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23 August 2014 Tractorpull PPV Review

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Posted by Tractorpull Magazine on August 23, 2014, 7:35 pm



McCURDY/ HALE. The newcomer blonde, McCurdy gave Hale a lot more trouble than expected in this enjoyable fight. McCurdy had the lead at the end of five due to a knockdown in the fifth, but that lead would be short lived. Hale used a one-two to the solar plexus and jaw to drop McCurdy in the seventh. McCurdy would survive. but not for long. Hale ended the fight in the eighth with a right to the liver that put her rival down for the count

DADDARIO/ PIKE. Pike got off to a good started winning the first and third rounds. The third round was Pike's high point. It was the last round she would win. Daddario took the fourth and fifth rounds and then ended the bout with a right uppercut to the chin that left Pike senseless on the canvas.

RICCI/ LOHAN. Since Tractorpull doesn't do JMD bouts, I went down to the bar for an adult libation and talked with the bartender about how high the Dow could go

SCHERZINGER/ CHUNG. Chung won the first round, but after that it was all Nicole. She battered Chung around the ring in the second and third rounds. In the fourth, Scherzinger used a left right combo to leave Chung a sitting duck and the bout was stopped

YUSTMAN/ KURYLENKO. A good close bout. We had the fight even at the end of two. Even at the end of four and even at the end of six. Kurylenko won the sixth, but was running out of gas at the end of the round. Odette took advantage of the gasping Kurylenko in the seventh, pouring on the punishment until the referee stepped in and called a halt to the bout

SCAGLIOTTI/ TISDALE. You might say this was a two part fight. The first part, the first three rounds belonged to Allison. She won those rounds that included a second round knockdown. Part two began in the fourth, as Tisdale took control winnings rounds four and five and decking Scagliotti in the sixth. Ashley ended the fight in the seventh, by pounding Allison into a helpless brunette and the bout was stopped

BLUNT/ ALBA. I thought this bout ended in a mild upset. After Alba won the first round, I thought Blunt settled in winning the next three rounds although they were close. Early in the fifth, Alba landed a hook to the liver that was the beginning of the end for Blunt. Alba poured on the punishment, having Blunt sagging in the ropes when the bout

BELLaISARIO/ ACCOLA. The first.five rounds of this bout belonged to Bellisario. Accola did floor Bellisaario in the third, but was decked in return in the fifth. Accola closed Bellisario's lead by winning rounds six and seven. Bellisario again widened her lead winning the eighth and ninth. Accola would need a KO to win. The KO occurred, but it was not Accola who was standing. It was Bellisario via a right to Accola's chin

SILK/ FERGE. The bout was even at the end of four with Ferge taking rounds one and four. Silk managed to win rounds two and three. Silk went into overdrive in the fifth, putting Ferge on the canvas with a whistling right. Ferge survived the round, but hadn't recovered by the beginning of the sixth. She didn't survive the round as Silk hammered her at will until the referee stopped the fight.

DOBREV/ CYRUS. I will have to say up to this point, this has to be the fight of the night. Dobrev got off to a big lead including a first round knockdown. Cyrus rallied in the fifth and put Dobrev on the canvas in the seventh. At the end of ten, the bout was declared a draw. The bout went into overtime. In the eleventh, Cyrus went to Dobrev's bra with devastating effect. Dobrev finally went down being counted out on her face. To my way of thinking, this was a big upset/

JOHANSSON/ M. KELLY. This bout seemed to follow a pattern of most of the earlier fights. Good close rounds with the bout being even at the end of four. Kelly came on to take the fifth, and the floor Johansson in the sixth. In the seventh, Kelly landed a short right to the chin. that left Johansson dazed and Kelly unleashed a final flurry that ended when the referee stopped the bout

PARK/ MCADAMS This fight fell into the same early pattern as many of the fights on this card. The two were even at the end of four. Late in the fifth McAdams landed a left to the head and followed with a right to the stomach and another left to the chin and Park went down. She managed to beat the count and last the round. Park wasn’t fully recovered when the bell rand for the sixth. McAdams waded in and pretty much battered Park at will until the referee stopped the fight

WILDE/ S. MITHCELL Once again we had a close fight early. Even at the end of two. Even at the end of four. Even at the end of six. Towards the end of the seventh, Wilde landed a big fight to Mitchell’s jaw that had her hurt. She was still a little hurt when the eighth began and Wilde took advantage. A huge right from Wilde almost took Mitchell off her feet. After that she was an easy target and the fight was called to a halt to save MItchell from further punishment

WINSTEAD/ WAGNER I think the result of this fight could be called a mild surprise. Winstead was the favorite and acted like it for the first four rounds winning three. In the beginning of the fifth Wagner caught Winstead with a left/right combination to the head stunning Winstead. Wagner proceeded to use Winstead’s head as a punching bag, finally bringing an end to Winstead’s night with a powerhouse right

DORMER/ SPEARS Dormer is up to her old tricks like she can’t win a fight unless she fouls and foul she did in two critical situations. Spears had a big lead at the end of five including a fifth round knockdown. Dormer made a comeback taking rounds six and seven. In the eighth, Dormer landed the first critical foul, a blow to trunks and followed up with a head shot the put Spears on the canvas When the eighth began, Spears still hadn’t recovered from the low blow. In the ninth Dormer landed the second foul, another low blow that left Spears helpless and the fight was stopped,

CHABERT/ M. WILLIAMS Another JMD bout I was down the bar finishing my discussion about the Dow

HOUGH/ M. FOX If you were looking for a fight that was one sided this was it. Hough put on a clinic in the first round and followed up with the same in the next three rounds flooring Fox in the third and fourth rounds. In the fifth, Fox did have Hough in bad shape, but Hough ended Fox’s short dreams of victory with a couple vicious body bangs and a right hook to the jaw

DANES/ VANCAMP One of the better fights of the night to this point. Danes got out to an early lead taking four of the first five rounds. VanCamp closed the gap by taking rounds six and seven. Danes then pitched a shutout in the eighth. VanCamp had to win the last two rounds to get a draw. She won the ninth, but still needed the tenth. She got the tenth in spades. She not only won the round, but scored a knockdown that gave her the fight by one point. VanCamp is the new bantam champ. Her post fight antics were uncalled for and not becoming

STRAHOVSKI/ TORV Wow, this was a war. Torv got off to a great start winning the four of the first five rounds including decking Strahovski in the fourth. Strahovski then came back to take the sixth and deck Torv in the seventh. Torv took a good lead back by flooring Strahovski in the eighth. Strahovski, however, wasn’t finished, She decked Torv in the ninth to draw within one point. Torv put the champ on the canvas again in the tenth. She had the fight won. All she had to do was stay away, She didn’t and got caught and dropped. Strahovski got the round and the bout was declared a draw Torv took the eleventh and again was on the verge of victory. Strahovski, however, took the twelfth. In the thirteenth, the champ landed the winning punch that sent Torv to the canvas for the count. Strahovski retains her title

FREEMAN/ DECKER This was another great bout. After Freeman gave the first round away she settled down and won the next two, In the fourth, Decker shocked the crowd and yes including me, when she put the champ on the canvas. Decker took the fifth, to have the lead at the halfway point. Freeman served notice the fight wasn’t over when she dropped Decker in the sixth. I thought Freeman won the seventh and Decker the eighth. In the ninth, the champion would go down to the canvas again. Once again a Front Street fighter is on the verge of winning a title. Decker could have avoided Freeman’s power but elected to go after Freeman with disastrous results. Decker would go down not once but twice. The second time it was for good. Freeman retains her title by a KO 



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