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28 November 2014 Shay Mitchell vs Shailene Woodley

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 28, 2014, 11:35 am


(Pretty Little Punchers vs Bazz Fight Club)
Words: Archer  Results: Lookout

Before:  23 year-old Shailene Woodley is clearly excited and eager to be making her celebrity boxing day. The star of TV’s “Secret Life of an American Teenager” has moved on to such hit films as “Divergent” and “The Fault in Our Stars” stands at the podium (she’s wearing a blue top and gray shorts that show off her impressively long legs).

“To have my first fight on the card of a PPV—it’s a dream come true—but it’s scary too. Especially fighting someone like Shay—I know her from when I was the ABC Family network and she’s going to be a challenge for whoever fights her. But I am determined to be the best I can and learn from however it turns out.”

Shay Mitchell looks quite leggy herself as she comes to the podium in a red top and whiteshorts she smiles sweetly and says: “I’m  pleased I could be the one to introduce Shailene to what celebrity boxing is all about. It’s more than backstage sparring. You have to be in it to win it and while I don’t always win—“

“—That’s for sure,” Shailene says in a stage whisper that draws laughter from the scribes.

Shay looks daggers at Shailene, not liking to be reminded of her string of losses in 2014, but then recovers and says: “—I am always out to win my fights—especially this one.”

Shailene smiles again: “And so am I.”

Tension remains as an undercurrent leading up to fight night. Shay appears in a smashing wine purple bikini  with black gloves and boots (with wine purple laces). Shailene is in a sky blue bikini with matching gloves and boots. Shay’s hair pulled back into a tight braid.  Shailene’s short hair needs no braid. Both fighters about the same height (Shailene’s 5’8 to Shay’s 5’7 ½) so they can look each other in the eye during instructions.

R1: Shay on the attack from the bell, clearly out to show the new girl who is in charge. Shailene takes a couple of solid early whacks on the jaw and gets a Mitchell left stuffed into her gut, but Shailene shakes it off. Newcomer shows she’s a decent jab once she remembers to use it and scores nicely to Shay’s chin. Shay moves her head well in reaction and works her punches into Shailene’s gut. Shailene starts moving her feet, trying to circle, she clips the side of Shay’s head and then gets some quick hooks into Shay’s midsection. This brings on a furious barrage of counterpunching from Shay, but Shailene shows some skill in deflecting a good many of these. However Shay hangs in and scores late with some raking lefts and rights across Shailene’s chest. Shailene looks startled and falls back, jabbing hard to keep Shay back, she manages to avoid taking serious damage to the bell, but it also lets Shay take a close round.

R2: Shay moves on the rookie, but Shailene is suddenly moving and circling, striking at the PLP fighter from unexpected directions., Shay gets her head banged against her shoulder when a Woodley right smashes in, then her ribs get roasted with alternate right and left punches as Shailene dances around her. Shay looking bewildered and while she struggles to organize her defenses, she is getting peppered with punches from Shailene. Shay finally manages to get her jab going, but Shailene is nimble and Shay’s not connecting. Only thing that is going right for Shay this round is that Shailene can’t seem to land many power punches. Shailene wins the round wide and Shay’s body is humming, but she looks more puzzled than hurt.

R3: Shailene quickly out and on the offensive. Once again she is circling around Shay and Shay is just not keeping up. Punches keep hitting Shay to the body and head from angles she’s not expecting. Shailene then slowly drives Shay back to the ropes. It’s impressive to see how the rookie is blocking Shay’s attempts to escape and in deflecting Shay’s counters. Then Shay’s butt hits the strands and Shay gets a working over to the body (now her breasts are getting raked from side to side by a vengeful Shailene). Shay finally clinches to force a break. Shailene continues to try to pressure Shay back, but Shay manages to use the clinch and jabs that smack off Shailene’s forehead to slow the attack. Shay finally escapes to midring, but the round has ended. Shailene wins her second round by another wide margin.

R4: Shay not giving up. In fact, she seems to have figured out some of Shailene’s footwork. This round she is able to move with the rookie and strike back targeting the stomach and forehead. Shailene drawn into toe to toe fighting which makes for exciting watching, but is proving costly for Shailene who gets a cut along her hairline and another on her right eyebrow. Shay’s cheekbones starting to redden and swell from Shailene’s punching passed her guard. They fight in close to the bell and the referee has to jump in to stop it. Shay finally back on the cards with a narrow win in this stanza.

R5: Shay tries using her legs and reach to hit Shailene from longer range this round. Shailene more than happy to take up the challenge. Two exchange head shots in several lunging attacks and then Shailene catches Shay in the gut with a left to stun her.  Lightning right cross across the jaw spins Shay’s battle braid around, slapping across her own face and she is staggered. Shailene rushes in, but Shay able to respond with a jab flurry that reopens that forehead cut and blood is trickling down Shailene’s face. Shailene ignores it as she tries to get at Shay, but gets swatted to the jaw and gut. Shailene looks shaken and falls back. Shay slow to follow, she must have been shaken herself. Round slows down as the two fighters try to shake off the cobwebs with only one last close-in exchange before the bell and Shay gets the better of Shailene, forcing the rookie back with uppercuts to the chin. Shay wins another close round.

R6: Shailene more cautious this round, but it gives her chance to show off her boxing skills. Basically, she’s dipping, feinting and punching, doing her best to keep Shay confused. Shay may have been hurt worse than we thought in the 5th, as she seems slow and tentative in her moves. She has a decent defense and lands some good counters (mainly trying for Shailene’s head), but initiative is clearly with the rookie. Shailene comes forward with some serious pressure in the final minute. Nice flicking jab catches Shay on the mouth splitting her lips and two strong hooks batter Shay’s belly making her bend over. Shailene able to knock Shay’s head around before the PLP fighter backs away. Shailene not able to corner Shay again, but she wins the round convincingly.

R7: Round is a battle from the bell. Shailene seeking to build on her R6 comeback, Shay trying to stop her and go on the offensive herself. Those long legs carry to the fighters up to each other and then brace as they bang away. Some upper body and head movement to confuse the incoming, but mainly this is putting leather on flesh as hard as possible. The wet smacks of those punches landing on sweaty, straining bodies is music to those close enough to hear it over the roar of the crowd. Shay and Shailene looking each other right in the eye, Shailene’s hairline cut open again making that crimson trail down her face, but she gets some revenge when she gets a straight right into Shay’s nose bringing scarlet trickling out of one nostril. Neither is slacking off and late in the round it is midsections that get worked over as strong hooks lift each girl up on her toes in turn, then both smash shots off the other jaw in a spray of blood and sweat. Now they are actually forehead to forehead as they pump shots into each other’s body heedless of what they are taking in return. Crowd waits to see who breaks down first, but it doesn’t actually happen. Instead the bell rings and the referee is close at hand to thrust himself between them. Shay and Shailene forced to step back. They stand there panting hard, sweat mixed with some blood dripping off their bodies. They stare at each other for a moment in wonderment and then move quietly back to their corners.  Crowd gives both a long round of applause for a great effort from two young fighters. Judges call this one a draw!

R8: Fight is far from over, as Shailene comes out and tries her circle and  punch tactics. She’s slower than she was earlier as fatigue is surely catching up with her, but Shay is tired too and has trouble keeping up. Shay’s head and face getting banged up, but then Shay manages to suddenly move to her left and ram a straight right into Shailene’s sternum. This brings Shailene to a startled halt and lowers her guard. Shay swings upward with a left uppercut to catchShaine under the chin and snap it back. Shailene’s long legs suddenly collapse and she sprawls onto her back. Shay goes to neutral corner and watches as Shailene slowly gets back to her meet to beat the count at 9. Shay looks disappointed but moves in quickly, but Shailene has her jab up and Shay can’t find a way around it. Shay’s nose bleeding from one of Shailene’s jabs late, but she keeps up the pressure to the bell.

R9: Opening minute features Shailene on the attack. Nothing fancy, she just tries to use her reach to bang at Shay’s head or dig shots into her belly. Shay is taking a lot, but still able to defect or evade the most dangerous punches  Then she goes on the attack  aiming some really fierce punching into Shailene’s midsection. Shailene shudders under this fresh body attack and has to lower her guard to protect it. Which, of course, is what Shay was hoping for as she goes after Shailene’s jaw with speed bag-like left and right punches. Shailene is nailed and the lights go out for the rookie as her knees buckle, pitching her into the canvas at Shay’s feet as she skips back. Shailene lands on her face  and lays there trying to push herself up, but all she can do is get into a sitting position where she watches the referee count: “NINE…TEN…!” She lowers her head and slumps her shoulders in defeat. Shay Mitchell wearily raises her arms in victory.

The Winner: Shay Mitchell KO9.

After: To everyone’s surprise (given the pre-fight tension) Shay Mitchell comes over and helps Shailene Woodley to her feet, then gives the girl a hug. Shailene tearful as she is lead away by her corner people. Shay returns to her own corner where the rest of the PLP are waiting to congratulate her.

“It feels SO good to win, especially against someone as tough as Shailene,” Shay later tells the press. “Sure she’s a rookie, but she just needs experience and she’s going to be a real factor in this division for a long time to come.”

“That was nice of Shay to say,” a crestfallen Shailene tells the press, “but I still lost. No matter how much ‘promise’ or ‘talent’ you’ve got—if it doesn’t translate into wins—you’re not going anywhere around here. So my plan is to start winning and as soon as possible!”

Very good fight from both boxers tonight. Shay’s fans can enjoy her winning again and Shailene’s look forward to her next fight, hopeful it will be her first victory. 



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