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6 September 2014 Caity Lotz vs Alesha Dixon

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Posted by Knowlesey on September 6, 2014, 9:12 am


After debuting in FCBA back in December 2010, losing in 5 rounds to Holly Valance, Alesha has concentrated on her BBU career, until now, at the age of almost 36, she has decided to re-enter the FCBA stage, taking on 27 year old Caity, who is looking to move up the bantamweight rankings, and who had gladly accepted the challenge from the British singer.

There have been plenty of comments from both girls leading into this fight, with Alesha announcing, “I’m gonna show these FCBA girls some moves now I’m back! Caity Lotz? I’m gonna teach this blonde bimbo a lesson she ain’t never gonna forget!”

When Caity gets to hear of Alesha’s remarks, she is dismissive, telling reporters, “I’m not lowering myself to swap idle threats with this ageing Brit. I’ll let my fists do my talking!”

Now it’s fightnight, and the girls are in the ring, Alesha in a tight white vest top, black microskirt, with white gloves and boots, Caity in a red one-piece with matching gloves and boots, her hair specially blonded up for the occasion.

Round 1

Despite the hype, both girls are making a careful start to this fight, neither seeming to have any physical advantage in terms of height or reach, and they exchange a few tentative jabs with Alesha the first girl to let go a second punch as she whips a neat right cross into Caity’s mouth, but takes a good right jab back before she can follow that up. Caity wants Alesha moving backwards, but the Brit stands her ground well, and she clips Caity with some nice punches, Caity forced to give ground, covers up as her back gets close to the ropes, Alesha banging at her body, Caity’s teeth clenched as she fights back, hitting Alesha to the mouth with a good one-two. As Alesha backs off a little, Caity comes off the ropes, and she hits Alesha hard to the body, but the Brit isn’t flustered, and the round ends with her nicely in control, taking the centre of the ring and working Caity around.

Round 2

After gaining the advantage in the opening round, Alesha comes out for the second in confident mood, but Caity’s a speedy operator, and she smacks a lovely little flurry of punches to Alesha’s face, shocking the Brit and sending her back. Now Caity attacks, gets a couple of sharp, snapping punches past Alesha’s guard, and follows up with a left hook to her ribs, Alesha again absorbing the blonde’s punches, and she jabs her back, her straight left punches popping Caity’s head back, Alesha following with a left cross, takes a few punches, and holds, the referee pulling the girls apart, Alesha reacting more quickly and she’s emerging as the stronger girl at this point, giving Caity some well targeted punches with her right, and Caity’s having to back off, which has Alesha moving in, Caity rebuffing her, though, Alesha eating a left, right, left peppering as the round closes.

Round 3

Back they come again, and Caity’s the girl starting with the better punches in this round, as she finds Alesha’s face with her left hook, once, twice, three times, Alesha stepping off, inviting Caity to trade, but the blonde isn’t biting, bides her time, and Alesha can’t resist, swings a left hook at Caity’s body, which the blonde avoids, then she snaps Alesha’s head back, the Brit angry with herself for falling into Caity’s trap, and she stands off a little more, boxes Caity from arm’s length, the blonde girl also back in cagey mode, happy to jab at Alesha’s face for now, but it’s the Brit who lands the crisper punches when they trade again, Caity having to keep that guard in place, with Alesha landing a good right cross to her cheek, following that with a pair of shots to the American’s body, trying the uppercut, but finding it blocked, Caity ending the round in better shape as she fixes Alesha with a nice left to the cheek.

Round 4

There’s little between these girls so far, but Caity tries her luck now with a little attack on Alesha’s body, encouraged by her corner to seek out the Brit’s liver, but Alesha, carrying her guard lower in response, soon retaliates with a pair of swishing punches thrown from her hips to the younger girl’s face, sending her back to her corner quickly. Alesha sees that she’s hurt the blonde, and she comes after her, Caity not able to get out of trouble as Alesha hits her to the face, a right hook, then a left cross, a good straight left to follow, and Caity clinches, Alesha muttering in her ear, “Said I’d teach you a lesson!” as the referee tugs the girls apart, Caity now out of trouble, tries to turn Alesha, but eats a right cross to the mouth, then finds herself being tucked up with a left, right, left to her midsection, But as Alesha throws a right hook towards her face, Caity hits back, thudding a solid left onto Alesha’s cheek, and a right to her mouth, slightly taking the shine off Alesha’s best round to date.

Round 5

Alesha looks to be getting on top a little more as the rounds tick by, and she again looks mobile as the girls box each other, Caity missing with a jab, taking a one-two to her face, and Alesha stands back to admire her work, Caity’s cheeks looking a little pink from the friction from the Brit’s gloves. The girls circle again, Alesha swinging a right hook at Caity, but the blonde sways clear of that, and she crashes home a left hook, a right hook, then a left cross, Alesha drifting backwards, and caity knows she’s hurt the older girl, sees that she hasn’t reacted to those punches, and gives her a left to the body, Alesha wincing as she drops her elbow, her head now available, and Caity hits her, smacks a great left onto Alesha’s cheek, the Brit teetering back, Caity skimming a right across her lips as she goes, and now it’s Alesha’s turn to protect herself, with Caity crafty enough to find her midsection twice with savage right hand punches, each punch hurting Alesha, bringing little squeaks from the back of her throat, and Caity gives Alesha a solid left jab to her mouth to ends the round, fixing the Brit with a glare as she walks back to her stool.

Round 6

Alesha took some good shots in the 5th, and she takes a couple more in the opening seconds of the 6th as Caity whips home a left hook to her jaw and a right hook to her ear, Alesha covering up but she’s too static in this round, which allows Caity to crash punches into her midsection, Alesha bent over and vulnerable, allowing the blonde time and space to unhinge her defences with a couple of solid uppercuts, Alesha’s head bobbing up sharply from each punch, and now she’s more upright, but backed into the ropes, Caity smearing a left hook into her face again, Alesha reacting by drifting sideways, but Caity gives her a straight right to the belly, and Alesha’s knees buckle a little as she manages to clinch, Caity the girl now able to crow at close quarters, “Looks like you getting the lesson, now, huh?” Alesha looks a little shaky when the referee drags her away from Caity, and she’s staggering soon afterwards as Caity snaps her head to the side again with a cracker of a left hook to the mouth, and she’s looking shabby as she goes to her stool.

Round 7

The alst two rounds have been hard for Alesha, and her right cheek is swollen from the impact of Caity’s left hooks, as are her lips, but she still wants to fight, and she proves it by taking the initiative, surprising Caity at the start of the round, jabbing the younger girl’s face with her left and her right, before switching down and giving her a right hook to the midsection. Caity backs off again, but Alesha doesn’t follow, doesn’t get fooled this time, and Caity comes to her instead, and works on her body, Alesha squeaking again as the blonde’s gloves bounce off her torso, but she squeezes her elbows into her ribcage nicely, and gives Caity a quick left and right to her face, Caity’s legs wobbling slightly now as she slips clear, Alesha coming in, but the blonde clinches her, and the referee is swift to separate the pair, Alesha banging a good shot onto Caity’s chin from the restart, although the younger girl hits back hard from that, again swishing Alesha to the face with a left hook, right hook combination, with the British girl looking more tired at the bell, blood trickling from her lips and nostrils, even though she took the round.

Round 8

Blowing hard, with her right eye beginning to close, it’s Alesha who puts in the effort at the start of the round, with Caity retreating, content to tag Alesha with her jab, letting the older girl trade with her at close quarters, as Alesha hits Caity to the ribs, Caity retaliating with a cruel left to the liver, and a right to the gut, very painful and strength sapping punches to take for a tired Alesha, who tucks in and holds again, fighting for breath, and hurt when Caity snaps her head backwards immediately from the restart with a short uppercut to the chin, Alesha almost looking defenceless for a second, but covering up when Caity gets in closer, and she hits the younger girl with a right and a left, Caity now shaking her head as she feels the turnbuckle on her back, but she’s skilful enough to turn Alesha when she comes in to punish her, and she lands four punches in quick succession on the Brit’s face, ringside spectators getting a little shower of snot, sweat and blood as Caity starts to show some moves, snapping at Alesha at the bell, “Learned your lesson, yet?” Alesha just groans, looks to her corner, and stumbles towards it.

Round 9

Both girls must be tired, but Caity seems to be toughing this out better now, and she’s taking the fight to Alesha, the older girl’s face getting messed up some more as the blonde gives her another left hook on that egg like cheek of hers, and follows that with a right to the older girl’s mouth, Alesha staggering backwards to the ropes, clinching when Caity gets a little too close, and barely hearing the blonde promise her, “You’re gonna remember this beating, ya biitch!” before the referee parts them once more, Alesha stepping out from the ropes, half pushing Caity backwards. Now the American rips a left hook into Alesha’s liver again, the girl’s arms dropping, her body again stooping forwards, earning her a right uppercut to send her head up and backwards, Caity finishing the job off with a left hook to Alesha’s jaw to send her to the canvas, down and out on her back.

Result: Caity Lotz knocked out Alesha Dixon in round 9

And so Alesha’s FCBA comeback ends with her concussed, unable to focus on the triumphant Caity Lotz, who struts and parades around the ring, gloves off now, arms aloft, until she reaches Alesha’s corner, where she ruffles the Brit’s hair with her right hand, then roughly yanks her head up by that luscious mane and tells Alesha, “Don’t you ever disrespect me again, tramp! Hear me?” Whether she knows what’s happening or not, Alesha manages to lisp back through her bleeding lips, “Hear ya! Thorry!”

Later that evening, Caity tells reporters, “Sure I could have knocked the biitch out any time from the sixth round! I just wanted to knock her about a bit first! Have you seen the state of her face, guys? Lumped her up nicely, didn’t I?” 



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