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6 November 2014 Amy Acker vs Jordana Brewster

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Posted by Anon on November 6, 2014, 7:13 pm



Results: Lookout! / Writing: Anon


"She's bitten off more than she can chew this time," said Jordana Brewster before the fight. "Amy's had some luck against a few bottom level fighters, but I've got her on size, experience, and quite frankly skill. I wouldn't be surprised if this loss makes her re-evaluate how much she enjoys her boxing career. You know, it sort of stops being so much fun when you're getting your ass kicked in front of everyone."

"I mean, I'd be pretty dumb to go in expecting an easy time, but I think Jordana may have an inflated idea of how good she is," commented Amy Acker in her interview. "She's been around for just about forever and hasn't really made much of her time in the league. But she's got enough of a profile outside of the ring that she made my short list. Lucky her -- now she has a real fight on her hands!"

Jordana Brewster entered the ring in green trunks and bra, followed by Amy Acker in blue.

Round 1:
After a few relatively even exchanges, the action in the first round began with Brewster beating Acker to the punch, knocking her back and causing her to cover up, but not before Brewster had a chance to follow up. From that point forward, Acker's offense seemed to falter as she avoided several exchanges that might have proved favorable to her. Brewster, however, was happy to pick up the slack, and she drove her opponent about the ring comfortably until time ran out.

Round 2:
Acker's confidence seemed to have returned between rounds, but that was all that could be said about her performance. She engaged her opponent with enthusiasm, only to be severely punished for it as her attempt fell short. Jordana struck back, hitting her in the jaw with a left hand that knocked her backwards. This time, Acker was unable to play around Brewster's follow ups. Brewster caught her opponent easily, getting close to batter her midsection, and leaving her to limp back to her corner out of breath at the end of the round.

Round 3:
Not discouraged by her difficulties in the first two rounds, Acker leapt back into the action at the start of the third. Defending herself more tightly, she was able to fight Brewster to a relative stalemate, definitively paying back each of the few hits she did take. During the final minute of the round, Brewster slipped up slightly, allowing Acker to beat her back and handing her an obvious defeat that tipped the scales in Acker's favor.

Round 4:
The fourth round showed a decided change of pace. It appeared that both fighters, independently of the other, had decided that the fight would end in this round, win or lose. In the opening clash both Brewster and Acker displayed enough restraint and skill that it could be called something of a draw, but as the round continued Acker managed to build momentum. By the end of the round she was striking Brewster more or less at will, knocking the younger actress' head about easily as she was unable to respond.

Round 5:
The furious action continued right from the start of the fifth round. However, even in the opening minute, it was clear that this time things would go much worse for Acker. The older actress absorbed a hook to the jaw early on, putting enough of a stop to her attacks to allow Brewster ample time for follow ups. Stumbling and nearly falling to the mat did not diminish Acker's enthusiasm, however, and soon she was back in the fight, with nearly equally disastrous results. Brewster shut her down by beating her to the punch on several occasions in the round, and this time it was Acker's turn to return to her corner in bad shape.

Round 6:
As if frustrated by their inability to end the fight during the previous two rounds, both fighters threw themselves headfirst back into things in the sixth round. Though Brewster managed some small victories in the first minute, it was Acker who managed to secure control. As the seconds in the round ticked down, the main question on the crowd's mind was not whether Brewster would recover, but whether she would last until time ran out. The end of the round stopped Acker in mid combination, causing her to grin and nearly skip back to her corner in an obvious victory.

Round 7:
Brewster showed determination as she re-entered the fight after a disastrous round. Early on, her guard held firm, and she managed to strike back at Acker enough that the situation could be described as a stalemate. However, after Acker bounced a hook off of Brewster's temple, that all changed. A one two combination from Acker later and Brewster was flat on her back, head rolling to the side as she struggled to lift an arm from the ground. Acker watched with interest; as the count ticked down, there seemed to be a good chance that Brewster would recover, but by the count of ten she had not made it past her hands and knees -- KO7 Amy Acker.

"Any questions?" joked Acker in an interview shortly after the fight. Brewster had recovered enough to make her exit, but not enough to face the press. "Just another check mark on my list. It really feels good to cross people off and watch the list shrink, and I don't see any reason I should stop."



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