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28 July 2014 Tractorpull Asylum, PPV Review

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Posted by Tractorpull Magazine on July 28, 2014, 4:15 pm



RAMBIN/ ELECTRA Normally you would expect a veteran fighter to give a relative newcomer. some problems, In this case the veteran fighter had lost seventeen in a row and the rookie was undefeated in three. I think it was rather obvious how this was going to go and indeed that is the way it went. Electra took the first round and that was the highlight of her day. In an active third round, Rambin landed a right hook to the jaw and Electra went down for the count.

MOAKLER/ SOBIESKI Moakler who is 39 and has had only one fight in the last seven years and in fact has never won an FCBA fight went against one the best welters in the FCBA, So how did this bout turn out?. Let’s put it this way. Moakler still hasn’t won a fight, but she should have gotten a pretty good payday for this fight since it lasted about a minute and a half. About a minute in Sobieski landed a left right combination that put Moakler on the canvas. Moakler got up but Sobieski worked her over against the ropes and the fight was stopped

MONACO/ MACK After this fight was over I was glad I was getting paid a flat fee for this PPV and not by the hour. This bout ended in the second. The result was less than shocking. Monaco has been around a long time but not active or successful. Mack is one of the better bantams and right at this moment could be the best at Front Street. About a minute into the second round Mack landed a hard right and Monaco’s night was over.

BROWNING/ STEWART Browning the ACB flyweight champ was out to prove a point. That the ACB could go head to head with the FCBA. You might say she proved a point, kind of. She went head to head with Stewart for the first five and was even. Then the tone of the fight turned sour for Browning as Stewart opened up a lead by winning rounds six and seven and then flattened Browning with a left hook that ended the bout

RUAH/ ROHM This was the fifth fight of the night and the fifth fight that failed to go the distance. I think it was a combination of Daniela’s talent and Rohm’s lack of activity and age. Ruah took the first two rounds and Rohm got the third. Shortly after the beginning of the fourth. Ruah dropped Rohm with a right. Rohm beat the count but in short order ran into another big right and went down and out.

ARTERTON/ GARNER This turned out to be the fight everyone expected it to be. The 42 year old Garner getting back into the ring. She was expected to give Arterton a good bout and she did. The fight was even at four. Even at six. Even at eight. Gemma took the lead in the ninth by flooring Jennifer. Now Jennifer not only had to win the tenth, but she also needed a knockdown, She got neither. Arterton got the decision. Front Street can and did point to the fact that Arterton has now beaten two Hall Of Fame fighters. Mr V also has a point that I think he made previously. Those two Hall Of Fame boxers were well past their prime. Could Gemma have done it when they were in their prime? Personally I would have so probably not. By beating Garner Arterton had definitely put herself in title contention which would bring up an interesting situation should Torv win the title in the next PPV


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