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26 December 2014 Title Ch Rachel Nichols vs Odette Yustman

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on December 26, 2014, 12:27 pm


(Words: Vassago / Results: Lookout!)

BEFORE: "So what exactly am I doing here? It's frickin' freezing cold! And where is Vonnie?", Ice Hotel title challenger Odette Yustman storms into the ballroom seeking the familiar blonde haired foe which has long been promised a proper beating only to find out a glamorous brunette coming down from the stars instead. "Stop fooling around, you silly twat! I set the rules around the place and there's no place for any blonde witches! In few minutes time there will be no place for you as well as I'm gonna kick your butt and shove your face down the snow bank! How's that for a Ice Hotel debut?"

Odette stares down at Rachel Nichols wearing an outrageously neon red fur bikini that almost beggars belief and then looks down at her own piece, a custom made white bikini set with nice warm boots and matching gloves that particularly expose her raven-black hair and toned skin complex. "Gee, I was hoping for a surprise from Vonnie but money talks Nichols! It's time for you to leave the area immediately! Or else I'm gonna shove your ugly face down the snowbank... no introductions needed as Odette climbs the frozen steps up into the ring and awaits the champion joining her moments later. Rachel flaunts her red bikini and it has to be said it doesn't contain as much fur as Yustman's which triggers instant disdain from the dominant Ice Hotel figure of the last 16 months. Rachel considered all kinds of hair colors for this one but has decided to go with raven black which always suits any kind of red but Odette's furry outfit really home runs her attire and Nichols just can't stand it: "Watch out so you don't slip off the ring and face first into that snowbank! That won't be any good to your teeth!"

Round 1:
Yustman wastes no time and plans to knock out some of Nichols' teeth herself as she rushes in with a jabbing series on the chest only to eat a proper response over the top. Rachel has the superior reach and makes the most of it as she snaps Odette's ponytail around her neck and reels her back through repeated efforts on the head that slice the challenger's guard. Odette must revert into her bendy presence to avoid the champion's warm welcome but she does indeed slip a bit and focuses too much on the moisture coming from her mouth as Rachel whacks her back to the ropes in the final minute and cleans out the breadbasket for a good measure. The bendy experience counts for little in this cold as Odette can't keep her focus and has Rachel twerking her red bikini top at the bell.

Round 2:
Odette still struggles to find her rhythm and eats jabs over the top as Rachel adopts the strict teacher stance and wades in half-throttle just enjoying the brunette gasping for air in visible trouble. Odette can only graze the champion's flesh and gets pummeled around the ring but it's getting obvious that Nichols toys with her thus far and it only takes a wayward hook on the nose to finally increase her agility and dig some heavy leather on the guts. Odette slips again as she looks to bend herself out of the striking zone but to no avail and Nichols whacks her on the cheeks thereafter and punches back to the turnbuckle with ease. Yustman has to cover up in earmuff and soaks up late ribcage pounding; perhaps the Ice Hotel is truly out of her reach like some pundits predicted?

Round 3:
Rachel wants to add more pressure on the challenger and comes out swinging again but falls short of the mark as Yustman decides she has to bend herself out of the striking zone before hassling back with overhand response. Nichols is keen to lay into the brunette's body but meets some strong defence as she tries to pierce the ribcage and gets smacked by a sudden uppercut instead. Odette gets more lively on her feet to neglect her opponent's superior strength and the sheer pace of hers is just a little too hot for the champ who slows down and adjusts her placing; Yustman still whacks her with more single hands and jumps back to safety in time as Nichols refuses to ignite some speed into her movement which isn't the best idea; she doesn't care though.

Round 4:
Nichols rushes out of her corner to jab at the brunette's body but bounces off the forearms and gets clipped by repeated uppercuts to the cleavage; she swings over the top but Odette bends to the side and spikes back on the ribcage; she leans on the champion and bumps her off balance before cracking a hook to the chin that rocks Rachel and sags her on the knees. The champ tries to find anything to tame Yustman's jabbing making more body connection but goes too high and falls into another barrage on the red fur bikini that reels her back to the ropes and leaping back & forth in avoidance. "This is really good, huh?", Odette sides across her mouth with a late combo and ducks away moments later increasing Nichols' frustration.

Round 5:
Rachel struggles to match Odette's speed across the ring but she digs into her breadbasket after the challenger came in too hot and missed her jabbing for once; Nichols on the front foot powers through the mitts and snaps Yustman's head back before a measured hook to the liver area staggers her in the middle of the ring; she opens up from both sides and thumps the ribcage neglecting all the bendiness on the spot and gets more vocal and she peppers through on target and shoves a cumbersome challenger back to the opposite side of the ring and strikes in great fury sagging Odette on her knees. She clips the temples and works hand over first to send her down but Yustman refuses to buckle and despite eating a solid body punishment still manages to clinch the champion late on and survive the onslaught. However it's Nichols giving her the deadly look at the bell and indicating she's gonna punch that white fur bikini right off her in no time!

Round 6:
Nichols comes in hot and pounds away at the body, thumps Yustman sideways but then eats a left handed cross on the eye and slips forward into an uppercut on the boobs that almost lifts her off the canvas as Odette screams out in her efforts and rallies back on the brow ridge... another jabbing series on the night snaps Rachel's head and she wobbles to the side with the challenger suddenly blowing moisture to her eyes and pumping everything high to make Nichols moan and sag on the ropes. Yustman goes for the body shots as an aching Rachel covers up and tries to deke to the side; she harpoons the champ on the liver area and that's got to hurt as Nichols seeks a desperate clinch but gets pummeled into crying out in utmost disarray, the bell couldn't have come any sooner to save her from a sudden Ice Hotel departure and it's Odette twerking her furry outfit instead as she enjoys a reddish patch across Nichols' ribcage to underline her superior actions.

Round 7:
Nichols looks bothered by those body shots now and you wouldn't have predicted that before this fight; she targets Odette's head with some high swinging but is really slow compared to the pacey brunette who keeps hassling and spiking the troublesome area and comes out on top down the stretch when the frustration gets the better of Rachel who jumps at her without much gain and falls into a proper ribcage mauling again. "Damn you!': Nichols screams out after another combo goes begging and Odette fires away with a cross hook on the ribcage to shove an aching champion back to the ropes. Rachel tries to bounce off them but slips and falls into a crunching hook on the jaw followed by a left cross on the nose; the aches are getting really loud now as Nichols ends the round whipped against the ropes and soaking up more tummy punishment with Odette ready to claw the red fur bikini right off her now.

Round 8:
Rachel's on tired legs legs and gets whacked around the elbows one more time and just wobbles forward as Odette pumps the furry stuff up & down, "Take that!", the sheer work rate and agility dominates Nichols' outright strength advantage and the red bikini starts to disintegrate as a right handed uppercut shoves the aching champion onto the ropes and gasping for air... Odette finds another hook to the brow ridge and cuts Nichols up with a quick swelling taking it's toll on Rachel's vision... Yustman drills the guts thereafter and just bats away at the hapless opponent who finally can't take it anymore when a piercing hook wrenches the cleavage one time too many... NICHOLS SLIDES DOWN ON HER BUTT... Odette twerks her furry top again and already preaches that snowbank display ready for the champion's departure... Rachel's head slumps onto her chest but she won't let go off her tiara that easily, she's up at eight and nods back to the referee she can do it... "OK, if that's what you want!", Odette creams her against the mouth immediately after the command and grazes the wounded brow ridge too, she unloads all the venom right into Rachel's face and drops her arms in a flash as the champ gets battered out of her senses in the corner and that's truly a dismal sight... REF CHARGES IN and drags the raven-haired predator away as Nichols bursts into spasms and spits out her mouthguard before getting embraced by the man in charge. She's on the verge of breaking down mentally and shakes her head with eyes going all gloomy and hollow... TKO8 and the NEW Ice Hotel champion Odette Yustman!!!

AFTER: Ugh! What a way to strip the champion off her tiara as the ref quickly drops Nichols to her stool only for Odette to place her foot on top of her thighs and swing more punches to the red bikini top afterwards... "Stop, stop...", Rachel just gives up any resistance and is ready to hand over the ballroom as she just can't find her breath back and collapses on all fours when Yustman shoves her down from the stool.... she drags Rachel by the dark tresses and literally throws her off the ring straight into the huge snowbank by the entrance door, grabs her head from behind and starts to pound against the snow to carve Nichols' face in the pile of snow... Rachel just aches her pain out and yells back at the new champ: "Stop, stop, you're gonna break my nose!", Odette does notice the snow is frozen to the bone and stops pounding Rachel's head against it, leaves her face down though and finds herself a pair of scissors to cut her red bikini top from behind... Nichols aches even more as her champion's bikini is destroyed and Odette grabs her by the hair again and sends crawling out of the Ice Hotel... "Don't let the door hit you on the way out!", she yells at the fallen actress and wraps the remains of her bikini top around the neck before asking loosening up the black ponytail and asking herself quietly: "This is my place now! But what exactly I'm gonna do with all this snow? And where the heck are the cameras? (...)"

Final result: Odette Yustman def. Rachel Nichols TKO8. 



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