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28 November 2014 Miley Cyrus vs Hayden Panettiere

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 28, 2014, 10:55 am


Miley Cyrus (Beevers Babes US ) v Hayden Panettiere (Foxfire Boxing)
Flyweight Tournament Round 1
( Words: Knowlesey / Results: Lookout!)

Miley may be perceived as being fortunate to get into this flyweight tournament, but her good fortune will end quickly against former champion Hayden if she is short of her best form, but the 22 year old aims to celebrate her birthday against 25 year old Hayden, who has a happy knack of knocking over taller girls in the FCBA, and has confidently predicted that she will finish the younger blonde by the end of round 5.
As the junior contestant, it’s Miley who enters the ring first, wearing a silver bikini with silver boots and black gloves, glaring as Hayden enters the ring after a long pause, tonight wearing a baby blue bikini with matching gloves and boots.
Round 1
The girls are a little slow to show much aggression in the opening round, but Hayden’s looking the quicker of the pair, and she’s beginning to get busy, inside Miley’s longer reach, thumping the younger girl to her body, and this is a poor start from Miley, who tries pushing Hayden backwards, already looking second best against the more experienced girl, who steps back, draws Miley in, and thuds a short left uppercut into her chin.  But Miley took that punch well, and she’s sweeps a right hook over Hayden’s guard onto her eye, the older girl stepping backwards, slipping inside Miley’s next attempted punch, bopping the taller girl with a swift combination, and Hayden has comfortably taken the opening round.
Round 2
Miley’s showing some more fight now, and she gets a left hook over Hayden’s guard, her black glove smacking into Hayden’s cheek, but Hayden isn’t bothered at all, steps back, drawing Miley in, and stings her with two, three quick punches, before skipping away.  Miley looks frustrated, and she’s also looking poor, as Hayden again bounces a couple of punches off her face, covers, and retreats, Miley coming for her, connects with a hook, misses with another, and takes another three, four shot combination, and she’s unhappy with the way this fight is going, Hayden just outboxing her, almost having fun with her as she raps Miley’s ribs with a right hook, Miley finally getting home with an uppercut as the round closes, but she’s getting outclassed at this stage.
Round 3
Miley needs to pick herself up here, step up the pace a little, because she’s just allowing Hayden to control the fight, the older girl again doing just as she likes, stands back, draws Miley in, hits her, then skips away – but Miley follows her at last, and she clips Hayden across the jaw with a nice left hook, unsettling her with another, and jarring her head back with solid straight right hand.  Now the fight’s taking a turn for the worse for Hayden, and she’s struggling to handle Miley’s extra reach, the younger girl bossing her now, Hayden needing the round to end so that she can recover her senses, Miley grinning as she hits and hurts Hayden with another right at the bell – she’s in this fight now!
Round 4
Hayden’s a little bit open as the girls resume, and Miley’s clipping her jaw for fun now, getting home with a right and a left, Hayden needing to cover, but without the power to keep the younger girl at bay.  Miley’s trying to goad Hayden into a trade, but the smaller girl has far too much experience to fall for her tricks, and, as Miley goes for a big shot over the top, she comes up and under the kid’s guard and sends her backwards with a short uppercut to the jaw, Miley staggered a little, Hayden getting back into the round, boxing well, staying out of reach, landing a couple of decent shots, not bothering Miley really, but taking some of her cockiness away.
Round 5
Miley’s kind of stalking Hayden, closing her into a neutral corner, intending surely to land a few more of those big right hand punches – but Hayden’s more mobile again now, very energetic as she slips back and forth, giving Miley’s body a few decent punches, never looking like she’s going for a head punch, just concentrating on wearing the younger blonde down, and Miley’s the one who looks a little tired at this stage, Hayden hurting her with a left hook to the flank, and she hits her neatly to the face as the taller girl’s guard drops briefly, the grin wiped off her mouth at this stage, and she’s getting poked back to the ropes, Hayden gunning for her ribs with a final flurry, beginning to re-establish herself as the more dominant boxer.
Round 6
Hayden’s making a nice fleet-footed start to the round, but she’s maybe underestimated Miley, who stands her ground, gets home with a left, right combination to Hayden’s face, and now she wobbles the older girl with a left hook over the top of her guard, Hayden needing to clinch, but Miley’s finding space inside, pumping her gloves into Hayden’s taut ribs and abs, the smaller girl wincing, feeling Miley’s power, becoming aware that she’s underestimated this upstart, who hits and hurts her with a left hook, and with a right, Hayden staggering backwards after taking those solid punches to her head, and Miley plants her feet solidly, unloads on her face with three good punches, Hayden beginning to bruise around the eyes, and she looks a pale imitation of her former self when she finds her stool after a punishing and maybe pivotal round.
Round 7
Hayden needs to draw Miley’s sting again, and she’s not allowing the younger girl to get close enough to land a good punch as the round opens, Miley becoming frustrated, missing with an attempted hook, eating a flippy little uppercut, and she defends well with Hayden poking her to the ropes, probing for an opening to her body, Miley fighting back and hitting Hayden to the face, Hayden hurt, by a quick left hook to her jaw, and she’s looking vulnerable as Miley comes off the ropes, thuds another left into Hayden’s face – and puts her on the floor with a right hook!  Hayden’s on her feet at 5, but now she’s playing catch-up, and Miley’s right on top of her, those left hand shots of hers making the older girl look shabby, and at the bell it’s clear to all that Hayden’s right eye is half-closed, with Miley looking very excited as she scampers to her corner.
Round 8
Miley’s working on Hayden from the start of the round, drilling punches into her swelling face, and poor Hayden’s simply unable to get any punching working at all, the former champion struggling to see the shots coming now, reeling after taking another hook she didn’t see coming, backing into the ropes, Miley giving her a left, and a right – Hayden’s down again!  And this time she’s not even twitching as the referee stands over her, counting her out!
Result: Miley Cyrus knocked out Hayden Panettiere in round 8.
This is some upset tonight, with wild card Miley putting Hayden to the sword, really working her over in the end, and she progresses to the semi final, a semi final Hayden was expected to take part in, and maybe that was her biggest problem tonight – she expected to win!


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