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26 September 2014 Alexa Vega vs Vanessa Hudgens

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on September 26, 2014, 7:21 pm


Alexa Vega (Empire Boxing) vs. Vanessa Hudgens (Lookout Boxing)

(Words: Front Street / Results: Lookout!)


"Am I surprised Vanessa agreed to this fight," says Vega with a smirk. "Stunned. I mean, I kicked her a** every DAY when we sparred on the set of the 'Machete' sequel! I figured she'd be smart enough to steer clear of me, but I guess I overestimated her intelligence, which is easy enough to do."

"Vega's nothing special," says Vanessa, eyes shining. "Everybody's afraid of her power, but I'm not. I  sparred her a lot on set. I know what she has. And I know it's not enough to beat 'The Conqueror Of Mishy'."


Vega the bull and Hudgens the matador. 'Nessa wants to use those legs, that quickness, wants to hit and run. Vega just wants to hit and hit some more. Hudgens having her way early, but Alexa wastes no time finding the angles she wants, cutting the ring, and then cutting into Vanessa's body with some serious leather. There's commitment behind every punch the blonde throws, and, as she works her way up from the body to the head, Hudgens gets spooked by the power. 'Nessa's quickly in retreat, backing and circling, trying to get space while the blonde crowds and bangs away for points and a convincing victory in the first. 10-9 Vega.


Vanessa settles down a little after a talking to in the corner between rounds. She wants to jab and circle, but she has to be willing to punch for respect, and, in the second, she does so. Vega, the bull, continues working forward, hands high, head bobbing, getting past the jab and creating exchanges, but, when she does, Hudgens gives as good as she gets. And, when those exchanges burn themselves out and Vanessa gets back to open canvas, she piles up points with the left, and scores more with both hands as Alexa works forward. Both fighters have their moments, but there's no question it's Hudgens who's ahead at the bell, evening the fight at 19 after two.


The matador and bull routine continues. Vega's seen 'Nessa's jab and circle routine and she begins timing it, cutting the ring like she did in the first and working body with heavy leather when she does so. Hudgens not going to retreat, however, bangs back in those situations to create some excellent two-way exchanges. As the round goes on, Alexa works her way up, backing up 'Nessa occasionally with hard rights to the head. Hudgens begins shortening the exchanges, circling away, popping with the left, making Vega chase. Alexa more than willing, creating more frequent exchanges down the stretch. Neither girl hurt at the bell, but each has taken some leather, and, though it's close, Vega's got the round and the 29-28 lead.


The pattern is set. Vanessa wants to circle and poke, use her excellent legs. Alexa wants to close and bang, use her heavy hands. And, both girls have moments of getting what they want in the fourth. Alexa, like she did in the third, is able to cut the ring some and create the heavy-fire exchanges, but Hudgens does enough in there to keep from being thrown onto the defense, and she's able to keep them short. Vanessa's also able to use her feet to enforce long periods of circle and chase, where she gets the better of things, touching up the blonde as she tries to close. It's another close round, but, at the bell, Hudgens has gotten the points, and we're all even at 38.


More good, two-way action in the fifth, with, again, both fighters getting periods of the terms they want, but neither able to impose will. Vanessa finding the range with her accurate, snapping left as she circles to her right, away from Vega's power. Alexa showing superb footwork as she cuts the ring, brings Vanessa to battle, and thumps away with hard shot to the body and head. Vega wants to break that body down, take away Hudgens' legs, force her to fight a set piece where Alexa's power can be brought to bear, so she puts a heavy investment in, banging body even more frequently in this round. It's excellent stuff from both fighters, one a former champion and one showing every sign of developing into one. At the bell, it's close again, but it's Vega, who now has the 48-47 lead.


Hudgens going to work with the legs now. She's well aware of Vega's game plan and has no intention of letting the blonde execute it. Vanessa all movement, circling, reversing, slide-stepping, giving ground and then popping forward. It's all about movement, all about fouling Alexa's sights, creating distance, and creating angles where Vanessa can score. Vega doggedly chases, but, at the moment, Vanessa's leading her a merry chase, snapping out that left into her face, and, on those occasions when she gets Alexa flat-footed looking to change direction, unleashing a flurry of nasty, lightning-fast leather that forces Vega to cover up. From start to finish, it's all 'Nessa, who has her best round of the fight and evens it up at 57.


The bull becomes more aggressive. Alexa's not having any more of Vanessa's dance routine's. She's boring in heavy, cutting the ring, banging the body when she gets there. It's not pretty, but it's effective. Hudgens thrown over to the defensive now that she's unable to find open canvas. She's crowded and taking heavy shell amidships. Then, BAM! BLONDE GIRL DOWN! A perfectly-timed right-hand counter from the former champion catches Vega working in and drops her face down to the canvas. Alexa never moves at all as the count passes her by! That quickly, it's over, and your winner by KO7 is "The Conqueror of Mishy", Vanessa Hudgens!


"Vega's just like the rest," says 'Nessa, gorgeous smile in place. "She wanted to make her reputation with a win against 'The Conqueror of Mishy', but, just like the rest, she found out who rules this division with an iron fist! All you Disney brats! All you Nickel girls! Bow! Bow before me! Bow before the girl who made Mishy quit! Bow before Queen Vanessa!"


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