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20 September 2014 Mutya Buena vs Sandy Moelling

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Posted by Vassago on September 20, 2014, 11:03 am


The former Sugababes lead singer Mutya Buena has started her BBU career in rampant style securing three victories back in the winter months and now vows to keep her perfect record alive by knocking out fellow singer Sandy Moelling of No Angels fame. The German blonde won her two opening bouts back in 2012 but currently sits on four straight defeats and girls like Inna and even old frenemy Jeanette Biedermann are lining up a clash with her in the upcoming months already. Has Sandy became every singer's favorite punchbag? She can silence the critics in London tonight and with Kelly Reilly scoring one upset already anything is possible!

Mutya Buena wears all black outfit, a sizzling basque top matched with micro hot pants and red gloves. Sandy Moelling in a jungle girl attire, green & yellow themed bikini and white gloves. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Mutya comes flying out of the blocks and beats the blonde for the opening overhand, nails her on the nose and moves into a jabbing galore on the cheeks. She staggers the German within seconds and snaps the head back forcing Moelling into desperate circling in pure avoidance. Mutya wastes no time in swift punishment though and jumps after the fellow singer with more facial assault. Sandy's all over the ring and loses her footing down the stretch under the menacing approach and eats a heavy left/right combo on the cheeks which wobbles her onto the ropes. Mutya crashes into her chest afterwards and keeps trapped for remainder of the round; she bats the yellow mitts aside and pumps more heavy leather on the mouth to leave Sandy trembling at the bell.

Round 2:
Sandy hasn't recovered from that opening round and her efforts to square up to the former Sugababe are quickly tamed as Mutya clubs her cheeks again leaving early lumps already. She finds supreme accuracy and overwhelmes Moelling in a feisty tangle that force the blonde into desperate cover but result in a gym drill like showing from the rampant brunette. The blonde's ponytail swings around her neck back & forth and she struggles to find any comeback; on the other hand Mutya slices her gloves aside and pumps more facial leather, pummels Sandy back to the ropes where she switches low on the navel and has the German moaning at the bell looking totally mismatched in this contest so far.

Round 3:
Buena goes for the body, she takes advantage of Moelling anticipating another facial attack and spikes her on the ribcage staggering her in the middle of the ring again. Blonde girl opens up and slaps Mutya's cheeks but eats a riffling combo herself and winces in pain as the ex-Sugababe drills her mouth with a quick right hand and wobbles backwards. Sandy drops her arms and fails to raise them in time as Mutya finds a left hand on the temple TO CHOP THE GERMAN SPAWLING ON HER KNEES... Buena struts back to the neutral corner and resumes her assault once Moelling's up at seven and shouts some abuse in native language. More jabbing to the face silences her quickly though and just sinks on her knees as Buena gets vocal in her efforts too and underlines her dominance by finding the uppercut on the chin which sends Sandy bouncing off the turnbuckle into the path of another clubbing jab on the right eye... Moelling is saved by the ropes, otherwise she's be landing flat on her back but Mutya misses the put away and crashes into the forearms with her last chance before the bell as the German looks quite shaky already and quite frankly very fortunate not to have another close encounter with the canvas.

Round 4:
Mutya in relentless pursuit now, she dominates the footwork battle and traps Moelling with another facial assault, slices her mitts aside before pumping more leather on the already swollen cheeks. Sandy covers up in vain as Buena drills her on the mouth anyway and spins the ponytail around her neck repeatedly. Blonde girl just sags on her knees and allows the English lass to pound her back to the ropes again but shows enough resistance to avoid another knockdown even though Mutya is hell bent to destroy her now... so hell bent she in fact gasses out and falls into a late clinch.. the ammount of puches landed on the German's face tells the story of this bout though and Sandy is visibly concerned about a gash under her left eye and walks slowly back to her stool with Buena arguing with the ref about some blatant time wasting by the German singer.

Round 5:
There are few issues Mutya needs to iron out before she's ready to tackle the flyweight elite and she should really add another knockdown of the otherwise hapless blonde soon according to most BBU pundits. Sandy still refuses to bide her time for whatever reasons and sends a flurry of leather in close range to smack the fellow singer's cheeks but a piercing left overhand clubs her on the nose and wobbles back; Mutya clatters into her chest thereafter but more importantly finds the jaw with an uppercut double and drops Moelling's head between her shoulders... a riffling left hook bounces off the temple moments later and SENDS SANDY FLAT ON HER BACK... the brave German shrugs off the knockdown at seven but her left eye is almost completely swollen shut now and Buena jumps in with a single hand assault after the command.... she works on that gash and staggers the blonde again, flicks another hook to the temple from the other side before slicing the mitts and pumping unanswered leather on the mouth... Sandy is whipped back onto the ropes and fails to find any cover as Mutya ravages her face with a flurry of punches just after the two minute mark.. blonde girl screams out in pain as Buena shuts her left eye for good and bounces off the nose to sink a battered German on her knees for the last time... Mutya steps back and pauses but ref refuses to embrace the blonde singer into TKO safety so there's one last right hook crushing her brow ridge for a good measure... MOELLING TUMBLES DOWN ON HER BACKSIDE in the corner and rests her head against the turnbuckle, her head collapses forward and it's a whirlwind KO for the former Sugababes leader... KO5 Mutya Buena!!!

AFTER: Mutya keeps her perfect streak alive but she looked unconvincing during some periods of this fight. She knows this perfectly well especially complaining about couple of unneccessary clinches when she should have just knocked the German singer stupid instead. Perhaps spending six months off the ring wasn't the best idea but securing any BBU fight date is at premium for any free agent and Mutya always has the 100% record protecting her image for now.

Meanwhile Sandy scores her fifth defeat in a row and a clash with Inna looks to be almost too demanding for her now given the way the Romanian singer battered Alexandra Burke earlier tonight. The Little Mix camp has a couple of rookies available though and right now the future looks rather bleak for the blonde singer aside from vulturing the girls at the start of their BBU tenures. One has to wonder if Frankie Coccoza is dialing Sandy's number anytime soon to invite her for the upcoming Foxes' inaugural card?

Final result: Mutya Buena def. Sandy Moelling KO5. 



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