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19 August 2014 Louise Porter vs Bianca Gascoigne

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Posted by Vassago on August 19, 2014, 12:38 pm, 


Both girls are coming off a loss, Louise Porter was knocked out by Jeannette Biedermann back in February and more recently Bianca Gascoigne suffered a stoppage at the hands of Lisa Gleave however this match-up follows the West Yorkshire card script; it's the best chance to score an important, confidence boosting victory in the foreseeable future and both fighters realize a better one may not appear in front of their eyes anytime soon. The stakes are high for both glamour models and they simply pierce each other with steely eyes indicating a strictly business approach. There's no place for fooling around with


Louise Porter wears a navy blue bikini and black gloves. Bianca Gascoigne wears a red bikini with black trim and red gloves. The fight is sceduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
The introductions lacked a proper spark but the opening exchange of the bout makes up for that shortage and both girls smack each other faces in ferocious fashion obviously very confident in their skills. Bianca works the stronger jabs and snaps Louise's head more frequently, forces the blonde to circle back and claims the bragging rights. She moves on to send more hooks on the temples but Porter ignites some speed into her movement and slips by those efforts before responding on the body to tame the brunette's attacks. Bianca eats some on the ribcage but refuses to let go, jumps at the blonde and clatters into her rack before working more leather on the temples and wobbling Porter back to the ropes. The bell saves the blonde from a really difficult time out there!

Round 2:
Bianca keeps outworking Louise in close range as another feisty tangle has the blonde's head snapping back and enabling the brunette to inflict a couple of early bruises. Porter has to revert to some quick feet again but she works the single hand to indicate Bianca won't be allowed to dominate that easily, she smacks a couple on the cheeks herself but then Bianca pulls the rack bumping trick again and wobbles the blonde before catching her on the jaw with a heavy uppercut. Louise's head snaps back again and she drops her guard as Gascoigne rips through her brow ridge and finds a follow up on the nose... Porter drops on the ropes with eyes closed and winces in pain, has no time to escape from more misery as Bianca wrenches her on the navel and flicks another uppercut between the arms to bounce off the nose... PORTER'S DOWN ON HER KNEES... the proud blonde just taking one blow too many even though she's up at six and apparently not shaken at all... Bianca wants more punishment and jumps at her again, misses the put away jabs on the temples though and eats a swift response across the mouth as Louise spings off the ropes and finds the piledriver on the nose to neglect any hopes of a quick brunette victory before the bell halts the action.

Round 3:
Huge punching galore at the start of the third and these girls just want to punch each other out in classic suicidal fashion, Louise finds the overhand first and crashes off Bianca's nose again to wobble the brunette forward, she dekes to the side thanks to some visibly faster feet and allthough Gascoigne threatens to land the heavier punches, she can't quite chase the blonde down. The chest bumping fails to work for the third time and a flurry of blonde leather leaves the bruises on the cheeks to push Bianca into mid distance and covering away in eamuff. Louise loops more jabs on the head but lacks steam, looks happy just to prevent any incoming leather and the action calms down for the first time tonight in the latter stages of the round as both women need to catch their breaths.

Round 4:
Bianca tries to match the blonde's pace across the canvas but falls into a double combo overhand and begins to lose all that knockdown momentum, Louise ups the intensity of her attacks and the single leather slices the brunette's mitts more frequently now as the blonde shows some signs of tactical awareness, the punch & weave approach wears Gascougne down on the long haul and the brunette looks annoyed in the final minute, another fruitless chest bumping attempt blows back in her face as Porter rains leather on the cleavage instead and has the dark haired model wobbling and shrieking at the bell.

Round 5:
Porter with a furious barrage to open the fifth, she whacks Gascoigne's mitts aside and bounces off her nose to stagger her in the middle of the ring. Bianca covers up in earmuff but that helps little when Louise switches to ribcage assault and pounds the cumbersome opponent back to the ropes. Brunette can't fight back from there like Porter did in the second round and just gets pummelled butt-in-ropes as the blonde keeps romping away and shows no signs of fatigue in the proccess. Bianca tries to lift her head but eats a riffling left hook on the nose and a right hand follow up bounces off her brow ridge to whip her against the ropes and just add more insult to injury. Porter with more crunching jabs on the midsection late in the going, she tries to punish the boobs as well but bounces off the forearms, still there's no response from the brunette and looks relieved to have survived a truly rough period in the ring.

Round 6:
Bianca was slower than Louise even with a knockdown in hand and now gets trapped in the middle of the ring with a piercing hook on the eye, wobbles forward and the blonde just pours uppercuts on the rack, finds the area she couldn't back in the fifth to increase the brunette's moaning volume before blasting a left hand on the mouth to drop the arms for good. Bianca goes shimmy shake and fails to raise the guard as Louise nails her with a left/right hooking combo on the temples... GASCOIGNE GOES DOWN... she hits the deck flat on her back and the legs shoot up in the air before coming down with a loud thump... that was point blank range stuff from the blonde model who struts back to her corner and watches as her foe slowly climbs to her feet at eight.. that looked far worse than Porter's effort in the second and Bianca falls into a jabbing galore immediately after the command, she tries to send a response over the top but Louise slips by and bats away at the cleavage, pushes the aching brunette back to the ropes before cleaning out her tummy and moving up on the rack again. Bianca covers up her face but gets punished pretty much everywhere else and just sinks on her knees as Louise keeps pumping leather on the navel and wants to chop her in half or something... a barrage of punches leaves the brunette a moaning wreck at the bell but Louise just can't finish her off yet and gets no help from the ref who refused to stop the fight despite Bianca getting nothing back to prevent a looming knockout.

Round 7:
Porter almost hoped for the brunette to quit on her stool but Gascoigne shows enough spirit to rise for the seventh but she's wobbling even as she approaches the blonde who just whacks her on the nose with a straight jab before blasting another uppercut on the chest to spin her to the side. Bianca tries to clatter into her cleavage again but she's painfully slow in execution and misses her hooking attempt by miles, eats a right hand on the nose instead and it's as easy as you like for Porter as BIANCA JUST COLLAPSES TO HER KNEES... fails to keep her balance and some people in the audience think she just stumbled on her own... ref gives her the eight count nonetherless and Bianca's keen to keep her slim chances alive... or does the ref want to give the crowd a juicy knockout after the Zoe Lister failure in the previous fight? Any which way, Gascoigne's guard is non-existent once Louise starts to rearrange her face again, the dark hair flies back & forth as the blonde bats away meeting no resistance at all and shutting down Bianca's eyes on the two minute mark.. Left hand on the brow ridge, right hand on the cheek AND GASCOIGNE CRASHES DOWN on her face again, this time to rise no more... KO7 Louise Porter!!!

AFTER: That was an ineviteable finish once Louise shrugged off the knockdown and started to stack the punches on Bianca. The below par punching resistance makes the difference once again and quite frankly a more skilled fighter would have blown Gascoigne out of the ring much sooner. But that's the bottom line of this match-up and the entire Leeds card; Bianca wasn't clearly outnumbered before even entering the ring and had her chances early. It will be a question of what might have been for the brunette model in the weeks and possibly months to come however it's her blonde opponent that will be seeking more high-profile opportunities instead. Louise hasn't neccessarily set the flyweight division on fire but she's earned herself another fight before the year is over according to Charlie Webster.

Final result: Louise Porter def. Bianca Gascoigne KO7.


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