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24 August 2014 Geri Halliwell vs Amelle Berrabah

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Posted by Vassago on August 24, 2014, 2:33 pm


Amelle Berrabah openly questions whether Geri Halliwell should still compete in BBU and believes the answer is a straight-forward "no" but as Denise van Outen reminds her, until someone actually breaks the ex-Spice Girl's spirit the proud 42 year old will always come back for more. And since Lioness Club has signed most of the high-profile girlsband members there's little chance of some internal upheaval that would force Geri and Emma Bunton to hang up their gloves anytime soon. 


Amelle likes to tease fellow Sugababe Heidi Range - who's of course on the Lioness payroll - about the gym sessions results but perhaps Jade Ewen can settle the increasing pressure once and for all instead? Any which way, it's Amelle's turn to have another crack at the Lioness singers as she wants to make up for the Mr. Marcus Invitational demons where she just couldn't put Cheryl Cole away despite plenty of opportunities.

Geri Halliwell wears a yellow bikini with white polka dots and yellow gloves. Amelle Berrabah wears a lacy black bikini and red gloves. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Geri blasts out of her stool and nails the younger singer with a crunching overhand that staggers Amelle on the spot and closes her eyes as the yellow gloves finds the mouth before a follow up from the other side bounces off the temple. Amelle bends to the side and nearly collapses flat on her face as Geri's surprised by that opening combo herself and fails to quickly add another blow, allows Amelle to jump out of reach in desperate fashion before a proper leather exchange ensues with the redhead pumping the yellow mitts against Berrabah's face but eating some as well. No holding back whatsoever out there and Amelle finds her rhythm as she outworks the older foe and smacks her on the cheeks to snap the head back and hold her own against the script. Geri works more overhands but grazes the top of the forehead and falls into a late clinch with Amelle refusing to let go until the bell.

Round 2:
Another aggressive leap from Geri but Amelle responds likewise and she's quicker of the two as he nails the Spice Girl on the nose and whacks her on the temples to gain advantage. Geri refuses to yield an inch and leans on the feisty Sugababe anyway but another left/right combo on the cheeks spins her to the side and allows Berrabah to blast an extra punch on the nose which wobbles Halliwell on the back foot. Amelle pours with facial leather in no time, she finds the cheeks and makes the redhead wince in pain but keeps the work rate to prevent any response and pummels Geri back to the ropes where more facial blows slice the yellow gloves and leave the first lumps on the older singer's face. Halliwell covers up in earmuff but fails to respond to Berrabah's aggression and concedes the round much to the crowd's anger.

Round 3:
Geri tries to repeat that opening round start but Amelle's too skilled to fall into another trap like that, she dances around the redhead's efforts in the opening minute showing superior agility before mounting an overhand counter and spiking the cheeks red again. Halliwell's so determined to lay some into the exotic beauty but only grazes her cleavage and wobbles forward after losing her balance in a rushed approach... Berrabah nails her on the left eye and finds a left hand on the nose which staggers the veteran in the middle of the ring, a flurry of red leather follows and just pounds Geri back to the ropes with Amelle still all-in on the head and refusing to punish her opponent's guts. Halliwell sags on the ropes in desperate earmuff but another round ends with her soaking up some Sugababes' punishment along the ropes against the proverbial odds.

Round 4:
Amelle really wants to underline her presence now as she clatters into the redhead's mounds and thumps them against her chin. Geri screams out in pain but finds no speed to match the younger singer's antics and allows her to pound away in fury and finally slip something on the ribcage. Amelle silences the KO Club with some spirited jabbing and she pummels a truly cumbersome looking Spice Girl back to the turnbuckle where she drills the navel and closes Halliwell's eyes down the stretch as the punishment just doesn't stop and Geri's weak hooking response only grazes the temples before Amelle whacks a proper one on the nose and leaves Geri swallowing some tears at the bell.

Round 5:
Geri in full retreat now, tries to find a second breath after losing three rounds on the spin however Amelle has other ideas and lands a crisp jabbing series around the elbows which only increases her advantage as the footwork dominance escapes any questions too. Amelle teases the veteran by dropping her arms to the side but Geri's seen it all before and refuses to fall for such tricks, settles into a single hand jabbing from mid distance and inadvertly gains her breath back as Berrabah's cocky demeanour results in the tempo of the bout slowing right down. In the dying seconds Amelle leaps back at her but it's too late to maintain the Halliwell pressure and she gets blocked off by the forearms before the Barnet crowd finally has something to cheer about as a piercing left hooks nails the Sugababe on the nose and makes her yelp in discomfort.

Round 6:
Back to the classic all-in leather galore, Amelle realized the teasing backfired on her and targets Halliwell's rack again but the older singer responds with a new found confidence and blasts a left/right hooking combo on the chin to spin Berrabah to the side and move on for some cleavage assault herself. Amelle tries to fight back from behind the guard but wobbles again and fails to regain her balance as Geri buries a hook on the solar plexus to stagger her instead. A quick left/right combo finds the temples and makes the younger singer moan before a left hand crashes off the nose AND SENDS AMELLE SITTING DOWN in the middle of the ring... Halliwell screams out in delight but Amelle's quick to jump back to her feet at five, almost too quick and the ref suddenly gets shoved away as the Sugababe flies in with a piercing series on the chest; redhead gets caught out as no command was given and it's getting a bit personal as Halliwell's mounds endure a quick trip to the forearms and back and Berrabah's working a furious series to punch her back to the ropes against the crowd's support. All-in from the allegedly wounded Hampshire girl who shows no signs of weakness despite that knockdown and she rains leather on the redhead's chest to keep her pinned on the ropes and gasping for air until the remainder of the round. Both women are into each other's ear after the bell and ref has to drag the Sugababe warrior away and the crowd really feels it's turned into a grudge fight with Berrabah keen to punish the Lioness pride for the sake of her sanity.

Round 7:
Geri can't understand how Amelle hasn't folded like a cheap tent following that knockdown especially a bloody mark has appeared on top of Berrabah's nose... she pumps herself for another high tempo effort but the reality is, Amelle's in a much better physical shape and she outworks the veteran in a repeated close range tangle and smacks her on the chin a couple of time to drop the hands low, a piercing jab on the solar plexus follows and it's Halliwell folding like a tent now, struggling to regain her breath as Berrabah pours with more leather on the mounds like she wants to punch the yellow top off.. Geri tries so hard to stay in the battle but gets clipped on the jaw and loses her balance as Berrabah jumps onto her like she's been training muay thai all her left.. but instead of a knee to the guts, she nails the redhead with another piercing uppercut which proves too much for Geri's rack to handle... DOWN SHE GOES.... Halliwell collapses on her knees and hugs her tummy as she spits out her piece to gain more time in a blatant move... Amelle bunny hops around her and wants to resume the punishment as soon as possible and Halliwell's finally up at eight, has the mouth guard inserted again but she's leaking energy all over the place now as Amelle rips into her mouth with immediate flurry of jabs and snaps the head back... she pummels a visibly aching redhead back to the ropes where she slips by with more chest assault and has Geri moaning volumes at the two minute mark... more chopping jabs switch on the navel thereafter and my oh my, Amelle just punches the stuffing out of the former Spice Girl and shows no mercy whatsoever... she hits the grudge button in full song and clips the rack to remove the last ounce of air from the redhead's lungs... HALLIWELL SLIDES DOWN IN THE CORNER... she rolls onto her side and aches her heart out gesturing to coach Wild she's on the limit... Berrabah struts back to her corner and gives no extra time for Geri to get up, the count is at six before the proud redhead gets up but sags against the turnbuckle and spits out her piece, more gesturing from Halliwell and she can't breath at all now and looks like she's gonna barf her insides in the middle of the ring... a disaster for the whole Lioness camp but ref has to escort a battered Geri back to their corner... TKO7 Amelle Berrabah!!!

AFTER: One might say the age is catching up with Geri and she can't last the distance against women twelve years her junior anymore and Amelle really had more to give in the second half of the bout. Even the knockdown wasn't enough to put her off the boil and quite frankly the intensive nature of Mr. Marcus Invitational where she endured three fights in a matter of seven days must be paying off big time. Denise van Outen is led to believe Amelle's yoga regime must also play a part in her exceptional physical showing tonight not to mention Halliwell's agility shortage never enabled her to dominate the early rounds at all. On the other hand it's an evening of praise for the exotic beauty from Hampshire and perhaps only Heidi Range and Keisha Buchanan don't feel so gobsmacked when Amelle's hand is raised to silence the entire KO Club tonight.

Final result: Amelle Berrabah def. Geri Halliwell TKO7.



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