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21 September 2014 Lacey Banghard vs Roxanne Pallett

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Posted by Archer on September 21, 2014, 6:35 pm


Writing: Archer Results: Knowlesey

Before: Davina Sheffield of Archer News International again handling color commentary duties as Foxfire Atlantic sponsors another Lacey Banghard bout in the now familiar former ballroom of Black Swan Hall outside of Cardiff, Wales.

"As I am sure all Lacey Banghard fans know by now, Lacey's fight with Jessica Jane Clement was even more successful than her debut against Juno Temple. So it is no surprise that FAB's managing director Kate Winslet has arranged with bout between Lacey and Roxanne Pallett of Kear's Kats. Roxanne, of course, had a good deal to say it the run-up to the bout:

(Tape of Roxanne in a garden setting next to an ornamental fish pool. Roxanne chattering away to assorted journos and bloggers: "I realize that Jessie Clement set a high standard for post fight demolition of Lacey, I am always up for a challenge. I am sure I'll come up with some fine new ways of humiliating the 'Bang Girl'")

For her part, Lacey Banghart seemed quite recovered from the repeatedly smothers and ill-treatment and ready to get back in the ring.

(Tape of Lacey in same garden. She is glaring at Roxanne Pallett who is smirking at her not far away; "You think these people don't know why you called me out., Roxy? You pathetic loser you've only won 6 of 23 fights. You're looking to fatten your wretched excuse for a record at MY expense. Too bad - because I'm going to kick your tarty bum around that ring and that's BEFORE I get around to humiliating you!"

As my have been expected, the press event went downhill from there and an altercation broke out between Lacey and Roxanne.

(Tape showing Lacey in blue miniskirt now fighting with Roxanne in red miniskirt, both skirts hike up as they grapple in a shoving match mixed with hairpulling. Suddenly the two stumble in into the fish pool (fortunately only a few feet deep) and surface, still screaming with rage. Finally, Kate Winslet appears with several large gentlemen who pull Roxanne and Lacey out of the pool and drag them apart, still kicking and screaming incoherently at each other).

"I think that will be all for now," Kate says cheerfully, "thank you all for coming to Black Swan Hall."

"And so as you might imagine," Davina continues live, "there is no love lost between the fighters tonight and it appears our standing room only crowd is eager to see them have at one another."

Lacey Banghard in a pale blue and white bra and bikini panties stands in ring with pale blue gloves her eyes blazing at Roxanna Pallett in black bra and panties with little red hearts and wearing red gloves. Roxanne gives her a sneering look of contempt. Referee sternly warns ladies to follow the rules and his instructions. They barely nod. Referee wisely passes up the customary glove touch and sends the fighters to their corners to await the bell.

R1: The moment the bell rings, Lacey and Roxanne shoot across the ring going right for each other. Lacey's fury evident in the wild, inaccurate punches she initial throws at Roxanne. Roxanne remains cool, easily ducking and punishing Lacey with well-aimed counters. This only. seems to infuriate Lacey more and she tries lunging at Roxanne, who deftly steps away. At one point, Lacey actually trips over her own feet and crashes into Roxanne who shoves her back. Lacey waves her arms wildly to keep from going down. Crowd finds this quite amusing and laughter rains down. Lacey turns bright red with embarrassment, but then Roxanne is upon her with banging shots to the head and some nice uppercuts that nearly knock Lacey's breasts out of their bra cups. Lacey stumbles backwards and finds herself backed into ropes. Roxanne charges at her, but Lacey manages to get out of the way and give Roxanne a rabbit punch to the back of the head as she passes by. This gets her a stern warning from the referee and Roxanne starting to look angry now. Lacey does get her jab going to keep Roxanne at bay the rest of the round, but Roxanne's good boxing skills gets her an easy win on the cards.

R2: Lacey manages to control herself and comes out more methodically this round. Roxanne advancing carefully and starts circling around Lacey. Lacey struggling to keep up but does remember to move her upper body evasively. Still, its Roxanne settling into a nice circle-and-punch rhythm that is scoring against Lacey's head and breasts. Lacey taking the punches pretty well even though she plainly doesn't like having her jugs worked over, As the round enters its second minute, Lacey reveals she has been watching Roxanne's timing closely and suddenly strikes back using a momentary opening in her opponents high guard to crack a right cross into Roxanne's chin. Roxanne never saw it coming. Her head is snapped around in a spray of sweat and damp brunette hair and she staggers away. Lacey goes after her, swings a bit wildly in her excitement, gloves bouncing off shoulder and head of Roxanne. Roxanne able to recover and get her defenses up, but Lacey is firmly on the attack on, pounding Roxanne's belly and making the Kear's Kat fighter gasp for air. Still, Roxanne still on her feet at the bell, but she looks stunned at this turn in the fight while Lacey is smiling grimly.

R3: Lacey seems to settle down into a sustained attack as Roxanne seems to have lost a lot of energy in the last round. Roxanne still fighting back with stubborn determination, but Lacey has the range on her and she landing more and more of her punches. Roxanne's face lumping from repeated Banghard leather and Lacey works that belly with particular attention. Roxanne tries to hang in there to land counters, but as the accumulating punishment adds up, Roxanne forced to retreat. Lacey keeps a close pursuit and adds some wicked breast bouncing punches to add to Roxanne's agony at the bell.

R4: Roxanne comes out slowly, she looks hurt and Lacey swoops in on her going first into that battered belly with fresh, deep-driving hooks. Roxanne shudders and stumbles back, but Lacey hangs close. Roxanne tries to get a jab going, but it's weak and Lacey goes over and around as she raises her punches to pound Roxanne's big boobies. Roxanne keeps floundering backwards, she can't seem to come up with a way to keep Lacey off her. Lacey suddenly drives straight rights and lefts into Roxanne's eyes, momentarily blinding her and allow Lacey jump a barrage of uppercuts into Roxanne's chin, finishing with a monster left/right combination that sends Roxanne spinning into the ropes as her knees collapse. Roxanne slides down the ropes until her head, shoulder and arms are hanging over the bottom strand. She's moving weakly as the referee counts, but she's unable to get up and is counted out!

The winner: Lacey Banghard KO4!

After: Lacey whooping with delight as she rushes to stand over the fallen Roxanne despite the referee's attempts to get to leave the defeated fighter alone.

"I beat her fair and square! She's MINE!" cries Lacey and the referee retreats apparently to consult with other officials about what to do next.

Lacey (urged on, it must be said, by the raucous cries of the crowd) turns her attention to Roxanne, who has managed to roll over so that her back is resting into the ropes as she looks up blearily. Lacey leans down and pulls Roxanne off the ropes by the hair until she is on her knees.

"You ready, Roxy?" Lacey asks. "Cause I've got plans for you."

"Give it your best shot, Bangy," Roxanne says with as much defiance as she can muster.

"I intend to," Lacey says and kneels down in front of Roxanne, she then wraps her amrs around Roxanne's head and pulls her slowly into her cleavage.

Roxanne instinctively struggles against the suffocating darkness, her arms push against Lacey's body, but to no avail and gradually they drop to her sides. Lacey stands up, pulling Roxanne with her and then draping her limp body over the middle strand, so that her upper body hangs out over the arena and her bottom is pointed skyward. Lacey neatly pulls rolls the black bottoms up and gives Roxanne a wedgie that brings her awake with an indignant squeal. Then Lacey starts spanking the available bare butt cheeks. Roxanne howls and screams with fury, but Lacey never stops until Roxanne's protests have faded and her buns are cherry red.

"How lovely they look," Lacey says admiring fiery red handprints.

"Ohhhhhhhh you've broken my bum," Roxanne groans in misery.

"Oh dear, you are in pain, let me help you." Lacey says and pulls Roxanne off the ropes, then forces her back to her knees as Lacey kneels again herself. "Soon you won't be feeling a thing."

"Oh no," Roxanne gulps as she realizes her fate, but it is too late, her face is pulled into the Banghard boobies for a second round of smothering.

When Roxanne is asleep again, Lacey lets her slide down her body to lay face-down on the canvas her shapely (if now bruised) bottom in the air, Lacey stands up in time to see the referee returning with four big security guards.

"My work is done here, you can have what's left," Lacey said pointing to Roxanne and then strolling away to exit the ring as the crowd cheers her on.
Davina Sheffield speaks to Lacey as she departs: "Um, that was quite a change from last week. I am sure you enjoy winning much more."

"I certainly do," Lacey said cheerfully. "Roxanne so underestimated me. It was a pleasure to knock her out and punish her. I hope I don't have long to wait for my next fight."

"Any idea who that might be?" Davina asks.

"Not yet," Lacey said and then frowned. "I hope this doesn't frighten any of them off."

"That sort of fighter wouldn't make a good match anyway," Davina helpfully points out.

"You're right. Well, I am sure someone with a lot of foolish courage will appear to take me on," Lacey said cheerfully. "I see you then."

"I would count out on," Davina said and as Lacey walked away, she added: "This is Davina Sheffield speaking to you from Black Swan Hall. Thank you and good night." 



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