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22 August 2014 Emily Blunt vs Jessica Alba

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on August 22, 2014, 5:00 pm




(Words: Vassago / Results: Lookout!)

BEFORE: Emily's been touted as the best British import to America since Liz Taylor but Jessica has experience in pounding UK girls to a smoking mess in "just ask Kate Beckinsale" fashion. It's not all been plain sailing for Emily though as Nat Dormer took it Welsh old school to her and secured a dirty stoppage but then again Jessica blasted the blonde herself and wants to confirm her status as the true Union Jack slayer and claims "nobody will stop her, least of all someone named Blount". Open hostility from the raunchy brunette, tons of experience on her side but Emily predicts "a hard fall from grace" and threatens to dissect Alba's flesh in most vicious display yet.

Emily wears a red bikini top, small white hip-huggers and red gloves. Jessica wears a navy blue bikini set with black gloves. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the lightweight division.

Round 1:
Jessica jumps from the word go and starts hassling the English prospect, one can't underestimate someone of Emily's agenda even though Jessica's seen it all and done it all. She thumps the ribcage before shifting upstairs and forcing Emily to weave around in avoidance. She tries to respond but Jessica's too quick and too determined early, dominate the close range exchange and sends repeated hooks on the ribs to keep her rival honest. Emily fires away from back foot but lacks precision and hasn't settled at all thus far, eats a cross hook on the mouth which pierces her guard worryingly too easy but Jessica just can't push her into the ropes yet and gives her a long stare at the bell instead.

Round 2:
Both women tangle in the middle of the ring but as Jessica flies with an overhand hook, Emily shows some bendiness and slips by it, wrenches the navel instead and moves onto the rack in close range, thumping uppercuts to make the American gasp for air in sudden discomfort. All Emily thereafter, the body assault leaves Alba staggered and covering up, refusing to yield an inch of real estate but getting broken down, hectic footwork from her, she pivots around but can't escape more English leather, Emily barks in determinations and lays it into the American's body, yet again no panic station though as Jessica avoids getting trapped on the ropes and finds a late response by grazing Emily's cheeks and halting her charge. Another late jumps results in a clinch and Emily shows some muscle by almost wrestling Jessica to the ground incurring the referee's wrath.

Round 3:
Another tangle in the middle of the ring has Emily's head snapping back; Jessica comes in with a high assault and catches the English girl by surprise, a forceful mood brings more success as Jessica splits the red gloves aside and adds some nice lumps on the pretty face; Emily has to yield ground, turns on some pace but not good enough for Jessica who files with more facial leather and backs her into the ropes; Emily leans forward and lets one go that catches the eye, Jessica moans in shock but digs into the body now that she's trapped the proud English girl, heavy punching to the guts makes Emily yelp but she finds another hook on the eye and halts Alba's charge, another clinch brings more muscle from Blunt who wrenches the American against the turnbuckle and cleans out her breadbasket, both girls squealing in their efforts as the action hots up.

Round 4:
Jessica sends more facial leather early but Emily ducks underneath and spikes the ribcage in close range, bumps into the cleavage and wobbles the American, beats her for an overhand on the nose and jumps in with more aggression thereafter. She's scored some emphatic wins before but Alba's almost another level and the determination is visible, Emily in all-in mode thumping jabs to the body and seeking liver destruction as Jessica covers up low and targets the head but gets reeled back to the ropes and winces in her efforts to halt the English charge. A couple of belting hooks stagger Emily but it's not enough to punish her beyond the limits, Jessica all butt-in-ropes late and just trying to minimize the damage, Blunt in a loud manner after the bell, shakes her glove right in Alba's eyes before getting shoved back to her corner.

Round 5:
Emily storms out of her corner, the late rally in the previous round seemed ominous and she doesn't want to waste her time, reaches out for the chest grazes the navy blue but Jessica spins to the side and has Blunt throwing an uppercut in the thin air. BELTING HOOK ON THE LIVER AREA has Emily hurt and moaning with Jessica pumping more body leather in a flush... Left hook on the temple staggers her to set up Jessica's cavalry as she thuds the chest thereafter and pounds Blunt back to the ropes in earmuff. Heavy leather on the display as Emily bends to the side and still struggles to weather that liver hook; Alba rains punches and meets no resistance as she digs more around the elbows and increases the Brit's groans. Another switch on the chest pierces the arms and Jessica pushes her into the ropes to prevent any movement... a couple of hooks shatters the guard for good and snaps the head back as they reach the jaw... Emily sagging with eyes closed as Alba pumps more jabs on the nose and threatens to fracture some bones... one loud scream too many and REF STEPS IN before Jessica rearranges some pretty English face... TKO5 Jessica Alba!!!

AFTER: Veteran-like destruction in a single round to leave the English pride in tatters. Alba rolls back some years to please the crowd and claim her bragging stakes over the European import. "Kate or Nat, it doesn't matter! Ems just followed the only path I know and that's to dump all of them in a trashcan!", Jessica has all the pleasure in the world to watch Blunt argue with the stoppage; she claims to have full control of her actions and Jessica was catching the gloves more than punishing her... a couple of nasty lumps across both cheeks indicate otherwise and the reddened nose settles her claim invalid. However it's one loud Brit leaving the arena and promising revenge as Jessica can only laugh at her noisy departure: "She still can learn her lessons and today was just one of them. I beat her fair & square and left no room for any questions. Some girls just don't know how to lose..." 




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