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10 December 2009 Jen England vs Marissa Miller

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Posted by simguy notes/contributor fight on 12/10/2009, 3:18 pm




(Here's another reader effort, based on my dice rolls. Enjoy

Two weeks prior to the fight….

Pre fight- Miller vocal about the lack of press she has received over the past two months. “For the past few months I have been training in the gym waiting for a decent challenge, meanwhile this new upstart Jen gets two fights relatively quickly. Let’s be honest…. That fight with Burke….. Jenny barely came out on top in that slugfest… she was maybe three shots away from going down herself…. and that fight with Carolyn… I mean Carrie Prejean… that was nothing special. I may not have come out on top of that fight with Carmela but I still went the distance, I doubt Jenny could do the same. Let’s be real…. I’m a bigger draw as well… I graced the cover of SI….. I doubt Jen could even make page 23. Anyway…. I have three KO’s to Jenny’s two, tonight I will drop her and prove to management that I deserve to be the organizations top lightweight.” England all smiles when confronted by the media. “Marissa has been nagging the suits for some time…. but let’s be frank…. her last three fights were mediocre at best. She barely beat Gisele with a hail mary and looked lost against Carmela….. heck the last two rounds she basically stood there and took punishment like a heavy bag. Tonight I will teach her a lesson and some humility.” Both girls all smiles at the weigh in, showing off well rounded physiques.

Miller in heart pounding baby blue bikini top and trunks, white gloves and boots. Jen in white bikini with baby blue trim, similar trunks, white ugg boots, powder blue gloves. Fellow Empire fighters Sienna Miller, Morgan Webb, Gemma Atkinson, and Monica Bellucci ringside.

R1: Marissa flies out of her corner, eager to shake off ring rust and assert control. Miller jabbing away pelting Jen with flurries from afar. England circling, countering Marissa’s jabs with swift flurries to the body before falling back. England ducks under a high Miller hook punishing Marissa with a sequence of sickening buggy-whip right hands to the lower back followed by a hard left to the ribcage sending tremors through Marissa’s body. Miller leaning forward to clinch, desperate to regain her composure. After the ref breaks the clinch Marissa retreats back to the outside stubbornly jabbing away, unwilling to exchange on the inside. England circling, beginning to read Miller, countering her high jabs with high hooks. Miller tries to counter with hooks of her own but these are easily deflected by Jen. England weaves away from a lunging Miller hook then unloads swift counter hook to the chin. MARISSA’S HURT! Miller stumbling, covering up earmuff: Jen circling her wounded prey, waiting for Marissa to turn into her, then punishes her with a sharp vicious hook off of Miller’s rapidly bruising midsection. Marissa sobbing aloud into her gloves, falling into Jen as she holds on for all she has, all but out on her feet. Bell : Marissa punch drunk, stumbling into the wrong corner, having to be escorted to her own. 10-8 England without the knockdown.

R2: Jen seething off her stool, charging into a still woozy Miller hoping to further cripple her to the body. Heated exchange mid-ring as both girls trade hooks and crosses through slipshod guards, both unwilling to trade an inch of canvas. Both girls land strong shots but Jen’s prove to be more decisive. Second Minute- Miller takes a hard high hook forcing her to retreat, throwing her off her rhythm. Marissa seething, recklessly throwing sequences of off-angle shots, easily deflected by Jen. England capitalizing on Marissa’s wildness, landing on the inside, forcing Miller to cover up and weave. Jen continuing her subjugation of Marissa’s abs, turning them into her personal punching bag. Cat and mouse as Miller is forced to continually retreat, jabbing away, trying to protect herself from England ’s power and relentless body punching. Final Minute: Jen backs Marissa into a corner, tricks her into covering up high, and bombards her with sickening shots to the midsection causing her to drop to a knee just after the bell. England smirking, strutting into her corner.

R3: Marissa slow off her stool, all but crippled to the body, opts to maintain a peek-a-boo guard trying to catch her breath as Jen storms forward. Miller desperately poking away with flurries of jabs trying to keep Jen at a distance. England fuming, circling, occasionally countering Marissa’s jabs with her own compact hooks and jabs. Jen dodges a swinging Miller haymaker and lands a brutal cross right above Marissa’s eye. MILLER IS CUT AND ROCKED! Marissa looking concerned, retreating to the outside as her quickly loosening long blonde hair begins to further obscure her vision. Jen smells blood, circles her wounded opponent, herding her into the turnbuckles. England toying with Marissa, forcing her to cover up high before battering her to the body. Jen rocks Miller with buggy-whip rights to the body and brutal lefts to her battered eye. Marissa stiffening, unable to mount any real resistance as England grinning, relishing the moment, keeps on the pressure. Jen lunges in with lead right uppercut, splitting Marissa’s mitts, snapping her head back, and sending her bouncing off the ropes. Miller blubbering, hands at her sides, as she stoops forward. Marissa dizzy, trying to clinch, survive the final thirty seconds. JEN WON’T HAVE IT! England flings Miller back into the ropes then unloads a quick sequence of pumping hooks to the body followed by a finishing left cross to the head. Marissa’s eyes roll back into her head, slowly collapsing to the canvas. Merciless KO Jen England !

After: "As promised," Jen grins in the postfight interview. "I silenced another critic tonight. Marissa needs to work on her selection, she was a bit robotic out there and was very predictable, I clobbered her early and kept her off guard the entire fight. I’d like to take a moment to call out a girl who might give me a few good rounds, Katie Holmes… heck I’d even be willing to make it a best of series. Secondly I’d like to put two other girls on notice Maria Menonous and Anne Hathaway. When you two girls are ready to pull your heads out of the sand I’ll face you anytime… anywhere… here, the beach, you name it!

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