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28 November 2014 Miley Cyrus vs Brenda Song

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 28, 2014, 11:27 am


Miley Cyrus (Beevers Babes US) v Brenda Song (Bazz Fight Club)
Flyweight Tournament Round 2
(Words: Knowlesey / Results: Lookout!)

Now for the semi-final of the flyweight tournament, and this is an interesting matchup between girls who were involved in a stable trade back in summer 2013.

They’ve fought twice before, and Miley’s won both contests well inside the distance, but Brenda’s improved since those meetings in 2012 – and so has Miley!

Miley’s first in the ring again for this fight, this time wearing a red bikini, gloves and boots, with the smaller Brenda quickly skipping in to join her in a yellow bikini with black gloves and boots.

Miley shocked Hayden in the first round fight, winning with something to spare, and Brenda was also far from the favourite to beat Sarah Shahi, who gave the little brunette plenty of punishment before losing concentration, and the fight.

Round 1

This is a brisk start, and the girls are both looking hungry for action, but Miley looks the stronger girl as the round progresses, giving Brenda a couple of hefty lefts to her face, and she’s already starting to redden around her right cheek, Miley becoming more and more confident, pushing Brenda back, ready to give her some more – but Brenda’s a resilient fighter these days, and she covers up, takes a couple of shots on the gloves – then she’s fighting back, swinging some good punches into Miley’s body as she tries to take the sting out of the blonde girl, and she’s hurt Miley with a straight one to the midsection, and the taller girl has to clinch as the round ends, but she’s done enough to win that opener.

Round 2

Miley’s looking more and more confident, and she’s smacking Brenda about here now, just picking the little brunette off, her jabs snapping hat pretty face backwards over and over – but Miley mustn’t get too cocky!  Brenda’s getting back into this round, ignoring the smear of blood around her nose and thudding some good shots into Miley’s body, beginning to weaken the blonde girl as well, finding her chin with an uppercut to claw her way back in this round, Miley stabbing out her jab again, sending Brenda to the ropes, the smaller girl getting out of trouble though, working on Miley’s body, doing enough to sneak the round: Brenda wins round on points (close)

Round 3

This fight’s becoming more defensive now, and Brenda’s covering up to stop Miley landing any decent shots to her face – the blonde needs more ringcraft than this, and Brenda exposes her again with a neat flurry to her ribs, not hurting Miley, but scoring points, and the taller girl needs to use her reach more, get some space between her and Brenda.  The girls clinch, the referee breaks them, and this gives Miley her chance, the blonde getting that jab working on Brenda’s face again, opening her up a little, and she’s clipping her with her left hook, edging in front on will and sgression here, with Brenda starting to look used up again.

Round 4

Miley’s getting stronger now, and she’s easily batting Brenda to the ropes, but again Brenda gets her in a tangle, won’t let her fight.  The referee’s not happy with the little brunette, and neither’s Miley, but she’s struggling to match the blonde girl, and takes a three shot combination from the break, covers, and fights back nicely, going to Miley’s ribs and flanks again, her gloves slapping against Miley’s flesh, but Miley comes back, swipes Brenda with a right hook, staggers the girl a little, but not enough, because Brenda’s coming back at her, stung into action, giving her body some punishment in these closing seconds – and she finds another uppercut as well, leveling that round out by the close.

Round 5

Miley’s after Brenda again in the fifth, and she gets that jab into Brenda’s face, the little girl taking half a step back, gets tagged with a cross, hook combination, and covers as Miley looks for some kind of roundhouse right, getting frustrated again, and this is playing back into Brenda’s hands, the wily little girl back inside Miley’s guard, pumping shots into her body nicely, still not really hurting her, and she’s in no way opening her up to get that uppercut home in this round, just trying to push Miley back, keep her quiet.  After yet another clinch, Miley reacts more quickly to the referee’s resetting, and she clips Brenda with her right hook this time, Brenda back on her heels now, eats another pair of jabs, and she gets poked into the ropes as the round ends, Miley still probing for an opening to use her harder punches, but this is really close again through five.

Round 6

For the first time, Brenda’s looking the more aggressive girl, and she works Miley backwards from the bell, gives her a left and a right to the boobs, angering the blonde, who hits back, and hits back hard!  She’s found Brenda with a savage uppercut after jabbing her to the ropes, and that’s got the brunette’s head ringing, the girl looking for help here, gets a hard right in her belly, and a left hook to the temple, dropping her to the canvas.  Brenda’s on all fours now, looking up, getting up as well, at 8, and she’s back on the defensive, with Miley ploughing into her, sending her backwards, nailing her to the ribs with a great right hand, trying to finish her off right here, but she’s in too close, and Brenda’s gripping on her again, clinching out the round.

Round 7

Brenda looks spent now – that knockdown has sapped what energy she had left it appears, because Miley’s just laying into a virtually stationary target now, Brenda Song just trapped in her own corner, with Miley Cyrus standing back, hitting her with all she’s got – Brenda’s blocking what she can, but it’s all too much for her and it’s over, the referee’s stepped in and thrown his arms around Brenda before Miley causes any real damage.

Result: Miley Cyrus stopped Brenda Song in round 7.

Brenda’s virtually out of it as she sits on her stool, and again fightfans are watching as Miley shouts and dances around the ring, still looking reasonable fresh after two fights, and now just one fight away from an improbable title belt! 



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