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2 August 2014 Piper Perabo vs Claire Holt

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(Writing: Medallion   Results: Lookout)


Posted by Medallion Boxing on August 2, 2014, 3:39 pm


Prefight: After the last amazing fight under the Mexican sun, the crowd settles back in for the next exciting bout. Eliza Dushku now sits at ringside with the other Medallion Stable all in bikinis including their leader Charisma Carpenter. "I'm treating this fight like a title fight." Piper admits before heading out to the ring. "Claire is taller, younger, and bigger than I am. So she's the favorite. That's fine by me it only makes it sweeter when I knock her on her butt." The blonde finishes then heads to the ring. "Piper and I agree on one thing. This is a title fight. The winner moves up to the next level and the loser gets a set back. I want to be at that next level. I want to be champion unfortunately for Piper that means she has to be beat down." Claire says emphatically. Piper is in a multicolored floral bikini. Claire in a blue and white stripped halter top bikini. Both are wearing blue gloves hair in a ponytail.

R1: The two ladies come out of the corners and touch gloves. Each starts out slow trying to size up the other. They both have almost identical styles not a lot of jabs, use all there punches to try and get inside to work and chop away. This makes the fight start off rather slow not much contact each trying to out maneuver the other looking for openings for right hands and left hooks. Claire slips to her left and Piper sees an opening tanning her with a left hook to the stomach and right to the jaw. The Aussie blonde counters with a pushing right to the chest getting away but is slightly stunned at the bell.

R2: The technical duel continues. Both of these ladies are capable of fighting in a phone booth and they both prefer it but it's looking for that opening. As the round continues each lady shows flashes of leather to each other but no real serious damage except for an exchange where Claire's right cross finds Piper's temple leading to a good combo set to the older blonde's head and body. Piper gets away before too much damage but it's enough as the round ends.

R3: The ladies meet in the middle resuming their technical duel until one finally breaks though. Claire works inside busting Piper to the stomach with a right hand then blasts her with a left cross. The brunette staggers to her left dazed eating a right cross. Piper is wobbly butt wheeling back to the ropes while Claire tees off. The Aussie battler working the body only enough to open the head then lands combinations jabs, hooks, crosses snapping Piper's head from side to side. The older blonde keeps responding with weak punches to keep Claire somewhat at bay until the bell. Piper slides down the ropes toward her corner dazed and listless while Claire stomps back to her corner all big girl.

R4: Piper sits in the corner a haze over her eyes looking ripe for the pickings until the bell. The older blonde storms out of the blocks eating a right hook as she approaches but digs right to Claire's body. The Aussie beauty fades back to the ropes countering with jabs and crosses to the head when she is caught with a right uppercut. Claire is wobbly butt. She leans against the ropes legs shaking while Piper tees off this time. The older blonde almost working exclusively to the body shaking Claire with power shots. The younger blonde trying to counter with punches to the head clocking Piper when she can never being able to get off the ropes. Claire spends most of the round on the ropes surviving and countering. At the bell the ref must separate the two, Piper blinking her eyes trying to clear her head and Claire holding her stomach after getting it thoroughly tenderized.

R5: After the fireworks of the last two rounds both ladies come out at the bell very tentative. Piper not seeming too clear and Claire gassed from her stomach beating. Both ladies trying to find an opening to get a few shots in. Claire actually switching to a jab to keep Piper off her midsection both moving a lot. In the final minute. The Aussie clips Piper with a right hook off the jab. The American's hands drop for a moment. Claire continues with a left hook and uppercut at the bell. Piper's eyes are a bit rolled back as she staggers back to her corner.

R6: Piper gets off her stool slowly moving out seeming on cruise control. This time however Claire comes out looking for blood. She's seen the look in the older blonde's eyes at the end of the last round and goes head hunting. Claire gets caught on the way in with a hard right to the stomach but is able to counter with a right uppercut though the guard knocking Piper to the ropes. She's in real trouble. Claire unloading wanting to end it now crashing hard to Piper's face. The older blonde not fighting back. PIPER GOES DOWN. Claire lands a left to the button and Piper goes down on her side in a heap. Claire waits in the neutral corner for the ref to call it. Piper is up at nine and the ref allows it to continue! Claire moves back in hitting the defenseless Piper several more times before jumping in to stop it. Claire thrust her fists up in victory walking back to her corner with a sixth round TKO.

Postfight: Piper is cradled by her corner workers getting her to her stool as Claire celebrates awaiting the official decision to be announced. No one notices Eliza charging the ring. She heads right for the referee. The Sheriff is all over him screaming and pushing him around. Security has to restrain the Hall of Famer obviously upset that this ref allowed the fight to continue even though Piper was out on her feet. The ref is escorted from the ring for his safety. "That was a great fight." Claire says a bit winded after the ring calms down. "We have such similar styles. It took me a few rounds to figure her out then took over. I was surprised what she did in the fourth. She's got power that's for sure but wasn't the same after the third. It was only a matter of time before I took her down. I'm coming for the title one step at a time." A very impressive victory for Claire making a statement about her status in the division


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