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26 September 2014 Title Ch Cassidy Freeman vs Katrina Law

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on September 26, 2014, 7:58 pm


Unified Welterweight Title
(Words: Vassago / Results: Lookout!)

BEFORE: Cassidy Freeman makes her third defence of the welterweight title and it doesn't get any tougher than to face a woman she's lost to twice before, Katrina Law. The Floydian brunette would have been a stable divisional leader everywhere else but for another redhead, Amanda Righetti sharing the gym with her on a daily basis. But that doesn't deprive Law of her high prospects and the feel around the arena is that Floydian is ready to dominate the welterweight once again. All this being said the last encounter between these two in July last year ended in a 13 round thriller which Law turned in her favor at the last hurdle in what was described as an upset. People relied too much on Righetti doing all the work for Floydian and there's every chance Freeman was seen as her clone to some extent, the redhead attire and all that. But the current champ believes in "third time lucky" factor and after coming from behind to stop Brooklyn Decker in her last defense she claims she's more ready for the exotic brunette than ever.

Katrina strictly business pre-fight, ignores the h2h advantage since title bouts are always something extra and it's Freeman playing the dominatrix card, pundits all square on predictions too as the shark pool starts to dry out for the redhead's next defense in case of victory tonight. Cassidy Freeman wears a green twist-tied top, black boy leg trunks and golden gloves. Katrina Law wears a familiar maroon twist-tied top, small black hip huggers and black gloves. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the welterweight division.

Round 1:
Jabbing mayhem from the bell; both girls really keen to pound away at the body flicking shots up high in drilling matter but it's the champ finding the harder efforts and wobbling Law slightly and forcing her into quick retreat. A cheeky smile on Freeman's face is short-lived as she jumps into stalking the brunette who throws wayward overhand response and falls into solid ribcage assault instead. More body shots from the champ, just trying to soften the top ranked challenger if not intimidate her alltogether but Law finally finds a couple of cross hooks to the mouth to salvage some effort. Still, Cass pumps away at the body and is annoyed she can't push the brunette towards the ropes with extra jabbing late on bouncing off the liver area and making Law scowl in worrying fashion.

Round 2:
Katrina shows some superior footwork and avoids immediate dust up, works the overhands more efficiently and smacks Freeman's cheeks before pumping jabs on the body. Cass tries to brawl in close range but gets blocked off with the challenger moving forward and spiking more midriff punishment, hectic exchange gives the brunette the edge as she moved up high and clips Freeman's jaw forcing her back for good. Cass circles to the side trying to regain her stance and throws more jabs but lacks accuracy in wake of Katrina's pacey approach, gets whacked by another overhand on the eye and retreats to safety as Law threatens to counter punch herself to success.

Round 3:
Heavy exchange from the bell as Katrina bats away at the body and weathers a similar storm to crack a left/right combo on the chin slicing her opponent's guard first. Cass in looping response but bouncing off the forearms and getting nailed on the chest with Law going straight in the middle and leaning on her with more venom. Brunette belts away at the champ's ribcage thereafter and Cass fails to escape to safety this time, eats a spiking hook on the temple and tries to clinch herself into respite but Katrina shrugs her off and lands more body assault. Freeman stranded in the middle of the ring, sways back & forth as the brunette slips around her elbows and reddens the pale skin in thumping fashion, moves into more uppercuts but only finds a single blow on the chin yet has the champion looking very subdued at the bell.

Round 4:
Law switches back into counter punching attire, lets the redhead through early with single jabbing on the ribs before responding over the top and cross hooking the cheeks. The speed and agility remains the brunette's strong suit as she ducks around looping efforts and blasts another cross on the nose to open up Freeman's guard and pumps straight jabs on the mouth. Cassidy's head snaps backwards and she  starts to squeal as Law threatens to shut her out but then finds a heavy right hook on the temple and sinks Katrina in somewhat fortunate fashion. Both girls wobble into each other and start pounding away at the guts again with Law just looping into more precision and forcing the champ back late in the going as a dangerous couple of jabs pierced her liver area and caused increased moaning. Law glares at her at the bell but she pretty much pulls another round into her favor and is visibly a bad match-up for the power driven redhead.

Round 5:
Cass has to brawl herself into more success, the single hand accuracy is the key to dismantle Katrina's stubborn punch & weave tactics. Looping overhands set up a navel piercing assault in the opening minute as Law covered up from the side but gets gut checked instead. Freeman's more aggressive now and bumps into the brunette's chest in some flyweight-like fashion trying to bully her rival or perhaps finally throw her off the ice cool demeanor. Katrina tries to go around the elbows but skims off the forearms and enables the champ to pierce the midsection with added leather, another bump on the chest wobbles Law back but she circles away from the ropes and just refuses to get trapped; still Freeman finds a couple of cross hooks up high to spin the dark hair around but Katrina winks back with a smile and indicates she's still anything but impressed. Cass refuses to chase her down and the cagey affair reaches half-time with the champ in need of something a little extra if she wants to finally claim the Law scalp at the third time of asking.

Round 6:
Another jabbing galore to the body early in the sixth as both women try to break each other's resilience but Freeman's power overwhelms the challenger's intensity and makes the brunette scowl and shifting her stance. Cass stalks the ribcage area and pumps uppercuts on the chest afterwards as Katrina loops overhands over the top and smacks the cheeks but fails to reel the champ away and wobbles forward when she gets nailed from the side and her rack starts to feel the heat. Katrina's arms crumble aside and enable the redhead to snap her head back with a quick left/right combo on the chin which rocks her wobbling onto the ropes. She can't escape this time as Cass clatters into the body with another jabbing display and has to fight back from behind the guard but still eats repeated overhands and yelps in discomfort as Freeman works the drill and finally has the luxury of the brunette sagging on the ropes. Single punch efficiency is enough to run away with the round but Katrina doesn't look all that affected physically which is no surprise given her elite status. "Must try harder, champ!", she shouts back at Cass and well, she's probably right about that.

Round 7:
It's still too close to call and we could be heading for another overtime between these two and they both realize that perfectly well too. A slow start from the champ who refuses to follow up on that previous round which is perhaps understandable given Katrina's remarks after the bell results in the pace dropping right off the boil. Nobody wants to go extra rounds and lose, most certainly not Freeman after last time and Law's happy to slug away in half-hearted manner still confident of the match-up advantage. It's one for the purists right now as both women are too high up the welter ranks to risk a suicidal attack just to make the BWO cover. Single hand jabbing continues but there's no real strenght behind it and both women can't wait to hear the bell after which Law still looks the more relaxed of the two.

Round 8:
Katrina drops the ice cool stance and gallops away into jabbing frenzy catching the champ off guard. She thumps her between the arms and rocks the mounds before moving up and uppercuting the jaw to wobble Freeman scowling. Looping overhand response grazes the brunette's temples but it's Law assuming control with a committed assault and lumping up Cassidy's cheeks. The champ refuses to allow Katrina to punch her back to the ropes but the stubborn attire results in her jaw taking a vicious one two clubbing and sagging on her knees with a loud groan... wobbly butt time as Katrina digs her mitts into the chest again and literally tries to shove the redhead on the turnbuckles... Right hand Freeman.... Law leaned right up on her and saw the champ tripping onto the ropes already and got nailed clean instead... a loud pop is heard as the redhead's punch cracks the brunette's nose and has her wobbling forward with eyes closed and gasping for air with a whimper... she bumps into Freeman's shoulder and gets half-turned as the redhead screams out in anger and pumps her mitts into the stomach; has Law shrieking in sudden pain before a guard shattering uppercut reaches for the jaw and whips the brunette backwards against the ropes... Katrina comes bouncing back off and straight into a clubbing hook on the temple that signs off her resistance... DOWN GOES LAW CRASHING ON HER SIDE... Freeman backtracks just staring at the fallen challenger who's gasping for air and still feeling that thunderclap on the nose more than anything else... she rolls onto all fours but rests her head against the canvas and has trouble breathing.... a torrid battle just to beat the count... she climbs back up at eight but is left with her mouth wide open and unable to breath through her nose... dear oh dear... she covers her mouth and closes her eyes as ref asks her if she's good to continue... and again...  but there's no response as Katrina fears the worse and slumps her head; doesn't even look at the man in charge who has no option but to call it off... TKO8 and STILL the welterweight champion... Cassidy Freeman!!!

AFTER: Talk about a curveball deciding the outcome of this fight! The dark-haired challenger was holding her own and seemed destined to enforce a decision at the very least when she lost her focus for a brief second and got nailed by the biggest punch of the fight that cracked her nose and forced the stoppage. It was like Katrina was still in shock after that haymaker and failed to respond to the referee which earned her a bitter loss. That's all it takes in such a close run combat... but luck seemingly favors the brave even though Freeman had to claw that victory from a top ranked challenger... Relief more than anything else in the Lioness corner as Cass realizes she's pushed the limits tonight without any guarantee of success: "Hey, Katrina is as tough as they come, I didn't expect anything less than what we witnessed tonight. In fact I was ready to go overtime and grind out a decision any which way possible! But looks like I fractured her nose and that's not what I predicted at all... I thought Decker was tough and she was but Law was just awkward and tough at the same time... I dodged a huge bullet but I think she still thinks she's a more versatile fighter than me. And she's probably right..."

Meanwhile Katrina is treated for the nasal injury and does all she can to hide the disappointed look on her face. Thankfully the fracture is ruled out after a medical checks but a hairline tear is discovered and makes for the brunette leaving the arena with an ice pack covering half the face. A very unfortunate end to what could have been Katrina's best night ever. But she earns herself a standing applause and it's certainly not the last time we see the raunchy brunette in a title fight. A brief stare between the two hellcats as Law leaves the ring and Cass nods back in approval, they aren't best friends out there but the respect is something you can't buy to save your life. And the Lioness entourage has nothing but respect for the tough brunette cookie who still leads the h2h with Freeman even if that's completely irrelevant considering the welter straps remain in Bradenton for yet another month.


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