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25 December 2014 Jesy Nelson vs Chelsee Healey

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(Frankie's Foxes vs Beever's Babes)


Posted by Vassago on December 25, 2014, 5:40 am


Frankie Cocozza's back in Metro Radio Arena and Lisa Maffia's gonna have her face ridden by not only Leigh-Anne Pinnock but also Perrie Edwards now, the Beevers' Babe says she's not gonna handle it sober anyway however the Girls Aloud have made their way back from the bar and poor Kimberley Walsh looks stoned already closely followed by Sarah Harding. Nicola Roberts chats with Nadine Coyle as the girls believe the next fight will be a quick one and they can focus on Cheryl Cole's defence of her Newcastle crown afterwards.

Trying to join Pinnock and Edwards on the Little Mix win list is Jesy Nelson, the pretty brunette doesn't look so convincing as Leigh-Anne before her debut as she faces Cheslee Healey, the Waterloo Road actress made the headlines with the Triple Crown event in the autumn of 2012 but has been thoroughly beaten up by Heidi Range last time she was in the ring and Jesy is urged to do the job on the raunchy opponent as Frankie Cocozza looks to add to Lisa Maffia's night schedule. The punishment for Jesy in case of defeat? That's something even Denise van Outen wouldn't like to hear about at this time of day!

Jesy Nelson wears a navy blue basque top, white knickers, boots and gloves. Chelsee Healey wears a leopard print one-piece swimsuit with a massive V-cleavage all the way towards her navel, black gloves and boots. She kinda looks like a cheap whore in this outfit and Frankie's quick to point that out, well, Chelsee would be a good addition to his night party to make up for Keisha Buchanan's cheeky exit and who knows, perhaps Lisa Maffia will get a lucky break after all?

Round 1:
HEALEY DRILLS NELSON'S FACE!!! Tremendous start from the Beevers' girl as she creams Jesy's mouth seconds into the fight and just keeps on going from there snapping the brunette's head side to side in ultra vicious fashion. "Chop the slut down!", Kimberley Walsh has pretty much lost it in the audience but Chelsee doesn't need any encouragement as she reels a totally hapless Jesy back to the ropes where she keeps slicing the high guard and makes easy connection with the cheeks which start to swell already as Nelson just can't live the onslaught and sags butt-in-ropes offering zero reply to Healey's antics. In fact the Beevers' girl loses her focus and balance as she digs deep into Jesy's cleavage and pretty much nearly pushes her off the ring before dragging herself by the opponent's navy blue top, she spikes the ribcage thereafter and is unfortunate enough not to send a truly lacklustre rookie down for the count as the clock expires few moments later.

Round 2:
Lisa Maffia seems to be the only one smiling around the Metro Radio Arena as Chelsee resumes the beatdown and smacks Jesy's face from the onset again; the Little Mix brunette just soaks up the punishment and skims off the forearms in the weakest counter seen this year, she barely grazes Healey's boobs despite an obvious target to inflict a proper wardrobe malfunction... heavy jabbing bounces off Nelson's navel moments later and staggers her in the middle of the ring before a riffling uppercut finds the jaw AND SENDS JESY DOWN ON HER BACK... this is almost too easy for the actress and too embarrassing for the Little Mix girls who are speechless in the audience... Perhaps Leigh-Anne Pinnock should have supported Jesy instead of Perrie? It's too late now... action resumed after Jesy gets up at seven and ducks to the side immediately looking scared to even attack her rival; Chelsee hassles her down and catches with more jabs on the body before giving Nelson's jugs a quick mauling in close range... back to square one as the brunette falls onto onto the ropes and is forced to soak up more punishment; Healey keeps on rollin' and bruises both cheeks now and hammers the ribcage in the dying seconds forcing the ref to drag her away in a hurry at the bell; Nelson's just getting pulverized on her BBU debut here!

Round 3:
Jesy somehow comes out swinging in Hail Mary kind of fashion but goes long way off target and gets caught instead as Chelsee nails her with a straight jab on the nose and follows up with a quick hook to the liver area... Oh dear me! Jesy spits out her mouthguard and tries to steal some time already as she falls on the ropes shaking her head in visible pain... she gets lectured by the ref but Healey's right after her body pumping leather on the ribs and just pushing the lacklustre newcomer against the turnbuckle... Jesy's head slumps down as she tries to clinch but gets mauled on the jugs instead and crumbles down mentally... she drops her arms for good and has Chelsee riffling more uppercuts... two on the chin... make that three and it's lights out for Nelson who collapses down on her knees and ends up flat on her face moments later with the Beevers' girl leaping away to a straight-forward victory... KO3 Chelsee Healey!!!

AFTER: That was as easy as you like for the Salford based actress who pretty much pummelled Jesy Nelson into a complete mess. Jesy looked spooked before her debut and that was no coincidence as she performed even worse than Perrie Edwards before tonight's upset showing. Chelsee was the mean girl back in Ascot many months back but produced very little since and perhaps she's only good enough to punish jobbers? The verdict is still out on her but Frankie Cocozza is as annoyed as most of the audice as he has to witness one of his girls getting stretched off and unable to even stand on her own powers. He gives Chelsee a nasty look and perhaps she won't be joining his midnight party? "You could have killed her, you damn slut!", Chelsee laughs off Frankie's desperate shouts and it's more bad news for Lisa Maffia as Cocozza's trying to cool off following this tragedy by ripping her breasts out in the public; Lisa's really getting the hooker treatment in the front seats but even her cleavage isn't impressive enough to put the upcoming Main Event to shade. Here comes the two Geordie girls and the Metro Radio Arena is about to explode!!!

Final result: Chelsee Healey def. Jesy Nelson KO3. 



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