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1 September 2014 Tractorpull Asylum PPV Review

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Posted by Tractorpull Magazine on September 1, 2014, 11:24 am



PINK/ D. RICHARDS Richards' game plan was to get in close and bang away. Pink’s was to stay outside and pick away with the jab. Pink’s strategy won the first two rounds. Richards managed to get in close and took rounds three and four. Pink got back to her long range tactics in the fifth, and again was successful in winning the round by a considerable margin. In the sixth, Richards got a little careless and Pink landed a couple long range lefts that put Richards on the canvas. She would beat the count, only to fall victim to a flurry of rights and the referee stepped in and stopped the bout.

ANDERSON/ PARK I was interested in how a 47 year old Anderson would hold up. I didn’t think she would last long. She didn’t win but she did better than I expected. The taller Park played the game like Pink did. She stayed outside, but the older blonde managed to have the fight even at the end of four. I think age started to show in the fifth as Park sharpshooted from the outside to take a shutout round. In the sixth, Anderson trying to move forward walked in a straight right from Park and went down and out. Park in a KO win

UNDERWOOD/ MEESTER Sometimes I voice opinions I shouldn't’ but this fight was more important to Meester than Underwood. Meester is in a evaluation year. Underwood is on the road to nowhere. Be that as it may, this was a fine bout. The two were even at four. Underwood then surged into the lead by flooring Meester in the fifth and taking the sixth to have a sizeable lead. After that, the bout was all Meester who won the seventh, decked Underwood in the eighth, and finally got the lead in the ninth. Underwood had to win the tenth. Instead she caught a right uppercut from Meester that sent her to the canvas. She managed to get to her feet, but was easy pickings for Meester and the fight was stopped

WILKINSON/ RAMBIN It’s no secret that I am less than impressed by Wilkerson, but not only did she end up winning the fight, she also won the pre-fight dress off. I mean Leven, whatever possessed you to wear that dreadul bubblegum pink outfit? Oh yeah, to the fight. Rambin had a two point lead at the end of four. She still had a two point lead at the end of six. In the seventh, Wilkerson evened the bout by decking Rambin. Wilkerson then ended the fight in the eighth by flooring Rambin again and then using her as a punching bag until the contest was stopped

EVERHART/ KESHA After Kesha took the opening round, Everhart surged to a big lead by winning the next three rounds including puttin Kesha on the canvas in the fourth. The sixth. proved to be the deciding round as Kesha decked Everhart twice. Everhart didn’t recover from the sixth round pounding and was an easy target for Kesha in the seventh. Kesha picked her apart until the referee stepped in to save Everhart from further punishment

MACK/ McCARTHY I have to have a little talk with my BFF and broadcast mate, Miss Cassandra Lynn for holding out on me for the devious plan the Wiz had cooked up. Not only did he get Mac into the ring but he even got her mortal enemy, the regal Kate Beckinsale to join us in the broadcast booth. I didn’t have much hope for McCarthy since she hasn’t active for over a year, but she did much better than I though she would. She actually had the fight even at the end of six which was three more rounds than i thought she would go. Allison finally wore Mac down in the eighth when she floored her. The onslaught continued in the ninth when McCarthy would go down two more times, the last time from a right hook that sent McCarthy not only down, but out. After the bout I wanted to get into ring and do my usual interview but Kate grabbed to mike and got into the ring and embarrassed Jenny which I thought was dreadful and not appropriate A bizarre ending for a great night 



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