28 September 2014 Daniela Ruah vs Alana de la Garza

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Site: The Arena Asylum. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)


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"It's great to be back here," says a gorgeously-smiling Alana. "Things didn't go the way I hope last time, but, tonight will be different."

"Alana's good," says Daniela with a nod. "You've got to be at the top of your game to have a chance against her. Fortunately, I'm RIGHT at the top of mine."


O'Dell: "Back at ringside for the fifth bout of the night and that's 'The Hebrides Overture' by Medelssohn, and here comes the stunning Alana de la Garza!"

Cassie: "Alana, of course, representing the BEST stable in the FCBA, the Bazz Fight Club..."

McCarthy: "BEST? Don't make me LAUGH! You don't have a bantam better than Munn, a light better than Palicki, or a welter better than Big Bad Gena Lee!"

Cassie: "Michalka and Wilde. Jilly Wags and Alana. Moon and Bridgy Regs. Not one, but TWO!"

McCarthy: "You're HIGH on pudding fumes!"

O'Dell(sighing): "Alana into the ring and helped off with the robe by the Bazz corner to reveal an orange two-piece that shows she can win a DISROBE against just about anyone, and that's 'Nothing Else Matters' by Metallica, and here comes 'The Portuguese Princess', Daniela Ruah!"

Tess: "Ruah a girl who could USE a big win and she gets another chance tonight..."

O'Dell: "Daniela into the ring, helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve to reveal that baby blue number she likes, and the crowd agrees..."

McCarthy: "The crowd has LOW STANDARDS. No surprise in Philly..."

O'Dell: "Aaaannddd, before the tweets, emails, and texts start, that opinion is MAC'S and Mac's ONLY and does NOT reflect the opinions of HBO and the rest of our crew. And, before we get in any additional trouble, let's get some picks. Tess favors Daniela. Mac?"

McCarthy: "Alana referred to the fact that she lost her last time here in pre-fight, but that was against one of Weirdo's REAL fighters, Torv. She can handle the rest of these Dancing Hookers easy."

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "It's not going to be easy, but my girl Alana will get it done."

O'Dell: "There's the bell. Both brunettes immediately set up behind the jab and go to work at range. No surprise. Plenty of length between these two, and both like the ranged work. Ruah popping home that 'Front Street Jab', backing Alana up a step with it..."

Tess: "de la Garza a little discombobulated by that heavy jab. Not something you see a lot of it you aren't in against a Front Street fighter..."

McCarthy: "For the bajillionth time, it's a JAB! Every fighter HAS one..."

O'Dell: "Dani starting to double up Alana now. Got the jab on target, dropping the right off it, sometimes to the head, others hooking body. de la Garza sliding a little, trying to foul the aim, but Ruah has the range and she's getting the leather on target."

Cassie: "Alana will adjust to this. She knows what she's doing in there."

O'Dell: "I have little doubt adjustments are coming, but, for the moment, de la Garza having her problems. She's not getting off, spending too much time covering up. Ruah in rhythm, happy to stroke the jab, follow on with the right. Not forcing anything. Staying at range right to the bell. Good first round for Dani."

Tess: "Ruah up 10-9, and in a fight between girls this evenly matched, every point is important."


O'Dell: "We're into the second and de la Garza now working forward. Is this the adjustment you were talking about, Cassie?"

Cassie: "It's what I expected. We've seen Alana do this before. She can fight the ranged stuff, but she's not afraid of trench warfare, either."

O'Dell: "Alana advancing behind the jab, banging rights in behind it. Committing on the punches. Getting something on them. Ruah might want the distance, but she's not going to back up to get it. Dani holding canvas and we've got some heavy leather being traded!"

McCarthy: "Crowd getting into this, Jenny! Neither girl holding anything back!"

O'Dell: "They are NOT. This is back and forth slugging and Ruah backs up de la Garza with a right and Alana responds with a nasty flurry that has Daniela covering up and taking a step back! Down the stretch we come and they are not slowing down. The leather keeps flying right to the bell! Close, but Alana's on the board."

Tess: "All even at 19 after two."


O'Dell: "Back to action in the third and it's action we've got! Alana right back at Ruah and Daniela not going to cede canvas and here we go! Big shots being traded between to hard-hitting brunettes and the fans getting into it again!"

Tess: "What's going on here, Mac?"

McCarthy: "This is all about imposing will. Both girls want to take over this fight and neither is willing to let the other have it. It's a psychological fight as much as a physical one."

O'Dell: "We might not be able to see the psychological part, but the physical is on full display. Sweat is flying. Heads are snapping back, and BOMBS are being thrown. Both girls shipping the damage like the sturdy fighters they are, and lots of damage being done."

Cassie: "Mac makes a good point about the psychological stuff at work here, and part of that is Ruah's history in big fights. She gets close, but she doesn't win. She's got to be thinking that, if she goes down this time, she goes down swinging, and don't think Alana doesn't know that."

O'Dell: "Ruah getting BEHIND that right hand now, really stepping into it. de la Garza responding in kind, using the openings to land her own power shots. This stuff isn't for the faint of heart or the weak of leg. Need to be made of sturdy stuff to stay in there, and both these brunettes are. They're still banging away right to the bell. Another close one, this one to Dani Ru."

Tess: "29-28 for Ruah, but, if this keeps up, we aren't getting NEAR the cards."


O'Dell: "Fourth round begins with more heavy leather. Alana pressing forward and banging away. Ruah firing back in kind and they are slugging it out in there!"

Cassie: "Slugging, but not brawling. Nothing sloppy about any of this. Both fighters setting up their punches. Both accurate. Neither one throwing anything wild or anything from the hip."

O'Dell: "And de la Garza a good right hand backed up Ruah and DANIELA A RIGHT HOOK and Alana is wobbled. That right hook buzzed de la Garza and Ruah's made a breakthrough and she's pouring troops into the breach! Daniela backing Alana up with some heavy flurries. de la Garza giving ground, covering up."

McCarthy: "Ruah needs to be careful here! Alana is buzzed, but she's not helpless. You can see she's starting to land in counter now."

O'Dell: "Definitely, and Ruah's noticed. Daniela going back to her jab now, getting the ranged battle she likes. She's letting everything come off the long, heavy left. Alana still fighting in counter, willing to let Dani fight lead down the stretch. Final seconds tick off and there's the bell. Ruah wins it solid with the power punch and follow up."

Tess: "And she's up 39-37 after four."


O'Dell: "Fifth begins with Ruah trying to get the jab established, wants to work at range but de la Garza having none of it. Alana working forward, thumping leather at Daniela. Ruah firing back, and close-in battle is joined again."

Tess: "Alana showing no ill effects from last round. Definitely the aggressor here."

O'Dell: "Ruah holding her canvas, but that may be playing right into de la Garza's hands. Alana going body more this round, WHACKING hooks to the ribs and midsection."

McCarthy: "If Ruah were MY fighter, I'd tell her to try to establish her own terms here instead of fighting on de la Garza's. Then again, since she's a FOURTH the fighter Palicki is, she's never going to BE my fighter..."

O'Dell: "Coming down the stretch and it's bitter, hard-hitting stuff. Both girls trying to impose will and neither willing to give an inch. Final seconds ticking away and there's the bell. And de la Garza digs out the round."

Cassie: "And tightens up the fight on the scorecards, 48-47 after five."


O'Dell: "Sixth round begins and they're right back at it. Alana working in, banging body with both hands. Ruah staying in front of her and firing back. These have been the terms since the second round and neither fighter wants to change them."

Tess: "They've both won a couple of rounds this way, so no urgent need to switch anything up."

O'Dell: "Alana really working that body now. Pounding away, clearly looking to get into Ruah's legs. Daniela feeling it, wincing as some of the blows land. de la Garza smooth, working up and back down, keeping the pressure on and DOWN GOES ALANA!"

McCarthy: "Overhand right! Drilled it right over the left hand!"

O'Dell: "And Alana dropped to her back! Ruah to a neutral corner. Count at three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Alana rolls to her belly..."

Cassie: "Get up! Get up!"

O'Dell: "Nine. TEN! It's over! Alana still down on her belly as the count passes her by, and your winner by KO6 is 'The Portuguese Princess, Daniela Ruah!"


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I have our winner, Daniela Ruah, and, Dani, this thing was back and forth before you landed that big punch..."

Daniela: "She's very good, Tess. You can't control a fight against her without hurting her. She's too experienced and can do too many different things."

Tess: "There's been a rap on you that you can't win the big one. Is that over now?"

Daniela(smiling): "This was a big one. No question about that. I had to find a way to win it, and I did."


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