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31 October 2014 Danielle Fishel vs Demi Lovato

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on October 31, 2014, 9:40 am


(Results: Lookout. Writing: Archer)

Before: Demi Lovato beams happily from the podium: “I can’t tell you how exciting this is for me. I don’t mean to sound disrespectful, but I grew up watching Dani Fishel fight the likes of Britney Spears, Alyssa Milano, Michelle Williams and Jennifer Connelly. She was small like me but that didn’t stop her one minute. I mean, she even had a fight with Gena Lee Nolin! Fortunately, she started at 18, so it’s not too late for me to fight her in her prime. I so want to do my best in this fight and I promise I will.”

Dani Fishel gets up grinning: “I am glad you reminded them I was teenager, Demi, some people don’t realize I’m just 33. I realize I haven’t been as active as I used to be, but I still love to box and I still love to work with young fighters. I think Demi has a lot of talent. Not as much as me. of course, but a lot and I am here to put her to the test. Also, I am not too happy about my losing record, I want to start winning again. I must also point out that 5’1 and Demi is 5’3 so that makes her the ‘amazon’ in this contest.”

Demi laughs: “I can’t say that about most of my fights.”

Then Dani grows more serious: “But I want it understood I take this fight seriously. I fight to win. I may not do it, but I’m not going to clown around. I trust you realize that, Demi.”

Demi nods solemnly: “Understood.”

“Great, now there is no misunderstanding and we can beat the snot out of each other with no hard feelings—assuming I win, of course,” Dani adds with one of her mischievous grins.

“Don’t assume anything,” Demi says with a grin of her own.

“Never do,” Dani quips.

Fight night finds Demi in a silver bikini with silver gloves and black boots (silver lacings). Hair hanging loose. Dani is in a purple bikini with purple gloves and boots (white lacings). Cordial ring instructions and friendly tap of the gloves.

R1: Demi Lovato quickly discovers that Dani Fishel’s reputation as a “body killer” is not just hype. Dani closes in on the youngster and drives meaty hooks into her abs, belly and breasts. Just relentless hammering that has Demi gasping for breath and trying to knock Dani back with her frantic jabbing. Dani ignores the counters and continues to methodically swab the younger woman body, only going after her jaw late in the round to leave Demi reeling at the bell. Dani crisply back to her corner as Demi has to walk slowly on unsteady legs.

R2: Dani right back at Demi’s body this round and Demi writhes under the attack. She’s trying to jab Dani back, but her punches just aren’t discouraging the Tank enough. Dani actually has her head bent forward against Demi’s chest and is driving punches in just above Demi’s waistline. Finally, Demi hears the shouts from her corner to “Clinch! Clinch!” and wraps her arms around Dani to get the referee’s break. Dani goes right back at her, but Demi finally has the jab going and rings up Dani’s face, at least slowing her attack. Demi evasive the balance of the round, she’s still taking hits from Dani, who wins the round easily, but punches now having less impact.

R3; Demi starts fighting back in this round. Dani on the attack at the beginning, but Demi brings the advance to a stop with well-aimed jabbing and then she starts landing her own punches on Dani’s curvy frame. Dani stubbornly persists in trying to force her way in and pays the price as Demi’s punches start carving up her face and then her body. Dani finally forced back. Demi dipping down and getting some fresh hooks into Dani’s body. Dani swinging around, trying to find an opening, but Demi staying with her and punching hard. Good round goes to Demi Lovato wide.

R4: Dani challenges Demi this round in a fierce exchange of body blows. Demi sinking her leather into those big Fishel melons, but Dani thumping her counters into Lovato belly and then trying for Demi’s jawline. Demi moving her head to evade the punches and striking back to Dani’s chin and jaw. Dani feeling those blows, but hangs in and keeps up her own punching, hammering Lovato’s rack until the younger woman is gasping for air, The two blaze away to the bell, but Demi starts blocking Fishel shots and landing enough of her own to win the round by a narrow margin.

R5: Dani gets the jump on Demi this round, swooping down and up with a driving uppercut that sends the youngster stumbling backwards. Dani then moves in on Demi bashing her breasts with left and right punches making those puppies dance. Demi seems flustered by this unexpected jugg mugging and is slow to respond, but she does get her jab going in time and Dani starts getting her own melons mauled . Then Dani suddenly shifts to some chin shots that make Demi’s head bobble. Demi steps back trying to clear her spinning head. Dani stays on her, but Demi jabs back accurately and the two battle to the bell with Fishel taking a close round.

R6: Demi comes out with determination and battles Dani toe to toe. Again those curvy little frames are absorbing a lot of punishment, but neither fighter wants to back off. Then Demi finds Dani’s head and by alternating body attack with head attack, she is getting through the Fishel defenses. Dani starting to look sluggish as her brain is getting bounced around by Lovato’s repeated blows. Demi also pounding Fishel belly and boobs. Fishel happy to jab into Demi’s rack, but Lovato chugging on to the bell. Dani looking a bit glassy-eyed as she returns to her corner. Doubts about the veteran’s durability spread through sharp-eyed fight watchers.

R7: Maybe Dani sensed the doubters, maybe she’s just responding as any veteran would to a losing round. In any case, she’s back on the attack and now it’s Demi Lovato getting hit to the chin and pounded to the belly. Fishel punches grinding their way in and the youngster is starting to look distressed. Demi finally striking back with uppercut to the Fishel rack and then straight rights and lefts to mash them against her ribs. Dani grimacing, clearly feeling those punches, but not backing down and giving it right back to Demi. Demi finally falls back with a disappointed groan . It’s more a psychological victory for Dani as she makes the younger woman back down, but she wins on the cards as well.

R8: Dani comes back in, determined to keep the pressure on Demi, but Lovato has pulled herself together and accepts the challenge to test her body against Fishel’s. Wet smacking punches slam into those two straining, curvy bodies and Dani is going all out to keep up the pace. Suspenseful battle of attrition has the crowd roaring with excitement—and DEMI SZTEPS BACK! Once again, the veteran has made the newer fighter retreat, but Demi is not broken. She uses her jab to keep Dani from doing more damage to the bell. Still, Dani Fishel wins another round. Demi stone-faced, but the wet is pouring down her aching body. Dani smiles with her success, but can be seen to slump weary on her stool once she gets back to her corner.

R9: Round starts with Dani again on the hunt, but Demi now showing some mobility late and moving around Fishel. Fishel seems sluggish in coming after her. Could be the long fight is catching up with her? Demi bouncing more shots off the Fishel noggin and now banging her forehead and eyes as an alternate. Dani seems to be getting confused and getting hit more often than she has in early rounds, but she is still standing sturdily and there is no sign of her in danger of a knockdown. Demi has to settle for taking the round on points by a wide margin.

R10: Demi resumes her circling tactics and Dani is even more sluggish this round. Still whenever Demi makes a charge and goes for the chin, she gets a sharp jab in the face or boobs to make her respect the veteran. Demi is obliged to stay with the hit-and-run raids and she is very successful. Then Demi senses that Dani;s punching power is weakening too and she makes another charge in. Furious exchange drives Dani Fishel back towards the ropes. Fishel fighting with snarling desperation but her butt hits the strands. She gets clouted on the chin and her legs give a shake, but she then sits on the ropes and covers up as Demi flails away wildly trying for the knockdown. She doesn’t get one. Bell rings with Dani Fishel battered, but still standing. Demi stares at her in awe. Then referee leads them both to center ring to see who won this thing. Comes back: DEMI LOVATO UD10.

After: Referee raises Demi’s arm in victory and the youngster bursts into happy tears. Dani clearly disappointed but goes over to shake Demi’s hand. Demi surprises Fishel by giving her a big hug that lifts her off her feet.

“Oh, this is my most wonderful night so far!” a still tearful Demi tells the press. “Dani fought like a tiger and I was really scared she would beat me. I think she was tiring in those late rounds and I just had to grab that chance to win this thing. It worked. Oh, I am just SO happy!”
A weary Dani Fishel says ruefully: “The kid’s got what it takes, but I really need to work on my endurance. I was beating her until those last rounds and I feel like I let it slip away. She was the better fighter at the end and I accept that, but I know I can do better.”

Thrilling fight for fans of body punching pressure fighters. Both fighters banged up but Demi Lovato emerges the winner which should be a big boost for her celebrity boxing career. Fishel disappointed again, but she did go the distance and she seems to regard this as a sign of progress. Fans will look forward to seeing what happens next for both these fighters.


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