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22 August 2014 Title Ch Rachel Nichols vs Blake Lively

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on August 22, 2014, 5:26 pm




(Writing: Archer / Results: Lookout!)

Before:  Some mystery about the location of this fight. Piped into the PPV arena and audiences at home by special satellite hook-up from--? Well, that’s the mystery. Location is said to be in South America (some say Tierra del Fuego at the very southern tip of the continent) at an ice hotel built as exclusive winter report for publicity-shy VIP’s.

Pre-fight encounters (shown in highlight reel before bout) have been explosive. Blake more than happy to remind everyone that she’s already beaten Foxfire lightweights Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Laura Vandervoort.

“Now another ‘Foxy’ is going to lose her tail to me!” Blake says with a cheerful sneer. “You  know we HISC fighters can’t stand those overrated ‘prissy missies’ at Foxfire and I can’t tell you how happy it makes to have beaten those girls. Now I get to add their most successful current light to my total. Plus I get to get that ‘Ice Queen’ title away from Rachel—you doesn’t deserve you know, Everyone knows she was losing that fight to Adriana Lima, but the judges gave it to her anyway. That’s an injustice I intend to rectify.”

Rachel sits at the table that has been set up for the press conference. As Blake finishes, Rachel stands up and marches to the podium.

“First of all, there was no ‘injustice’ in the decision, just a lot of sour grapes on the part of some people,” Rachel says with a icy glare at Blake.  “I do not appreciate loudmouths like Blake Lively bringing up that dead issue.”

“Oh, look out! The Issue has risen from the grave!” mocks Blake.

“Shut up, Blake! This is my turn!” Rachel snaps.

“I’m not going to let you paper over a very real issue among ice hotel fans!” Blake continued. “You should be ashamed to have claimed that title! Of course, it’s well-known fact Foxfire girls will do anything for a title!”

Rachel leaves the podium and stands over Blake: “I told you to shut your mouth you blonde tramp!”

Blake bounds to her feet with a red flush in her cheeks and gives Rachel a shove: “Don’t you try to bully me!”

Rachel shoves Blake, who falls over her own chair and deposits Blake on her bottom. Rachel leans over, grabs two handfuls of blonde hair, attempting to pull Blake to her feet, but Blake grabs Rachel in a bear hug and pulls her down to the stage floor with a crash. The two roll around kicking, screaming and pulling hair until Security pulls them apart. Last scene is them being taken from the room in opposite directions, though they both struggle mightily to get free and resume the catfight.

Arena crowd stunned by all this and wonder if the bout itself can match the informal donnybrook.
Jumbotrons now show the arena set up within the Ice Hotel, the defending champion Rachel Nichols stands in a long white sable fur coat and hat, which an attendant removes. We see she is in a royal blue bikini with white fur trim, fur-lined white UGG boxing boots and white fur boxing mitts. She stands there hands on hips, eyeing Blake Lively with open contempt. Blake is in a long black mink coat and hat, which her attendant removes to reveal a silver bikini with black fur trim with fur-lined black UGG boxing boots and black fur boxing mitts. She stands in a haughty pose of her own, clearly not intimidated.  There is a referee there, gamely reciting the rules and telling them to touch gloves. The fighters don’t even try, just give each other hard glares and retreat to their respective corners.

During R1: The bell rings. Long-legged beauties gracefully cross the ring and start hurling leather at one another. Rachel unleashes an impressively strong and accurate jab to bring Blake’s efforts to fight her way in close come to a sudden halt. Rachel then goes on the attack, banging at her blonde’s ribs and sneaking in the occasional hard right or left to the head. Blake keeps trying to come forward, but she just can’t take the Nichols jab. She finally tries circling, but Rachel keeping up with her to secure the points for the opening round.

R2: Rachel practically galloping across the ring to heave punches into Blake, who falls back spraying blood from a cut in her left eyebrow. Rachel gives Blake a wolfish look and pounds her hard to the midsection before returning to tenderize those ribs. Blake hurting, but keeps focus and tries to get her jab going. It’s not enough to keep Rachel off her. Blake lumping up as Rachel takes her second round.

R3: Blake gets aggressive early on, striking Rachel around the head and shoulders before ducking down to hook bellymeat. Rachel feeling the pressure, but fights back with determination with that jab. Battle sways first Blake’s way and then Rachel’s with Rachel pounding Blake’s sides again and making blonde wince, though she does not retreat. Fine back and forth action this round with Rachel Nichols winning it  by a narrow margin. Blake and Rachel exchange fierce looks after the bell and referee hurries order to direct them to their respective corners.

R4: Blake returns to the offensive, but she is showing more mobility and upper body movement now, making it harder for Rachel to target her. Rachel battling for control gets in very close to pump some hooks into Blake’s solar plexus. Blake gasping, but spots an opening as Blake loads up to strike again. Blake rams a short uppercut into Rachel’s chin and the Foxfire lightweight’s long legs suddenly crumble! RACHEL NICHOLS IS DOWN. Wild cheers from the HISC fans and groans from Foxfire supporters in the arena as the Jumbtron focuses on Rachel sitting on her butt with a stunned look on her face. However, Rachel manages to get to her feet by the count of 8. Rachel then uses her jab to bust up Blake’s face when she tries to come in (reopening that cut in her left eyebrow), but it’s not enough to overcome the knockdown as the round is judged 10-8 on the cards. Blake Lively takes her first stanza.

R5: Blake even more aggressive this round as she manages to strike hard and often to keep Rachel too dazed to properly get her jab working. Rachel’s face now shiny from repeated impacts and blood coming from her nose. Rachel’s long legs shaking as she instinctively retreats from the damage, but Blake is moving with her.  As Rachel is near to be pressed against the ropes, she is able to send out a punishing flurry of jabs that bring Blake to a startled halt. Blake more cautious but still on the attack with Rachel countering desperately. Blake does not relent though she is unable to hurt Rachel again and wins her second round.

R6: Rachel trying to meet Blake’s aggressiveness with offense of her own. Long-legged beauties circling each other and lashing away makes for a very pleasing sight. Rachel trying to fight her way in close, but so is  Blake. Two end up forehead to forehead pounding each other’s bodies  t with piston-like punching. Very exciting to watch them go at it, but gradually Blake begins to make Rachel back up. As Rachel goes on the defensive, Blake ups her punch rate, banging Rachel around the head, but the Foxfire beauty remains standing to the bell. Still, it’s a close HISC fighter victory on the cards.

R7: Rachel seems determined to regain control of the fight and comes out swinging. However Blake is just as determined to continue building on her two previous successful rounds. The opponents circle at midring, firing leather at each other, while searching for openings. Not a lot of serious damage being done until the clock reaches the second minute. Then a neat feint by Rachel draws Blake’s attention—and lowers her guard. Swatting left on the jaw drops Blake Lively to her knees with a surprised look on her face. Rachel retreats as the referee starts counting. Blake up at 8 ready to resume. However, Rachel continues to have the more successful offense to the bell and takes the round.

R8: Blake comes out swinging, clearly looking to erase that knockdown, but Rachel seems to have expected it. The champion is mobile on her feet and with her body, evading or deflecting the challenger’s punches. Then  when Blake lunges in with a right aimed at Rachel’s head, the champion ducks under the punch and smacks the HISC blonde HARD to the jaw. Blake drops to all fours panting as the referee starts counting. Blake shows her toughness by rising at 8 and assuring the referee she can go on. Blake takes to her heels as Rachel comes charging back at her and uses her jab with some effectiveness to stay out of further trouble, but the round clearly belongs to Rachel Nichols.

R9:  Rachel looks eager to finish off Blake and hurries across the ring to do just that, but the blonde greets her with a determined jab and a surprise straight right to the nose that causes the champ to recoil with a trickle of crimson running out of one nostril. Blake presses in to keep the advantage and Rachel looks flustered trying to hold her off. They shift around each other, looking for openings and exchanging some tricky shots when holes are found in the other’s defense. Rachel getting hit more often by this, but she hangs in and swipes a left off Blake’s chin late in the round. Blake staggers away, face in gloves, but time runs out before Rachel can take advantage. Round goes to Blake Lively.

R10: Rachel determined to put down the HISC uprising and swarms over Blake from the outset. She goes straight for the blonde’s belly and feasts on with strong hooks that lift Blake up on her toes. Blake bending forward and Rachel goes after that chin strong left/rights from in close. They crunch in HARD and you can see the shudder shoot down Blake’s long stems. Then Rachel works the tummy to open up the chin and CRUNCHES an uppercut. Blake’s head snaps back and she sprawls onto her back, legs wide apart and trembling, arms at her head. She’s not stirring this time as the referee’s count passes her by.


After: Rachel walks in the ring and waves her hand in regal triumph. An attendant slips on the white sable fur just in time for the dazed Blake Lively to be brought around on her stool. Rachel marches over and seize Blake by the left bicep and drags her outside. Blake already shivering as Rachel finds a convenient snow bank where she fills Blake’s bikini top and bottom with snow.  Blake tries to make a break for it, but Rachel shoves her into a soft bank of snow where Blake sinks to her neck. At this point, Rachel’s stretch limo appears, Rachel goes over to the driver and whispers a few words, then climbs in, but rolls down a window to look out. Driver maneuvers the big car and then guns the engine, wheels slip in the slush near the Hotel entrance and the spray lands on the helpless, humiliated Blake Lively. Then the limo’s tires catch and the car speeds away. Attendants extract Blake from the snowbank, she is weeping with fury and swears revenge on all fighters Foxfire, but especially Rachel Nichols!

“No can doubt I am a true Ice Queen,” says Rachel proudly. “not after this.” 



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