blonde looks annoyed over a wasted chance at the bell.

Round 2:
Another quick tangle from the bell, both girls search facial damage and as they smack each others heads backwards Harold finds the biggest punch yet and squashes Alesha's nostrils causing an early bleeding. That surprises even the blonde herself and she drops her aggression briefly trying to analyze whether Dixon's spirit suffered some damage as well but a quick overhand hook on the temple wakes her up and before Harold knows it, Alesha romps at her body again, goes around the elbows and bends the actress forward, slices her mitts and lands a quick left/right uppercut combo on the jaw... DOWN GOES HAROLD FLAT ON HER BACKSIDE... that was even more surprising than the Dixon bleeding and the former champ unleashes all her venom to confirm she's not over the hill just yet... Danielle's back upright at six and switches into response mode after the command, both girl smack each other faces again and Alesha keeps bleeding from her nose, she can't find another knockdown in her and gets pushes back to the ropes as the blonde fights off the lost round with punching Dixon's boobs in the closing seconds.

Round 3:
Alesha seeks another close range tangle but Danielle slips by her and harpoons the ribcage instead, works from two feet out and nails the older woman on the midriff, slows her down and jumps fully into the facial attack after half-distance. Dixon misses a key hook on the temple and gets whacked on the nose which holds up for a while after the cutmen job during the interval but Danielle finds her rhythm and beats the singer for another overhand, spins her towards the ropes with a hook on the mouth and enforces a cover as Alesha loses her feet and drops on the turnbuckle; Harold wades in on the guts but gets clinched, refuses to let go herself at the bell and has to be dragged away by the ref as the tempers are beginning to flare inside the ring.

Round 4:
Danielle's visibly quicker of the two and makes the most of that again, outworks Alesha in close range and thumps her ribs in a spirited manner before switching up high and snapping the head back. That second round knockdown is a far cry memory as a left hook on the minute mark wobbles Dixon into a moaning mess, a quick right follow up drops her arms and another left nails her on the jaw and SENDS CRASHING DOWN ON HER BACKSIDE... back to square one we go as some Jessica Schwarz supporters hit the glory button in the stands... Dixon's equally surprised like Harold was before, fights off the seven count and tries to mount a comeback... the knees know better though and Alesha just wobbles forward into more accurate blonde spikes... Harold thumps the older girl to the corner and wades in on the guts, switches up high in dominant fashion and leaves Dixon sagging and face-swollen as the ammount of leather gives her all kinds of bother.. she's lucky to avoid more bleeding as Danielle rips into her cheeks without any reply and shatters the guard in a fashion Jessica Schwarz would be thrilled to experience herself.

Round 5:
This is a true war of attrition now with both women just hammering away into each other trying to break one another down... Harold finds the biggest punch and staggers Dixon with a left hook on the mouth, follows up with a right on the eye and has the singer trembling... Alesha manages to remain upright though, a product of 50+ fights under her belt and answers with a similar facial assault to stun the blonde. A couple of hooks slice Danielle's mitts and bounce off her cheeks, the girl tries to clinch but gets blasted across the chest and Alesha reverts to more shots on the head in the final minute. She pushes Harold back to the ropes and works the right hand between the guard; Danielle's head snaps back repeatedly and she gets cut on the left cheek badly as Dixon sends a flurry of leather to finally score a noteworthy damage.

Round 6:
Harold's bothered by that cut left cheek and becomes overprotective on that side, Alesha has none of it and keeps working the right hand to dominate half-distance and smack the blonde's face. She obviously tries to inflict more injury to the younger girl and as Danielle's head snaps back the bleeding increases intensity much to the crowd's delight. Dixon notices that too and ups the tempo down the stretch, she drops the blonde's arms after a left/right combo on the temples followed by a crisp uppercut on the jaw that slices Harold's guard AND SENDS HER TUMBLING ON HER BACKSIDE... the sheer ammount of leather landed on the blonde's face send her for the count but she's up at seven and leaps at Dixon in the last forty seconds to stun her; the former champion thought she's broken the actress down for good but suddenly eats a rain of punches with Harold squealing in her efforts, missing a lot but preventing Alesha from completing the job.

Round 7:
During the break Alesha realizes her face is quite swollen, the relentless nature of Harold's efforts proves impressive but quite frankly the blonde looks far worse to wear, her left cheek bleeding and the left eye starting to shut down too. Still, the younger girl refuses to accept she's losing this fight and attacks the former champion, wins a close range exchange and whips Alesha's head back before switching low and hurting the singer's guts. Dixon tries to clinch her but loses her breath and is really slow down the stretch, fails to prevent Danielle from pounding away at her liver area.. another quick switch gives Harold an overhand score, she whacks Alesha's mouth twice AND SENDS HER SPINNING TO HER KNEES... this is getting really rough out there with both girls going down several times now but still refusing to give up the fight. Alesha's up at eight but looks hurt and can't do anything about the blonde pummelling her back to the turnbuckle and hurting the guts again; Harold reigns supreme in the dying seconds but just can't finish the veteran off!

Round 8:
Both women really feeling the effects of this bout now, no more furious attacks and Danielle's swollen eye is almost completely shut down but Alesha doesn't have enough strenght in her to punish that area anymore. The crowd understands the gruesome nature of this fight has taken it's toll and allthough Dixon mounts a late flurry to the blonde's body, she gets clinched and pushed back to the ropes; Danielle just sagging and moaning in exhaustion but still spiking the singer's kidneys at the bell.

Round 9:
Alesha regains her breath quicker and tears into the blonde's guts, Danielle fails to recover and is forced into seeking a clinch but a couple of hooks on the eye finish the swollen eye for good, the blonde can't see anything now and eats a series of shots on the temple... wobbles back onto the ropes and has no time to cover for a spiking uppercut on the nose... DOWN GOES HAROLD ON HER BUMS... Alesha finds another knockdown in her and Danielle's really affected by that barrage, she wobbles back upright at eight but even the ref notices the closed eye and has to call the doctor... a brief inspection almost brings the fight to a premature end but Harold insists she's good to go.. so we resume again but Harold's soft on her knees and just walks into a flurry of facial leather, Alesha screaming in her efforts to put the actress away, she finds another head snapping combo and cross hooks her against the nose... Danielle's arms drop to the side and she wobbles into one last right hook on the swollen eye... BLONDE GIRL DOWN... BLONDE GIRL DOWN... and even Charlie Webster thinks it's one knockdown too many... she beats the count at eight but wobbles forward to the referee's embrace who has no other option but to call it off.... Gruesome TKO9 Alesha Dixon!!!

AFTER: That was one almighty struggle for Alesha Dixon who still manages to really punish a young upstart and Danielle Harold has all the tool to become a force to br reckoned with once she gains enough experience. She put the former champion into a lot of trouble tonight and has the courage to respond to Alesha mocking her swollen eye: "You got lucky, Dixon! I had you going there!". Danielle doesn't contest the stoppage and she's the first to admit she doesn't see a thing on the left eye and sinks on her stool with Alesha approaching her and ruffling the blonde hair. "You did better than I thought, gurl but still not good enough!", Harold only gives her a death stare and shrugs the singer's hand off her hair but any further antics are spared as both girls and everyone inside the O2 Arena realizes how tough this bout actually was!

Final result: Alesha Dixon def. Danielle Harold TKO9.

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