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22 August 2014 Vanessa Hudgens vs Kirsten Dunst

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(Writing: Rampant Fighting; Results: Lookout)


Posted by Rampant Fighting on August 22, 2014, 4:00 pm.


The maturation of Vanessa Hudgens continues apace. Against a power deficient and sometimes tentative Kirsten Dunst, Hudgens showed good patience in recovering from a strong Dunst second to record a sixth round stoppage that will do nothing to convince those who doubt Kirsten’s heart for the fight. ‘She didn’t hurt me. I walked onto her punch that one time and my guys told me to be cautious for a couple of rounds after that, but anytime I wanted I could have finished it,’ Hudgens said in post-fight. ‘She’s just lucky I was in a good mood or I’d have given those saggy titties the same treatment I gave Mishy’s.’

Interviews after the fact are often exercises in revisionism, but that was probably an honest enough summary of what was mostly a tension free affair. Hudgens likely was more buzzed than she let on in the second – her legs seemed to give a sizeable wobble in the moments after she took the punch – but when Dunst was content to follow up with more jabbing and prodding, whatever opportunity was there for her drowned in the murk of her caution.

Still, the knockout was a beauty. Setup by a series of punishing bodyshots that had Kirsten cramped up and twisting away from the impacts, Hudgens got all of her weight into a left hook to the chin that had Dunst asleep before her cheek hit the canvas. It was a reminder that, for all that the Pudgens jibes make good copy, finishing power at flyweight is worth enduring a bit of name-calling for.

As ever with Hudgens, there is plenty going on outside the ring, and after disposing of Dunst she was asked to comment on rumors of ongoing tension with old rival Ashley Tisdale. And for those who think Vanessa doesn’t do subtlety, how about this for a response? ‘I support all of the Lookout women when they fight. And I totally agree with Rachel Bilson.’ Pause to allow listening press to mentally run through the many insults Bilson had aimed at Tisdale over the last few weeks. ‘Ashley has a great butt.’

And whither Dunst? Or perhaps, wither Dunst. Understandably after what happened to her last time she was in an FCBA ring she had plenty of crowd support, and she had talked convincingly beforehand about taking the fight to Hudgens, but ultimately this was tame stuff; yes she won rounds with her jab and her legs but none of it was putting any mileage on Hudgens body, and the belated fulfilment of her talent suggested by the wins over Lohan and Seyfried, and especially Portman, once again seems as far away as ever.

(Hudgens beats Dunst KO6)




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