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28 November 2014 Lisa Maffia vs Una Healy

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Posted by Knowlesey on November 28, 2014, 12:53 pm


Both of these girls need a good win if they are to start moving back towards the BBU bantamweight title they have both held in the past.

The fight has been arranged, and will take place in Cardiff in front of an invited audience of BBU officials and major sponsors, with both girls aware that a post fight humiliation is obligatory to satisfy the voyeurism of many of those sponsors.

Into the ring comes Una Healy, accompanied by best mates Rochelle Humes and Mollie King, and she strips off her robe to reveal herself in a green bikini with matching gloves and boots, the redhead more than ready for her challenge tonight. Lisa soon joins her, the Londoner looking good in a white bikini, gloves and boots, and she really wants this fight, that’s clear to see, the former double champion pumped up, annoyed to see Rochelle Humes in Una Healy’s corner, a girl who beat her so very badly back in 2011.

Round 1

Neither girl wants to over-commit, but Una’s beginning the fight a little sharper, finding Lisa with her right jab a little too often in the opening minute, with Lisa having to concede canvas to her, the Irish girl taunting, “C’mon! You gonna show some fight?” Lisa’s not rising to the bait, and she starts to let her gloves talk for her, landing a crisp combination on Una’s cheeks, following that by seeking out the Irish girl’s body, her gloves smacking nicely into her bare midriff, Una grunting and stepping backwards as she feels the well known force of Lisa’s right hook to her ribs, the older girl pressing her backwards towards her own corner, intent on giving her some punishment – but Una stands her ground, and trades with Lisa, both girls landing good punches, but Una gives more than she takes, sending Lisa away with a sharp right hook, the older girl backing into the ropes, Una not just having time to take advantage, as she wins a close opening round.

Round 2

After looking the better girl at the close of round 1, it’s Una who starts the second round looking keener, and she’s landing punches on Lisa before the former double champion can get out of her own corner area this time, snapping her head backwards with a good right hand, and now switching lower down, giving Lisa a good one-two to the ribs. Lisa fights back hard though, her right hook thudding into the redhead’s mouth, and that’s helping her to start taking control, rolling Una backwards and towards the ropes, giving her a good left to the ribs, and telling her, “This enough fight, huh?” Una winces as she gets hit to the belly, strikes back with a body shot of her own, but Lisa unloads a solid jab, cross to her face, Una needing to clinch, but unwilling to give the brunette that satisfaction, so she gets hit with another right hook to her jaw, Lisa pleased with her efforts in this round, sneering to Una at the bell, “More to come in a minute, slut!” That’s evened the fight up at a round each.

Round 3

Lisa’s quicker off her stool, and she’s beginning to dominate Una again with her stabbing left jab, giving her a good right hook to the ribs to follow, which Una partly blocks, and counters with her own body punches, landing a left and a right to Lisa’s flanks, the older girl wincing, Una telling her, “My turn to deliver the hurt, biitch!” and following up with a right hook to Lisa’s jaw which has the brunette staggering backwards again, helped on her way with a left hook to her cheek. Lisa keeps her guard nice and tight with Una taking control of the round, but she can’t prevent the Irish girl from connecting with hooks to her body, and Una’s taking a lot of energy out of Lisa with this sustained attack, the brunette still backed up to the ropes, finally clinching to stop the onslaught, with Una crowing in her ear, “This is so sweet – beating you so bad!” Lisa doesn’t respond, grits her teeth, and hits Una in the mouth on the break, the bell ringing to prevent the redhead retaliating, but she’s taken that round for sure.

Round 4

Una’s scowling at Lisa, and she looks in a mean mood as she thuds another left hook into the older girl’s ribcage, following that with a right to her midriff, half bending the brunette over. Once again, Lisa can only cover as the redhead works on her, her legs moving backwards again, with Una snarling, “That’s it, biitch! Feckin’ run away!” Lisa’s had enough taunts, and she loses her rag a little, despite Andrea McLean’s screams of “No!” in the Beevers Babes corner, and she trades with Una, giving the Saturdays starlet a right jab and a left cross, although she takes three, four, five punches in return, Una’s gloves smacking into Lisa’s face, with Lisa jabbing again in response, but eating a left, right to the mouth, and she’s certainly paying a penalty for mixing it with the Irish singer, who gives her a straight left to her mouth again, whipping a right hook over Lisa’s guard into her cheek, telling her, “You’re mine, now, biitch! My punchbag!” Lisa stares through bleary eyes, and does what she can to fight back, but Una’s too quick for her at this stage, gives her a left, a right, another left, then sends Lisa to the canvas with a crashing right hook to her ear, the brunette on her side on the floor, getting to her feet at 8, Una greeting her with two more straight lefts to her face, “Put you where you belong! On the floor!” as the bell ends a cruel round.

Round 5

Rochelle Humes is telling Una, “Go finish her! Do her now!” But her bandmate grins, “Not yet! Need to hurt the biitch some more!” This is a dangerous tactic, but Una wants to teach Lisa a lesson tonight, and in her book, that means beating the older girl to the body some more, Una smashing a left hook into Lisa’s liver, following with another, and she’s already walking her backwards, wants her on the ropes. Lisa resists, swings a desperate left hook at Una’s head, which the redhead blocks, giving Lisa a hard straight right in return, Lisa’s head flipping backwards, returning to eat a left, and Lisa’s down again, gets to all fours and sees her own blood dripping on the canvas from her nose, spits more blood from her mouth, and she’s on her feet at 8 again, with a minute left on the clock in round five. Una’s smiling, but it’s not a nice smile, and she cracks Lisa backwards with a hook come uppercut, which sends her teetering backwards to Una’s corner, where Rochelle’s yelling, “Come on Una! Finish her!” But Una’s not ready yet, and tells Lisa, “Now this I will enjoy!” She jabs Lisa’s head back with her left, and unleashes a series of short uppercuts to the brunette’s rack, her tits jiggling around, barely held inside by her white bikini top, Una again verbally abusing her, “Like it, do ya, biitch? Like being humbled?” Tears are welling in Lisa’s eyes as she pants, “Why didn’t you knock me out?” to which she responds, “Oh, I will, biitch, I will!”

Round 6

Andrea McLean has left the Beevers Babes corner now, and she’s sitting with Frankie Cocozza, who has momentarily stopped pawing Myleene Klass, and she’s hardly watching the ring action as Lisa hauls herself across the ring again to take on the rampant Una Healy, who seems only too happy to see that the brunette wants to trade punches again. Una kind of invites Lisa to try her luck, avoids her two lunging attempted hooks, and thuds four punches into the older girl’s body, Lisa again bending forwards, and this is just too good an invitation for Una, who rips her right uppercut into the middle of Lisa’s face, sending her up and back, the poor girl starfished and counted out, slowly but surely.

Result: Una Healy knocked out Lisa Maffia in round 6

Well, that fight has certainly shown which of these former champions is capable of mounting another challenge, and which is moving closer to the BBU exit door.

It takes a while for Lisa to be brought round, and she’s still dazed as Rochelle Humes and Mollie King tug her from her stool, parading her across the ring, where she drops to her knees in front of Una Healy, who laughs as Rochelle jerks Lisa’s head back by her hair, Una glaring into Lisa’s damaged face, her nose swollen and still dribbling blood, both lips split, left eyelid dropping and sore, right cheek swollen, closing her right eye, and she licks her lips then demands, “Who’s the better girl, biitch?” to which Lisa can only respond meekly, “You are miss!” Una laughs, and demands, “And what shall I do with you, biitch?” Again Lisa wastes no time, “As you wish miss!” Una parts her thighs and Lisa pushes her face forwards, lips approaching Una’s crotch slowly as the Irish girl casually pulls her bikini bottoms apart, allowing Lisa’s tongue to slide urgently into her vagina, the beaten girl licking and kissing away until she makes her conqueror orgasm, Una huskily telling Rochelle and Mollie, “Bring her back to the hotel, girls! Let’s see what she can do for us!” This is going to be a long, long night for Lisa Maffia! 



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