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8 November 2014 Title Ch Julianne Hough vs Sienna Miller

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 8, 2014, 4:17 pm


Sienna Miller versus Julianne Hough (Flyweight Title)
Words: Empire / Results: Lookout!

Before: Rumors swirling before this long anticipated showdown to determine bragging rights within the division and Empire hierarchy. Sienna upbeat in pre fight interviews, promising to check her rival and shake any remaining doubts after her stunning knockout loss to Sarah Shahi in the previous year. Julianne livid after hearing Sienna's comments, promises to further expose her as a quitter and send her into retirement. A clear schism within the Empire ranks is present as Monica Bellucci and Kate Beckinsale accompany Sienna to the ring while Emma Stone and Kate Hudson enter the arena with Julianne. Intense stare down as both ladies disrobe to reveal red bikinis and white gloves and march mid ring for instructions. Battling blondes go forehead to forehead as the ref gives instructions, refusing to touch gloves as they return to their corners.

R1: Sienna working quickly to establish her jab, peppering Julianne with crisp one twos before retreating outside as Juli tries to work her way inside. Hough slowly marching forward, eating Miller's flurries before unloading hooks to the ribs and belly as Sienna looks to tie up and retreat off the ropes. Julianne brazen at the bell, shoulder bumping Sienna and sauntering back to her corner.

R2: Sienna still showing signs of body fatigue as Julianne bull rushes her at the bell, shouldering her into the corner as her stool is being removed. Sienna covering up at the ropes, eating thudding shots to the ribs as she pulls Julianne's head forward, attempting to clinch. Hough won't have it! Julianne elbows Sienna in the chest to deny her the reprieve and slings a high haymaker! Sienna narrowly bobs her head away from certain doom and counters with a hook to Julianne's chest bringing her forward! Blondes brawl on the ropes, exchanging hooks and uppercuts in a phone booth, bringing the crowd to its feet! At the bell Julianne slings a cross to Sienna's pate, knocking a blonde strand loose from her pony tail, Miller taunting Julianne as she drops another close round.

R3: Julianne seems to have punched herself out a bit, allowing Sienna to rally. Miller jabbing away with precision, rotating clockwise behind a piercing jab. Hough turning, crouching, showing earmuff, looking to time her foe for a big right hand. Miller picking away outside, slicing a right cross to Juli's chin, putting her wobbly butt at the bell.

R4: Sienna continuing to pressure Julianne from outside, pivoting to her left, pumping jabs then shortening up to hook the chin when she encroaches. Juli visibly frustrated at the bell.

R5: Sienna's jab continuing to vex Juli, Miller spearing away with stiff jabs, little mitts sounding PIK! PIK! as she busts up Hough's left eye, turning her white gloves a hue of red. Nimble stuff from Sienna as she darts away from any real harm. Between rounds Juli urged to be aggressive as she is falling behind.

R6: Julianne storms the gates, ducking underneath a Miller cross, looping a right over the top to swivel Sienna's head and send her staggering ropeside! Hough digging a flurry of hooks deep to the belly button forcing Miller to cry out and stoop forward! Juli bouncing tidy hooks off Sienna's flanks followed by another punishing shot just under the belly button.. It's all too much! Miller sags to one knee to halt the bombardment, rising just before the bell.

R7: Juli letting her hands fly, barreling into her wounded foe, curling punches to the body, clubbing away as Miller covers up earmuff. Relentless work by Juli as she lathers her nemesis with hurt through seven.

R8: Grimly determined Juli forces more close range exchanges, using her superior hand speed to outhustle Sienna as they exchange forehead to forehead. Hough not allowing Miller to rest, battering her to the neutral corner, as Sienna desperately clinches, sobbing on her shoulder, ref close to stopping it as the bell sounds. Between rounds Julianne refuses to sit, draping her arms over the ropes, glaring at Sienna, who's blubbering on her stool, with piercing blue eyes. Beckinsale fuming, threatening to throw in the towel if Sienna doesn't fight back!

R9: Vicious war of attrition mid ring as girls slug away trying to make a statement! Sienna scores a hook to the belly button followed by a pair of lefts to the ribs, winning a grunt from Juli. Miller takes merciless shots at Hough's toned chassis, Juli's abs pinkening with each shot, as Sienna seeks to avenge her previous torture to the body. Hough snarling, blinking away tears, trying to clinch for the first time tonight! Sienna won't have it! Miller bodies her crippled foe off, landing a sweeping right to the solar plexus followed by a head swiveling hook, sending a mist of sweat and spit flying across the ring. DOWN GOES HOUGH! Juli falling onto her right side, head lolling as she barely bears the count! Juli a mess, damp hair obscuring her right eye, left eye still showing wear, hands at her belly as she stays in the ropes.. Sienna moving in, BELL! Hough saved from disaster through nine!

R10: Both ladies need assistance rising from their stools, hail Mary rally has Sienna close but still behind as they meet mid ring on rickety legs. Sienna musters the better form to work behind the jab, Hough staring into the poke, covering up as Miller finds her forehead, herding her into the ropes as Hough backs up hurt. Both girls crying out as Sienna leans onto Juli, bouncing either hand off her ribs as Hough wilts into the ropes, Miller lands a sweeping right to the belly button, bending her back into the blow.. DOWN GOES HOUGH! Juli sobbing out as she drops to the canvas, forehead on the canvas! Hough up at eight as Miller storms forward desperately trying to finish. Juli bangs back! Left uppercut blasting Miller in the chest, right hook crashes into her cheek! Sienna stumbling forward out on her feet, staggering into Hough as the crowd roars! Miller drapes her right arm over Julianne's shoulder, Hough buckling under the weight as she pelts away with left hands to the body, Sienna sobbing aloud, and the ref moves in! Both girls dropping to the canvas in utter exhaustion, tears flowing, but the bell had rung! Both corners extract their girls to wait for the verdict, decision comes back a one point decision for the NEW FLYWEIGHT CHAMPION... SIENNA MILLER!

After: Miller blubbering as she is raised up by Beckinsale and Bellucci, Hough sobbing bitterly as she was seconds away from a career defining win. Sienna upbeat when she comes around, but shocks the world when she announces her decision to retire as champion and vacate the flyweight belts!! "I wanted to go out on the top, and I did by defeating Juli tonight. I want to explore a few bouts at a higher weight class and settle some unfinished business with Penelope and Sarah. Juli fought a great fight tonight, and nearly knocked me out, but I proved that I'm not one to quit!"



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